• Spring Security OAuth Client configuration loading source code analysis


    In this section, we take the previous default OAuth2 client integration as an example to understand the loading of configuration files. For examples, see Sections 2 and 3. Source code analysis InMemoryClientRegistrationRepository If you haven’t watched the relevant video or book, but want to analyze the source code yourself, how should you analyze it? Before […]

  • Detailed explanation of springMVC execution process


    springMVC execution process One, springMVC execution process 1. The origin of the MVC architecture It is mainly composed of model layer, view layer and controller layer. 1.1, jsp model The main reason is that the structure is simple and the efficiency of developing this small project is high. It is mainly composed of this jsp […]

  • Talk about the binding module of Mybatis


    Talk about the binding module of Mybatis Why do we only need to write interfaces and xml files to execute sql when using Mybatis? This is what the binding module of Mybatis needs to do. Today we analyze the binding module of Mybatis. The classes under the binding package mainly include four MapperRegistry, MapperProxyFactory, MapperProxy […]

  • Seven major problems in platform construction: an in-depth summary of Ant AI platform practice


    Introduction: In the process of supporting the operation and development of almost all core businesses of Ant, we have made many attempts in various aspects such as platform construction, business support, platform operation, AI innovation, and overall AI operation, and gained a lot of gains and insights. Share it with everyone here. In the past […]

  • NRM-NPM image source management tool


    1. Introduction nrm is a mirror source management tool of npm, which can help to quickly switch mirror sources and facilitate management. 2. Installation Enter commands in the terminal (Mac) or cmd command window (windows) to install globally npm install nrm -g view version nrm -V Three, nrm use View available sources nrm ls View […]

  • Learn to use six rules of regular expressions


    Table of contents: 1. What is regularization 2. Character understanding 3. Cycle and repeat 4. Position boundary 5. Subexpression 6. Logic processing 1. What is regularization A regular expression is essentially a tool for string pattern matching, which implements the search and replace function of strings. We can see from its name that it is […]

  • 4 postures for setting up NPM Registry


    foreword Some time ago, because the tools used by the Monorepo project used by the team wereLerna, so when thinking about how to transform, the final overall technology selection isPNPM + Changeset + Turborepo. Correspondingly, it is necessary to support the capabilities of the originally used Lerna under the background of this type selection. Among […]

  • Embedded Linux study notes


    Learning Punctual Atom “[Punctual Atom] I.MX6U Embedded Linux Driver Development Guide V1.5.2.pdf” personal notes Common Operations & Related Knowledgecompression decompressionunzip.tar.bz2tar -vxjf linux-imx-4.1.15-2.1.0-g8a006db.tar.bz2compressed.tar.bz2tar -vcjf alientek_uboot.tar.bz2 alientek_uboothttps://www.doc88.com/p-91399…compileLink the previously compiled led.o file to the address 0X87800000, and use the following command:arm-linux-gnueabihf-ld -Ttext 0X87800000 led.o -o led.elfIn the above command, -Ttext is to specify the link address, and […]

  • npm ERR! This is probably not a problem with npm.


    fix:npm ERR! This is probably not a problem with npm. There is likely additional logging output above.When installing a new dependency package or updating and upgrading a dependency package in a project, sometimes an error will suddenly appear: npm ERR! This is probably not a problem with npm. There is likely additional logging output above. […]

  • Take a sneak look at the changes in the salary of autumn recruits in recent years


    Recently, the autumn recruitment work for the class of 2023 has started one after another, and many companies have also started the annual autumn recruitment schedule. Recently, I also sorted out the salary levels and changes of several major factories in the past three years, and gave a reference to the friends who want to […]

  • Reduce repeated requests, maybe this library can help you


    If you are interested in this library, welcomeStar or drawIssue, can also become a contributor to this library. (If anyone can help me translate Chinese to English documents or write test cases, I will be grateful) Please imagine the following two scenarios 1 Sometimes, on the same page, there are multiple sections, as shown in […]

  • The Force Project [Cloud Native] How to elegantly join the debugging program under the front-end and back-end separation projects?


    Article directory 3. ApiFox is a powerful tool for separating the front and back ends of the application in the enterprisepartly_sunny: needs analysissnowman: design interface and write codehourglass_flowing_sand: import documents4. Generate code online to improve efficiencyrecycle: generate project source code online, call YYDS directly!hotsprings: interface request codes are readily available 1. What is ApiFox? ApifoxIt […]