• NPM cnpm NPX NVM


    Have you used NPM cnpm? Do you know NPX NVM? HMM ~ npm The full name of NPM is node package manager, which is a package management tool in the JavaScript world and the default package management tool of node.js platform. When installing nodejs, NPM will be installed together. Through NPM, you can install, share, […]

  • The cause and solution of memory overflow in node front end building


    Use webpack build phenomenon description: During the construction process, if there is a frequent memory overflow: fat error: call_and_retry_last allocation failed – process out of memory.The reason is that the available memory of node environment is 512M, and the node module file exceeds the maximum memory when building. Solution: increase memory through “build” in package.json […]

  • Automatic deployment of front-end projects based on node.js (Gospel of lazy people)


    Why write this? There is only one truth = > lazy!!! If you want to use it directly, you don’t need to look at the one behind the GitHub Portal — — remember to leave a star, pen heart At present, IOT project is mainly being done. Due to historical reasons, there are many pure […]

  • Starting from 0, use sinopia to build a private NPM warehouse


    Due to business security needs and other reasons, plug-ins can not be published to public NPM warehouse, so we need to build our own private NPM warehouse. Recently, we built a simple NPM warehouse, stepped on some holes, and shared with you, hoping to help children’s shoes in need This time, we started to build […]

  • The attempt of Vue + node + Express + MySQL


    Preface This is a very simple attempt. The original intention is to replace PHP with nodejs and build a complete web project. Project logic Vue develops the front-end, and is still in the dev mode. It uses proxy proxy proxy to communicate with the node back-end.Node + Express builds back-end web services, connects to MySQL, […]

  • You need to know about tapable


    Launched on my blog: https://www.ahonn.me/post/58 If you don’t understand tapable before reading web pack, you may be confused. What is tapable and what’s its use? This paper mainly introduces the use of tapable and its related implementation. By learning tapable, we can further understand the plug-in mechanism of webback. The following content is based on […]

  • I configured the windows environment (front end) after work today


    Install a PC at home and record the process of installing the development environment. Shadow socket directly downloads the installation package in GitHub to solve the problem of Internet access. Configure vscode, and synchronize the dependent packages of vscode through the settings sync plug-in. There is a pit here. After selecting the download configuration, I […]

  • Building node compiling system under sublime


    Building node compiling system under sublime What’s your job? The main function of compiling system under node is to facilitate the development and debugging of files How to establish Select tools compile system compile new system and enter the following: { “cmd”: [“node”, “$file”], “selector”: “source.js” } Save Ctrl + s as node.sublime-built How do […]

  • Making a desktop application of compressed node pictures based on electron


    Compressed picture desktop application imagemin electron Be based onelectronMake anodeDesktop applications for compressed pictures Download address: https://github.com/zenoslin/imagemin-electron/releases GitHub: https://github.com/zenoslin/imagemin-electron Preparation Let’s sort out what we need to do: Compression picture module Get file path Desktop application generation Compress pictures We need to useimageminThis library is used to compress pictures. Here we encapsulate this library as […]

  • The heat has increased by 20 times in three years, and the technical architecture of serverless & cloud development is fully analyzed


    “As a developing new technology, the commanding height of serverless’s popularity has come. “ Perhaps, the number of “serverless” searches shown by Google Trends, which has increased by 20 times in three years, can prove the popularity of serverless in the whole industry. Moreover, according to the newly released global serverless architecture market and rightscale […]

  • Back end related skills (5): node.js


    Expected learning objectives What is node What can node do Node installation and configuration Usage of node Download and install #Install HTTP server npm install -g http-server Related articles Back end related skills (I): DatabaseBack end related skills (II): Vue frameworkBack end related skills (3): regular expressionBack end related skills (4): computer networkBack end related […]

  • NPM scripts cannot execute multiple commands in parallel or serial under Windows


    I developed with MacOS. The scripts of NPM can execute parallel or serial scripts very well. For example, let’s take a look at the scripts code segment I normally execute under MacOS: “scripts”: { “dev”: “webpack –watch –config webpack.dev.js & npm run s”, “build”: “webpack –config webpack.prod.js”, “prod”: “webpack –config webpack.prod.js & npm run s”, […]