• 521. Spend one night writing maze games for the goddess


    Although I have written about going through the maze before, many people reported that they would not deploy the code without finding it and did not understand the principle. This time, I wrote the optimization in more detail and put the code in GitHub. I can put some pictures to the goddess while 520521! cause […]

  • Construction of docker swarm cluster


    @[TOC] Environment introduction My two virtual hosts The host name CentOS IP is the management nodeThe host name node1 IP is a normal node The system is CentOS 7 64 bit Install docker Install docker in two hosts respectively curl -sSL https://get.daocloud.io/docker | sh Power on service docker start systemctl enable docker Execute […]

  • Redis cache processing


    1. Redis environment construction Set up redis service in the form of docker     docker run ‐di ‐‐name=tensquare_redis ‐p 6379:6379 redis   2.SpringDataRedis Spring data redis is a part of the spring family. It provides access to redis services through simple configuration in srping applications, highly encapsulates the underlying development packages of reids (jedis, jredis, and […]

  • Massive concurrency is not so terrible. Operation and maintenance work on time depends on it!


    Summary:Now most Internet platforms use containers. Why can’t the expansion speed keep up with the growth of traffic sometimes? Everyone should have seen the news that some stars lead to the downtime of social media platforms? The sudden traffic caused by star events triggered business expansion. In the past, it was a virtual machine for […]

  • Efficient data exchange between hashdata and HDFS


    Background and challenges Before the emergence and popularization of object storage technology, HDFS (Hadoop distributed file system) was one of the few open source, free and cost-effective Pb storage systems in the market (compared with expensive San systems), which was widely used in enterprise data archiving scenarios. At the same time, many distributed computing frameworks […]

  • Follow the perspective of gang Jing to understand the master-slave replication of redis


    Iron dogs who don’t want to play the guitar well are not good program apes Although the redis performance of a single machine is very good and has a complete persistence mechanism, what if your business volume is really large and exceeds the upper limit that a single machine can carry? What if redis hangs […]

  • Mongodb replica set


    1、 Introduction to mongodb Mongodb is a document oriented database. In fact, it is a database between relational and non relational. In the world of mongodb, there is no row concept. Instead, the document model is used. Documents and arrays can be embedded in documents, which is very flexible. It supports JSON and bson data […]

  • SPL data structure 2-heap, maximum heap, minimum heap


    Heap is a common data structure. The bottom layer is a binary tree implemented by array. But there are no parent and child pointers. Sort according to heap properties. It is divided into minimum heap and maximum heap. Minimum heap: the value of the parent node is smaller than that of each child node Maximum […]

  • Spark open source new feature: catalyst optimizes process tailoring


    Summary:In order to solve the problem of relying too much on hive, sparksql uses a new SQL optimizer to replace the optimizer in hive, which is catalyst. This article is shared from Huawei cloud community《Spark open source new feature: catalyst optimizes process tailoring》, author: hzjturbo. 1. Problem background The figure above shows the layout of […]

  • Instant noodles are not delicious. I used this k8s scheduler and conquered him


    1.1 introduction to scheduler Let’s pretend to be forced by Xiao LiuToday, let’s learn about K8Scheduler ScheduleryesKubernetesThe main task of the scheduler is to definepodOn the nodes assigned to the cluster, the following issues need to be considered: Fairness: how to ensure that each node can be allocated resources Efficient utilization of resources: all resources […]

  • When did swarm start digging coins and how to distribute them


    Swarm mining FAQs Q1: what is swarm? Similar to IPFs / filecoin, swarm is also a distributed data storage system. What it wants to build is a point-to-point storage and service solution with no downtime, zero failure and anti censorship. At the same time, swarm can also be said to be an official part of […]

  • Redis replication


    catalogue 1、 Replication introduction 2、 Copy configuration 2.1 create replication 2.1.1 command 2.1.2 demonstration 2.2 fracture replication 3.2.1 direct disconnection 3.2.2 switching to another master 3、 Topology 4、 Replication process 5、 Data synchronization principle 5.1 components required by PSYNC command 5.1.1 master slave copy offset 5.1.2 master node copy backlog buffer 5.1.3 master node operation […]