• Markdown: for notes


    Markdown can quickly write a formatted article with only a few tags — this article is written with markdown. Some basic marks: (there may be other expressions, which I am familiar with) 1. “Chen” is used to write the title #Heading 1 ##Heading 2 ###Heading 3 2. “>” reference >Citation >>Re citation 3. = = […]

  • Playing two tigers on the buzzer with Hongmeng OS


    This paper introduces how to use PWM interface of harmony OS IOT hardware subsystem to drive buzzer to play music on hispark Wi Fi IOT suite. API of square wave output with PWM The IOT hardware subsystem of Hongmeng system provides PWM related interface, and the interface header file is WiFi IOT_ PWM. H, in […]

  • Use Vue koa and Mongo to publish personal blog and blog management website


    As a front-end vegetable chicken student, I felt very happy after a wave of Vue and a wave of KOA and Co, so I decided to set up a personal blog. After learning Mongo and Mongoose, I started to work. After setting up, I set up a blog management background. I finally put my blog […]

  • Practice of big data recommended by xiaohongshu on Alibaba cloud


    This article is mainly divided into three parts. In the first part, we will talk about the use scenarios of real-time computing in the recommendation business. The second part talks about how little red book uses some of the new features of Flink. The third part mainly talks about some real-time analysis scenarios of OLAP […]

  • Multi tenant and multi tenant Application module integration in ABP


    Multi tenant ABP class libraryThe basic definition and core logic are stored in Volo.ABP.MultiTenancy Inside.in the light of ASP.NET Core MVC is integrated by Volo.ABP.AspNetCore The. Multitenancy project implements and resolves multi tenancies within the project.Tenant data is stored and managed by Volo.ABP.TenantManagement Module. Multi tenant and multi tenant Application module integration in ABP https://note.youdao.com/ynoteshare1/index.html?id=df5597d10b92e59b4584a5813f5ae6d9&type=note

  • Recommend several note taking applications that can improve code efficiency


    Programming is prone to frustration, even as a hobby. Building a web page, mobile app or desktop application is a big project. Good note taking skills are the key to keep the project in order and a good way to overcome stress, despair and burnout. However, most note taking applications are not designed for programmers. […]

  • A notebook of its own [Vue + gin + elementui front and rear end separation development and deployment open source project]


    preface Why should I write a personal cloud note?(⊙o⊙)… Amount, amount, amount… The story has to start with a batAll right_ (:з」∠)_ I don’t want to talk about it There are several reasons for this: Suddenly I found that Youdao cloud notes are not my own. My privacy is in other people’s library. And I […]

  • Flutter notes – frame drawing series one (source code learning)


    Flutter series learning notes Flutter notes — handledrawframe frame frame frame drawing series one (source code learning) What happened to runapp (source code learning) Flutter notes—— State.setState What happened (source code learning) Verification code of ID card number written in Dart (can be used for router project) Hellodart constructor feature Hello dart mixin, a multi […]

  • Efficient scientific research artifact — literature reading


    Share my research artifact in use, with them, literature reading is more efficient! Operating system: Windows 10 Tool features: free, simple, no advertising Software classification: read:Mendeley,Adobe Acrobat Reader DC translateEuropean dictionary note: impression notes, typora, mindmaster mapping:processOn, draw.io 1. Reading 1.1 document management software mendeley Website: mendeley How do you manage your papers when you […]

  • How to build personal note system


    objective My obsession with notes has always been very deep. As early as I was in school, each course had a special notebook to extract some course notes and learn summary. After working, the knowledge that needs to be recorded and learned increases greatly, and it is not enough to use paper and pen alone. […]

  • Pattern matching of regular expressions


    preface Regular expression and pattern matching are the main knowledge used by the front-end when processing strings. This part of the notes are made with XMIND, so paste the contents of the notes directly.(click on the picture and click on the view image below to see a large and clear picture.) text

  • Print the multiplication table with Python while loop


    Print the multiplication table with Python while loop Since learning programming, sometimes I think I can, but after a period of time, I forget. Now I want to take notes of some learned knowledge points, so as to give myself a knowledge accumulation and future query.   Python’s while loop:     # !/usr/bin/env python  # -*- coding:utf-8 -*-    […]