• Pandas directly reads S3 files in China (qbit)


    SDK version Python 3.9 pandas 1.3.1 Sample code # coding: utf-8 # author: qbit # date: 2021-08-08 #Summary: Pandas directly reads S3 files in China import pandas as pd s3options = { “Client_kwargs”: {“region_name”: “cn-northwest-1”}, # Ningxia, China “key”: “aws_access_key_id”, “secret”: “aws_secret_access_key”, } #If the operating system is configured, the command line can access S3 […]

  • Develop tecdat: see how twitter data “shape” regional image


    “ In today’s highly informationized society, social media provides us with a window to know the outside world directly, which determines everyone’s cognition of a region, like a pair of “invisible” hands to shape the image of a region. ▼ According to this background, tecdat analyzes the hot tweets in Ningxia, which are known as […]