• A hexo comment system (2)


    Then the last article “handwritten a hexo comment system (1)”, this article mainly describes some specific design and technical details of the comment system implementation, convenient for later modification or reconstruction. There are also the deployment problems of the project, including domain name resolution, nginx configuration agent, and some problems in the purchase of cloud […]

  • Vue component — search box


    Basic code of component Vue.component(‘ym-search’, { template: ` <div class=”ym-search-area-wrap” ref=”searchWrap” :class=”{‘show-result’: showResult}”> <div class=”ym-search-area” :style=”{‘height’: searchHeight}” v-if=”!showResult”> <slot></slot> <div class=”ym-high-btn-area”> < El button type = “primary” size = “small” @ Click = “tosearch (1)” > search < / El button > < El button type = Default “size = small” @ Click = cleanall […]

  • Extending users table in Django app


    Write a new user in app models 1 # _*_ coding:utf-8 _*_ 2 from __future__ import unicode_literals 3 4 from django.db import models 5 from django.contrib.auth . models import abstractuser ා inherits user 6 7 # Create your models here. 8 9 10 class UserProfile(AbstractUser): 11 nick_ name = models.CharField (max_ length=50, verbose_ Name = […]

  • Visualization of sister riding the wind and waves with Python


    To say that this year’s most popular variety show, making waves Oh, no; the adventures of Xiao Ming It’s not right, eh! Forget it. Let’s see 1、 Data Using the crawler to capture Baidu Encyclopedia and Wikipedia sister public data information. The two websites are static pages, only need to parse the corresponding HTML tags […]

  • My blog development (024)


    Simulation (copy a replica first and operate the replica) In blog / user/ models.py Create the user (abstractuser) class, create the attribute nickname, and then create its metaclass in itThen add the fields in MySite / settings:AUTH_USER_MODEL = ‘user.User’Since we have changed the user, we need to modify the user used in itblog/ models.py Chinese:Comment […]

  • Dynamic web project crud function (MVC (five tier architecture) + jdbc + servlet + tomcat7.0 + JDK1.8), the front end uses JSP + JSTL + El combination


    Code sharing link https://pan.baidu.com/s/1UM0grvpttHW9idisiqa6rA Extraction code: hx7c Illustration             Project structure   1.SelectAllUser.jsp Insert title here Query all users   2.AddUser.jsp Pageencoding = “UTF-8″% > insert title here add user ID, user name, user password, user nickname, user gender, user age and user profile${ xyz.userid } ${ xyz.username } ${ xyz.password } […]

  • Building a simple HTML5 chat room


    The front words A web im conforming to XMPP protocol was written before, but jsjac was used, and jabber client was used in the background. It is found that nodejs event mode is more suitable for web IM client. The traditional Ajax polling mechanism will be replaced by full duplex websocket sooner or later, so […]

  • Vue realizes the component of ground glass background wall


    effect code <! — background wall — > <template> <div class=”user-info”> <img :src=”head_img” class=”blur”> <! — User Image — > <div class=”cover”> <van-image round width=”80px” height=”80px” :src=”head_img” class=”user-image” /> <br> <div class=”text-info”> <! — user nickname — > <span class=”user-name”> {{user_name}} <img v-if=”sex==1″ style=”width: 14px;margin-right: -14px;”> <img v-if=”sex==0″ style=”width: 14px;margin-right: -14px;”> </span> <! — follow […]

  • User nickname can be changed twice in three months


    Preface In the actual project requirements, I believe that many people can encounter problems as the title says, such as: once a month, or three times a year;My following method is also relatively simple, and I got it in the discussion with my friends. Demand background In order to make it clearer, I have simplified […]

  • Websocket learning (1) — simple multi person chat room based on socket.io


    Preface What is?WebsocketWhat about it?We all know thatHttpIn the protocol, the communication between the client and the server relies on the client to initiate the request, and then the server receives the request and responds. In this process, the client is active and the server is passive.WebsocketThe protocol is different. It is based onTCPA new […]

  • Building game instant match system based on laravel


    Preface Recently, instant messaging application scenarios have been developed in the project. This time, we will build an instant matching system through laravel, which can be applied to basic instant battle games. The knowledge points needed are as follows: Laravel Redis Laravel-echo VueJs Start the actual operation as follows: Installation project dependency Composer install predis […]

  • Wechat applet logs in and gets user information


    1. The JS side of the applet calls the framework landing API, gets a temporary code, and takes the code to call its own server-side interface. 2. On the server side, using app_id app_secrect code, the user‘s openid can be obtained. This ID is the unique ID of the user and will not change. It […]