• Webpack NPM error reporting problem set


    Global installation NPM package errorError: EACCES: permission denied, mkdir ‘/Users/lyc/.npm/sentry-cli’ $ sudo npm i -g @sentry/cli /usr/local/bin/sentry-cli -> /usr/local/lib/node_modules/@sentry/cli/bin/sentry-cli > @sentry/[email protected] install /usr/local/lib/node_modules/@sentry/cli > node scripts/install.js Error: EACCES: permission denied, mkdir ‘/Users/lyc/.npm/sentry-cli’ npm ERR! code ELIFECYCLE npm ERR! errno 1 npm ERR! @sentry/[email protected] install: `node scripts/install.js` npm ERR! Exit status 1 npm ERR! npm ERR! […]

  • 02. 【Node.js Module】Install Pakages Using NPM


    I’m practicing my English ability lately in order to be recruited by a foreign company for my next job-hopping,if there is anything that I did’t express precisely, please pardon me. 1. Enter the npm website and choose the module you want: https://www.npmjs.com 2. Install your package. There are several falgs that you should know about: […]

  • 03. 【Node.js Module】Publish a Node.js Module to the NPM Registry


    I’m practicing my English ability lately in order to be recruited by a foreign company for my next job-hopping,if there is anything that I did’t express precisely, please pardon me. 1.Make sure you have created a node.js module locally. Check out your package.json, “name” and “version” are required 2.Create user in NPM Registry. Use the […]

  • Contribute your efforts to develop a Vue component and publish it to NPM


    Recently, I wrote a Vue rolling component for the PC end in my work. I used some of the rolling components for the PC end before, but I was not particularly satisfied with them. So I want to open source this component and release it. I hope it can help people with similar needs! target […]

  • Similarities and differences between dependencies and devdendependences


    Dependencies can be translated into runtime dependencies Devdendependencies translated into development time dependencies The main difference between them is that after the NPM package is released, when downloading, only runtime dependencies will be downloaded together, while development dependencies will not. For NPM packages in development, both packages will be downloaded when NPM install is run. […]

  • Publish the scope package of NPM


    Preface Recently, a new vue-cli3 was installed. It was found that the package in node_modules has become @ Vue / cli XXX. There are several folders under @ Vue. What does this @ mean? Check out the description on the official website of NPM All npm packages have a name. Some package names also have […]

  • Using shell to explain git commit & git tag & NPM publish & GH pages process of publishing open source tools


    Because of the complexity of the process and the old forgetting to change the version number (╯`) ╯ (╥━), the shell written to simplify the submission of open source tools by yourself is recorded. It’s written in alias.zshrcInside, directlycommand [version] [commit/tag message] [subtreeDir]Use,[version]and[message]Must. It includes automatic modification of version number, GIT submit operation, tag operation, […]

  • You want to know everything about package-lock.json, but you’re too scared to ask?


    If you want to read more high-quality articles, please jab GitHub blog, more than 100 high-quality articles a year are waiting for you! brief introduction If you’ve updated NPM to version 5. X.x, everything seems to be going well. Wait, what is this? Initializing the project with NPM will automatically create a new filepackage-lock.json。 If […]

  • NPM learning summary


    NPM needs to be used at the beginning. Before learning, it was just a quick installation. Let’s summarize 1、 What is NPM? Why NPM In short, NPM is a JavaScript package management tool for a project. As the project gets larger and larger, more and more packages are needed for a project. If every package […]

  • Node: anywhere on demand static file server


    Anywhere on demand static file server Running static file server anywhere. Change your current directory to the root of a static file server anytime, anywhere. install Install it as a command line tool via npm -g. npm install anywhere -g Function $ anywhere // or with port $ anywhere -p 8000 // or start it […]

  • Everything you want to know about package-lock.json


    previously on When you happily upgrade NPM to V5. X.x, everything seems to be going well. Eh… Wait, a new file is created automatically! What is this? Package-lock.json。 If you browse it, you will find that it looks like a package. JSON dependency, but it is much longer. You don’t care about it at all, […]

  • Install node.js under Windows 10 (v10.14.1)


    Preparation Go to “official download page” to get the latest lts version, currentlyLatest LTS Version: 10.14.1, the official provides installation documents for different platforms, and we chooseWindows Binary (.zip) 64-bit, click download compressed binary. Entry installation After downloading, decompress it. For the convenience of management, I created a new oneF:\Node.js\dev_tools\node\v10.14.1It is used to save the […]