• A tutorial of installing ntfs-3g to mount NTFS partition in Linux system


    After the system environment is installed by default, the NTFS partition cannot be accessed. After the ntfs-3g is installed and configured, it is OK. 1. Install ntfs-3g Copy code The code is as follows: apt-get -y install ntfs-3g 2. Create a mounted folderI have three disks under windows. All of them need to be accessed. […]

  • Vbs modifies NTFS permissions of file folders through WMI


    Use WMI to modify NTFS permissions for file folders, code: Copy codeThe code is as follows: strUser = “guests”strPath = “D:\\abc.txt”RetVal = AddPermission(strUser,strPath,”R”,True) ‘————————————————————————- ‘Used to add a permission setting to files and folders. Return value: 0-successful, 1-account does not exist, 2-path does not exist‘strUser’denotes a username or group name‘strPath represents folder path or file […]

  • How to solve the problem of module fuse not foundation when connecting NTFS disk under Linux system?


    1. First confirm the Linux system kernel [[email protected]~]# uname -r -p 2.6.18-194.el5 i686 2. Download the RPM package for the corresponding kernel at http://sourceforge.net/projects/linux-ntfs/files/ If you can’t find exactly the same one, you can find the closest one. I haven’t found a complete agreement. What I downloaded is: kernel-module-ntfs-2.6.18-128.1.1.el5-2.1.27-0.rr.10.11.i686.rpm 3. Install RPM packages rpm -ivh […]

  • How to solve the permission problem caused by Linux Mount NTFS partition?


    When my Linux automount NTFS partition, I always use some files to report errors when I unzip folders. I checked the permissions with the ls-lia command and found that the owner of the NTFS partition of the automatic mount is root and belongs to the plugdev group. Although I can still copy, remove, edit files […]

  • How does MAC turn on native read-write support for NTFS filesystems?


    Students who have used MAC all know that because of the tear between apple and microsoft, the file system they use is not universal, which makes our daily transmission of data very headache. Under the MAC computer, we usually use third-party software to write to Win’s NTFS file system, but whether it is genuine or […]

  • Install postgreSQL NTFS permissions for a full day


    Because of a project requirement, you need to install postgreSQL, so download the installation file of.Exe to run. It went well at first, but in the end, when the database was initialized, a damn dialog box appeared. (Draw a circle here to curse Microsoft, the error dialog box he jumped out of never helped.) Cloud: […]