• Getting started with gitbook: release your own plug-ins from zero to one


    What is a plug-in GitbookPlug ins are extensionsGitbookFunctionalbest modeIfGitbook No function you wantOr not on the InternetOff the shelf solutionsWhen, then it’s only the road of self-reliance. Let’s come togetherSelf reliance development plug-inSolve the problem! Fortunately,GitbookProvidedPlug-in mechanismLeave it to developersExtend customization, although the official development documents are not perfect, sometimes they need toBrowse related source […]

  • How to publish NPM packages for projects created with vue-cli 3.0


    in usevueWhen developing a project, if we want to release a package, sometimes it’s a bit confusing. We don’t know how to modify the default settings of scaffolding. Here are some common operations. Create index.js to export modules We need to export the components in theindex.jsFor unified export in the file, it may need to […]

  • When the interviewer asks you: have you ever built your own UI component library?


    Opening chapter The west wind blows the old Dongting wave, and Xiangjun’s hair is white all night.I don’t know the sky is in the water after I’m drunk. My boat is full of clear dreams and the stars are crushed. Preface As a programmer, I don’t have my own bag. What are the disadvantages? My […]

  • Why use package-lock.json


    By Kostas bariotis Crazy technology house Original: https://blog.logrocket.com/wh No reprint without permission In this article, we will introducepackage-lock.jsonWhy it’s important, and how to use it with NPM cli. History NPM V5 introducespackage-lock.json, as a mechanism to capture the exact dependency tree installed at any time. This helps to collaborate in different environments where you want […]

  • Initial knowledge and use of NPM


    Package.json description file The command NPM init initializes the package.json file to manually select configuration items npmThe full name isnode package manger, which means the node package manager. It is also a command-line tool. Its function is to manage node packages (installation, uninstallation, etc.); with the successful node installation, the tool will be installed automatically. […]

  • Implementation of easyscroll in Vue framework


    Add a custom scroll bar plug-in: //The plug-in uses JSX syntax, and the Vue JSX plug-in needs to be installed before use npm install babel-plugin-syntax-jsx –save-dev npm install babel-plugin-transform-vue-jsx –save-dev npm install babel-helper-vue-jsx-merge-props –save-dev npm install babel-preset-es2015 –save-dev //Change. Babelrc file { “presets”: [ [“es2015”, { “modules”: false }], [“env”, { “modules”: false, “targets”: { […]

  • 8 years of knowledge precipitation of front-end development (I don’t know how many words, keep writing…)


    My blog: http://ruizhengyun.cn/ # / code / A few words first I started to work in front-end in 2011. From a page cutout to a qualified front-end engineer, along the way, I am very clear about a lot of things to learn, including a lot of things to learn and a lot of things to […]

  • Using NRM to manage image source


    Get the currently used image source npm config get registry https://registry.npmjs.org/ Use the specified mirror source npm config set registry https://registry.npm.taobao.org/ It’s too troublesome to use the NPM config command to change the mirror source. We use NRM to help us manage multiple mirror sources npm i nrm -g nrm -V 1.2.1 NRM shows current […]

  • NPM script file monitoring and automatic refresh command details


    The function of file monitoring is to realize automation, release hands and energy, improve efficiency, and make developers pay more attention to development. NPM script file listening is similar to grunt and gulp. Automatic refresh means that after saving the changed file, the page will refresh automatically to reduce the operation of daily development. Monitoring […]

  • Use npm Registry to Restric Installing Client


    Background npm and yarn are not sharing lock file. A lock file is necessary for maintaining the stability of the project. How can we make sure the developers are using the same client in our project? Some approaches make use of preinstall hook. See: How to force package installs to use yarn not npm use-yarn […]

  • Install NPM and Bower (configure environment variables) under Windows


    Reference: install NPM, cnpm and bower in Windows Environment Install node.js/npm 1. Download nodejs: nodejs official website.2. The environment variables are configured automatically during installation.3. Command line input:npm -v, if version number appears, success.4. Configure the storage path of the global module and the cache path. Open the command line as administrator, and enter the […]

  • The executor of NPX NPM package


    When running on the command linenpx cowsay hello, will search local firstnode_modulesIs there any in the directorycowsayModule, if any, execute; if not, temporarily install thecowsayThe module is then executed and deleted after executionhelloIt’s a parameter. From the above example, we can see that NPX has two functions Directly call the modules in the execution project […]