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  • 2020 new edition typora qiniu cloud map bed


    preface TyporaAs the caretaker of markdown editor, it finally updates and supports the automatic upload of pictures and the corresponding links. Let’s not say much nonsense, but look directly at the following effects: It’s very cool to see the effect. I’ll write a blog and import it directly. My mother doesn’t have to worry about […]

  • React / Vue markdown editor component


    There are a lot of markdown editor plug-ins in fact. It’s meaningless to repeatedly build a wheel. But I actually want a markdown editor that can directly upload pictures to qiniuyun. It makes a little sense for me, so it’s born characteristic You can directly upload pictures to qiniu cloud by simply setting up an […]

  • Django admin uploads files to qiniuyun


    In the Chinese circle, the information and function library about Django admin uploading files to qiniu cloud has been two years ago, while foreign ones are all about AWS S3 and azure storage. I use the storage system mentioned in Django’s document to implement the simple function of uploading files to qiniu cloud. The form […]

  • Atom writes markdown to put the pictures on the qiniu map bed


    preface Qiniu cloud provides free 30 day validity of qiniu integration CDN test domain name. It also supports binding custom domain name, but requires that the custom domain name must be filed Qiniu cloud will provide 10 GB of storage space, 10 GB of download traffic, 100 000 put requests and 1 million get requests […]