• Very practical NLog configuration sharing


    preface NLog is a class library based on. Net platform. We can use NLog to add perfect trace debugging code to the application. This article mainly introduces NLog configuration. I won’t say much about it. Let’s take a look at the detailed introduction NLog configuration Create a new file named NLog.Config , then add the […]

  • Operation method of logging with NLog in ASP. Net core


    demand 1. Log is automatically written to database and file After the connection of 2.appsettings.json database is changed, the connection address in NLog does not need to be changed. When the website or project is started, the change will be detected automatically and then changed. The appsettings.json will prevail and keep synchronization. 3. When writing […]

  • Summary of NLog routing rules and context information knowledge points


    NLog configure routing rules and context information Rules: rule node Logger: a routing rule <rules> <!–<logger name=”*” writeTo=”console” />–> <logger name=”*” minlevel=”Debug” writeTo=”debugger” /> <logger name=”*” minlevel=”Error” writeTo=”error_file” /> </rules> Specific parameter description: Routing rules are mainly used to match logs with output targets. They generally have the following properties Name – the name of […]

  • Using NLog to do request monitoring for ASP. Net core


    In order to reduce the situation that a single request hangs up and drags down the whole station, it is a good solution to make statistics for all requests. By observing which requests take a long time, we can find the corresponding interface, code and data table. Targeted optimization can improve efficiency. In asp.net web […]

  • Logging in asp.net core development tutorial using NLog to write log files


    Preface This article mainly introduces asp.net core development logging using NLog to write log files, and shares it for your reference and study. I won’t say much next, let’s take a look at the detailed introduction NLog can be applied to. Net core and asp.net core. Asp.net core has built-in log support, which can be […]

  • Complete steps of asp.net core and NLog integration


    Preface I always like the simplicity and extensibility of NLog, so I am going to replace the default log provider provided by asp.net core with NLog. NLog is a cross platform. Net logging component. NLog complies with BSD license, which allows commercial application and full open source code. Anyone can use it for free and […]

  • Detailed explanation of. Net core2.0 log component log4net and NLog simple performance test


    Simple performance test of log4net and NLog in. Net core Compare the file write performance of log4net and NLog (. NETCORE environment). If there is any error in the code and configuration, please criticize and correct it. testing environment Development tool: Vsual studio 2017 15.3 Framework version:. Net core 2.0 Operating system: windows10 enterprise 1703 […]