• Proxy pattern of design pattern in JavaScript


    1、 Definition When the client is inconvenient to directly access an object or does not meet the needs, provide an object to control the access of the heap object. 2、 Examples The implementation of lazy singleton mode depends on cache proxy 3、 Structure Proxy mode requires aOntology objectAnd oneProxy object. In the proxy mode, specific […]

  • 002 [installation notes] navicate installation


      Reference content https://www.cnblogs.com/my466879168/p/12902799.html https://www.cnblogs.com/poloyy/p/12231357.html First of all, bow to the big guys!!   1、 Installation Download installation package and registration machine   Download address of software installation package https://down.rbread02.cn/down/pcsoft/8/11/navicat150_ mysql_ Cs_ x64.exe (I originally wanted to find the registration code, but I found that the registration code of navicat15 is hard to find, QAQ) […]