• Brief tutorial of nodejs (7)


    The brief course of nodejs will start from scratch to learn nodejs related knowledge and help JS developers build a full stack development technology stack! This is the seventh part of nodejs concise tutorial, which will introduce the basic operations related to nodejs events module. Most of the node.js core APIs are built on the […]

  • Build a self used front-end scaffold from scratch


    Why do we need a scaffold For me, when I often write a demo or a new project, I will either copy the previous project template or rebuild it, which is troublesome and time-consuming, so I have a scaffold that can meet my needs. Effect of scaffolding This is a basic scaffold, init a project, […]

  • Why does node sass always fail to install?


    Original linkBy Li Pinghai Node sass is a very common dependency package in our development, and it is also the most common dependency for long installation time and error reporting.There are many reasons for node sass installation failure. Before we talk about the failure reasons, let’s analyze the installation process of node sass (the following […]

  • Two lines of code to install nodejs under centos7


    Download nodejs curl –silent –location https://rpm.nodesource.com/setup_12.x | bash – Install nodejs yum install -y nodejs Reference blog Centos7 uses Yum to install node.jshttps://github.com/nodesource/distributions

  • Code neatness – meaningful naming


    One month after Zhu Yuanzhang was born, his parents gave him a name (Yuan Dynasty Convention): Zhu Chongba, which can also be called Zhu Baba. Let’s introduce the names of Zhu Chongba’s family here. They all have their own characteristics.Zhu Chongba’s name: Zhu Bailiu;Zhu Chongba’s great grandfather’s name: Zhu Siku;Zhu Chongba’s grandfather’s name: Zhu Chuyi;We […]

  • 2019electron + Vue + ant design Vue imitating Netease cloud music Windows client practice sharing


    Characteristic Drag and play Desktop lyrics Mini mode Custom tray right-click menu Taskbar thumbnail, song operation Audio visualization Automatic / manual check for updates Nedb database persistence Customize the installation path and beautify the installation interface Launch client in browser Travis Cl, appveyor auto build Skin changing, downloading, local song matching, network change desktop notification, […]

  • Faster understanding of react higher level components


    When it comes to react, the first thing we think about is components. In the eyes of react, everything is really components. Even the Axios we use to get data can be represented by components… For example, we can encapsulate them like this <Request instance={axios.create({})} /* custom instance of axios – optional */ method=”” /* […]

  • The configuration of webpack DLL, which has been painstakingly learned, may be out of date


    Some time ago, I wrote an article explaining the confusing knowledge points in webpack4. I didn’t expect to harvest nearly 600 praise. Thank you for your old iron boxing. In the last article, I spent a lot of time to conceive the demo and the original creation map. I just want to make some concepts […]

  • Distributed by dapps of cross platform store, written by nodejs


    What are dapps? It is an application store based on docker, which contains rich software, because docker makes your local computer have the effect of cloud development One click installation program; multiple versions coexist, complete use instructions, and do not affect the local environment The front-end, server-side, operation and maintenance, and stationmaster can be used […]

  • 10 minutes to understand the source architecture design of node.js KOA


    Koa has been published for nearly six years. As the biggest black horse of node service framework after express, there are many design ideas worth learning. This paper introduces koa from simple to complex, and it is suitable for new and old people to read at the same time. introduce Here is the original of […]

  • MySQL – high availability: low downtime means high availability?


    We’ve learned about replication and scalability before, so let’s learn about availability. In the end, high availability means “less downtime.”. The old rule, when discussing a noun, is to define it first, so what is usability? 1 what is availability Our common availability is usually expressed as a percentage, which has its own hidden meaning:High […]

  • Similar to the element UI data grid component (EL DataGrid) used in easyUI


    background element-uiMediumel-tableComponent only provides data presentation, while paging function is a separate componentel-pagination, not likeAnt DesignIntegration intoel-ableComponent, and each data column is a separate componentel-table-column。 In the development process, there is a very obvious problem: most of the data table functions in the business are similar, and the data columns usually vary from 3 to […]