• ActionCable: WebSocket Connection


    Every HTTP request is a process from request to response, so the HTTP server does not need to maintain any state, While websocket requires the server to maintain all connection states, ruby is not very good at dealing with concurrency. Actioncable uses many interesting technologies for performance and ease of use. For example, message’s Pub […]

  • Java NiO buffer process details


    Preface Use Java NiO buffer when interacting with NiO channels As you know, data is read into the buffer from the channel and written to the channel from the buffer. A buffer is essentially a block of memory that can be written to data and then read again This memory block is contained in the […]

  • How to use Java NiO to realize high performance and high concurrency HTTP server


    In the process of learning java NiO, I have been unable to understand how Java NiO is used to realize high concurrency servers. In the examples given on the Internet, there is not much to say about this. Tomcat and jetty are too large to start with. Later, I found that JDK brought an httpserver […]

  • Deep analysis of source code for building native network model with go netpol I / O multiplexing


    original text Deep analysis of source code for building native network model with go netpol I / O multiplexing introduction Go builds a simple and high performance native network model based on I / O multiplexing and goroutine (I / O multiplexing based on gonetpoll), providesgoroutine-per-connectionSuch a simple network programming mode. In this mode, developers […]

  • [netty] learn nioeventloop


    Welcome to the public account:【Love programming】If you need background reply2019Give1t learning materialsOh brief introduction The main thread of netty framework is I / O thread. The design of thread model determines the architecture quality attributes such as throughput, concurrency and security of the system. So take a look at nioeventloop. Reactor thread model Basically, all […]

  • How to access a new connection


    Welcome to the Public Number:【Love programming】Background reply if necessary2019Give1T Learning MaterialsOh The previous article is continued, and the book is connected to the previous one [Nio Event Loop].When studying the execution process of NioEventLoop, it detects IO events (including new connections), processes IO events, and performs all tasks. It detects the polling events in IO […]

  • [J2SE] Basic Learning of Java NIO


    Differences between NIO and IO IO NIO Blocking type Non-blocking selectors Flow-oriented: One-way flow, directly transferring data from one side to the other Cache Oriented: Put the data in the cache for access, and transmit the data through the channel. Buffer Buffer Depending on the data type, a corresponding type buffer (except Boolean type) is […]

  • Java NIO


    1. Introduction to Java NIO 2. Main differences between Java NIO and IO 3. Buffer and Channel 4. File Channel 5. NIO Non-blocking Network Communication SelectorSocketChannel、ServerSocketChannel、DatagramChannel Facing the flow Buffer Oriented Java NIO (New IO) is a new IO API introduced from Java version 1.4, which can replace the standard Java IO API. NIO has […]