• Analysis of geyser eruption time data by R language finite mixture model (FMM)


    Original link:http://tecdat.cn/?p=22609  abstract This paper provides a set of methods for analyzing various finite mixture models. It includes not only the traditional methods, such as the EM algorithm of univariate and multivariable normal mixture, but also some newly studied methods reflecting the finite mixture model. Many algorithms are EM algorithms or based on em like […]

  • Drawing 3D Earth by webgl


    It may be convenient to display the 3D model through three.js, but do you know how it works step by step from mesh construction to mapping to final rendering? Now we can implement it directly by using the underlying web GL and a little mathematical knowledge. The effect of this section:Webgl 3D Earth content syllabus […]

  • How is it that the computer returns to normal after a sudden black screen crash?


    When using a computer, you may encounter such a situation: the computer suddenly crashes, sometimes it starts up again, there are fewer files for no reason, it is found that the desktop refresh is slow, there is no big program running, but the hard disk is desperately reading and writing, and the system is not […]