• Apple’s interpretation of HTTPS


    Due to the news of “Apple Developer Conference in June 2016 mentions the compulsory implementation of HTTPS in 2017”, I believe most developers are ignorant when they hear the news, mainly because they are not sure what specific measures Apple will take in this aspect after January 1, 2017. I think it can be reflected […]

  • Go language realizes nail sending notice


    The specific codes are as follows: package main import ( “bufio” “io” “fmt” “io/ioutil” “os/exec” “net/http” “os” “strings” ) func GetKey() (timestamp string ,sign string, err error){ cmd := exec.Command(“/bin/python”, “/application/scripts/hezhong_host_status/aaa.py”) stdout , err := cmd.StdoutPipe() if err != nil { fmt.Println(“Error:can not obtain stdout pipe for command:%s \n”, err) return timestamp , sign, err […]

  • Community management system based on Web


    Front desk display page 1. Student login page In the student login page, registered users can use the student number and password to log in. If the login student number or password is wrong, an error message will be prompted. If there is no registered user, you can click the registration button to apply for […]

  • India officially banned 59 Chinese apps because it threatened national security?


    Technical editor: Xu Jiuyi from the editorial departmentSegmentFault has he reported the official account number: SegmentFault On the evening of June 29, 2020, the Indian government issued an announcement on Monday local time, banning 59 mobile applications from the Indian market on the ground of “affecting national security”. Although China China’s tiers are not clear […]

  • Bid farewell to the traditional industrial Internet and improve the thinking of digital control: 3D configuration distributed energy station


    preface Today, with the rapid development of network, people’s communication is no longer limited to face-to-face, a video call can close the distance between each other, but in industrial control, it is not limited to real-time video flow monitoring, HTML itself has a strong web Components can be used to implement some interesting examples, and […]

  • Laravel 7.0 Chinese document translation completed


    Last week, we launched document translation https://learnku.com/laravel/t… And now the 7. X document has been translated. Please refer to https://learnku.com/docs/lara for real-time translation All translators (51): https://learnku.com/docs/lara Previous review: Call for translation of laravel 5.3: Announcement: call for translation of laravel 5.3 document – completed Call for translation of laravel 5.4: Notice: call for translation […]

  • Mac Apache common commands


    Mac comes with Apache. We want to use Apache service to configure directly.Notice before configurationThe main configuration file of Apache is: /etc/apache2/httpd.conf The virtual host configuration file is: /private/etc/apache2/extra/httpd-vhosts.conf Startup service #Sudo apachectl start // start the Apache service #Sudo apachectl stop // stops the Apache service #Sudo apachectl restart // restart the Apache service

  • 10 lines of JS code for rolling announcement


    demand The rolling display effect of bulletin board in recent projects is as follows Solution 1、 HTML First, build a div layer as the announcement display area, which contains an announcement list (UL); <div class=”notice”> <ul> <li>Article 1 announcement Article 1 announcement Article 1 announcement Article 1 announcement Article 1 announcement Article 1 announcement</li> <li>Article […]

  • HTML5 realizes desktop notification prompt function


    The specific codes are as follows: < button id = “button” > someone wants to add you as a friend < / button > <p id=”text”></p> ;(function (){ if(window.Notification){ var btn = document.getElementById(“button”); var txt = document.getElementById(“text”); btn.onclick = function (){ if(Notification.permission == “granted”){ popNotice(); }else if(Notification.permission != “denied”){ Notification.requestPermission().then(function (permission){ popNotice() }) } }; […]

  • A Method of Notifying Administrators by Email when 404 Errors Occur in WordPress Site


    This article gives an example of how to notify the administrator by mail when a 404 error occurs on WordPress site. Share for your reference. Specific analysis is as follows: This is a more practical function, when our website has errors, we will notify the administrator by email, add the following code to the top […]

  • Method of Closing Message Notification for New User Registration in WordPress


    In this paper, an example is given to illustrate the method of closing the notification of registered mail for new users of WordPress. Share for your reference. Specific analysis is as follows: Every time a new user registers on WordPress blog, we will send an email to our management mailbox to tell you that a […]

  • Example Analysis of Notification Mobile Phone Status Bar Notification Used in Android Development


    This article illustrates the use of Notification mobile status bar notification developed by Android. Share for your reference, as follows: Introduction: Notification is a notification displayed in the status bar of the mobile phone (PS: the column above the mobile phone that shows the time and what) Usage: Notification adds the Builder () class, which […]