• Today, the night team gathered by the big guys is officially established!


    Today’s article is to tell you that many powerful developers in the industry have set up a team to serve the majority of developers. Now, you may have the following questions: Why team up? What will this team bring to developers? Who are the team members? OK, let’s take 3 minutes to get to know […]

  • Using verdaccio to create NPM private library


    Using verdaccio to create NPM private library Article description This article is recorded in the language sparrow. You can see how to create NPM private library with verdaccio.

  • MySQL introduction lesson 4 data query


    In my GitHub, you are welcome to subscribe. preface Previous articles The first lesson of Mysql introduction MySQL introduction lesson 2 data type The third course of MySQL introduction “data addition, deletion and modification” The reason why the data query list is pulled to an article is that there are many knowledge points involved in […]

  • MySQL introduction lesson 5 foreign key constraint


    Originally on my GitHub, welcome to subscribe. Other articles: The first lesson of MySQL introduction: building, modifying and deleting tables MySQL introduction lesson 2 data type The third course of MySQL introduction “data addition, deletion and modification” MySQL introduction lesson 4 query data Preface The foreign key constraint ismysqlThe association between tables provided can ensure […]

  • Recommendation: a domestic online real-time programming environment, programmer interview assistant, can watch candidates’ remote programming in real time


    Ten years ago, at a college job fair, Tony (Tencent’s CTO) interviewed me: “what is the pipeline?” “Your resume says that your bash script is well written. Where is your code? Can it run? “. As the first interview, I was nervous and sweaty, but I couldn’t remember what the pipeline was. Although I wrote […]

  • How to achieve lint staged?


    introduce Lint staged runs linters against the temporary git file and does not allow A kind of Enter your code base! start Last year, I shared a theme – standardized chemical workflow convention submission, which mainly focuses on the following issues when submitting Code:Temporary storage areaCode format verification and submission information specification verification. It was […]

  • Write the first page with nodejs


    Background: in the remaining months of this year, we will learn back-end development. Use nodejs and MYSQL to write back-end interfaces. First, use nodejs to write a page Step 1: create a nodejs folder on disk e, which contains two folders, app and server Step 2: run the command under the server folder NPM init […]

  • The function of generating verification code with nodejs


    Verification code is a very common anti cheating and anti attack means. Actually, it’s not difficult for people with good technology to realize this function, but not everyone, and every language is naturally suitable for a certain function… However, we can block differences and simplify problems by encapsulating interfaces. Now we can use a simple […]

  • Simple operation example of downloading pictures in batch by node.js


    The example of this paper describes the simple operation of node.js to download pictures in batch. To share with you for your reference, as follows: Use node.js to download pictures in batch First, get the picture link: const img = [ “https://imgs.developpaper.com/imgs/52218400506629423.jpg”, “https://imgs.developpaper.com/imgs/52218400540139692.jpg”, “https://imgs.developpaper.com/imgs/52218400540118251.jpg”, “https://imgs.developpaper.com/imgs/52218400540069242.jpg”, “https://imgs.developpaper.com/imgs/52218400681111127.jpg”, “https://imgs.developpaper.com/imgs/52218400703641344.jpg”, “https://imgs.developpaper.com/imgs/52218400854321042.jpg”, “https://imgs.developpaper.com/imgs/52218400847773096.jpg”, “https://imgs.developpaper.com/imgs/52218400859178000.jpg”, “https://imgs.developpaper.com/imgs/52218400865596453.jpg”, “https://imgs.developpaper.com/imgs/52218400902911909.jpg”, “https://imgs.developpaper.com/imgs/52218400953029599.jpg”, “https://imgs.developpaper.com/imgs/52218400989455804.jpg”, “https://imgs.developpaper.com/imgs/52218401005976517.jpg”, […]

  • Browser working principle and practice summary II


    JavaScript execution mechanism in browser 1、 JavaScript variable promotion, execution order showName() console.log(myname) function showName() { Console. Log (‘function showname executed ‘); } The above code execution results have the following three conclusions: During execution, if an undeclared variable is used, the JavaScript execution will report an error. Using a variable before it is defined […]

  • Introduction to docker for front-end engineers


    Why do we use docker? In the past, when we need to deploy new applications for business development, Devops small partners usually buy a server, but they don’t know how high the configuration of the new application needs, which often leads to waste of resources. When the virtual machine appears, it can let us run […]

  • One click to build a docker based nodejs and PHP development environment (open source project)


    Recently, I wrote a new project, one click deployment of nodejs, PHP development environment (docker, nodejs, PHP, nginx, Mongo, mysql, redis) Recently, I started to write nodejs and PHP projects at the same time, and also deployed them to test, pre release and online environments. Other colleagues also need a set of the same environment. […]