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  • What are the three paradigms of relational database design?


    I want to find my way through flowers and go straight into the depths of white clouds. Definition of paradigm Baidu Encyclopedia: when designing a relational database, we should follow different specifications to design a reasonable relational database. These different specifications are called different paradigms. Various paradigms present sub specifications. The higher the paradigm, the […]

  • Oracle foundation 2: three paradigms of Oracle view, user management, sequence, DML, transaction, index and database design


    1、 View 1. View, also known as virtual table, does not occupy physical space. This is also a relative concept, because the definition statement of view itself should be stored in the data dictionary. Views have only logical definitions.Every time you use it, you just re execute SQL。2. Views are obtained from one or more […]

  • Can’t you remember the scattered MySQL foundation? How to save you


    preface In daily development, some knowledge that is not commonly used and relatively basic is always easy to forget or become a bit ambiguous after a period of time. This article mainly records some basic knowledge about MySQL database, so as to quickly view it in the future. SQL command SQL commands can be divided […]

  • Simple cases of object oriented and functional programming


    By Jakob klamser Crazy technology house Original text: https://dev.to/jakobkit/oop-v… No reprint without permission introduce First, a brief introduction to object-oriented and functional programming. BothProgramming paradigmThere are differences in the allowed and prohibited technologies. There are programming languages that support only one paradigm, such as Haskell. There are also languages that support multiple paradigms, such as […]

  • SQL basic note 3 normal form key


    SQL basic note 3 normal form key What is paradigm? Ha, I can design and use it, but I can’t say it. Then the concept of less clear as a whole   What is & classification Normal form (NF) is a kind of specification. When designing a database model, it has different levels of specification […]

  • Notes after learning MySQL in one day


    [note] after a day’s study, I learned how to use database. A few of them refer to some notes in the comments section. How to log in to the database server How to use database directly in CMD The online method is as follows: Using Ctrl + R input services.msc Find the corresponding MySQL process, […]

  • The design of database


    Relationship between multiple tables1. Classification:1. One to one (understanding)*For example: person and ID card*Analysis: a person has only one ID card, an ID card can only correspond to one person2. One to many (many to one)*Such as: Department and staff*Analysis: a department has multiple employees, and an employee can only correspond to one department3. Many […]

  • MySQL chapter 03: SQL advanced


    Core overview: in the last article, we learned to use SQL to realize the basic operation of database. In this article, we will continue to learn SQL, including multi table operation, database design specification, transaction, sub query, database backup and restore, DCL, etc. Chapter one: the relationship between tables 1.1 – Overview (understanding) In real […]

  • Database knowledge (1)


    Database transactions Transaction is a program execution logic unit composed of a series of operations to access and update data in the system. Transaction is the most basic unit in DBMS, and transaction is inseparable. Four characteristics of database transaction (acid) Atomicity: indivisible, either all commit or all roll back Consistency: consistency means that the […]

  • [the last time] learn its paradigm from Redux source code


    THE LAST TIME The last time, I have learned 【THE LAST TIME】It has always been a series I want to write, aiming to review the front end. It’s also a way to make up for deficiencies and share technology. The author’s collection of articles can be found in: GitHub address: nealyang / personalblog Official account:Full […]

  • Three major paradigms of SQLSERVER database


    1 Overview Generally speaking, three principles should be followed in database design, that is, the three paradigms we usually refer to. The first paradigm requires to ensure the atomicity of each column in the table, that is, it can not be split; the second paradigm requires that each column in the table is related to […]

  • Normal form and anti normal form design of relational database


    Normal form is the basis of relational database theory, and it is also the rule and guiding method that we should follow in the process of designing database structure. The design paradigm of database is the standard that database design needs to meet. Only by understanding the design paradigm of the database can we design […]