• Wechat applet enables PC website to scan code and authorize login to obtain user information (avatar and nickname)


    preface At present, wechat code scanning login can be realized in the following two ways:1. Wechat service number scanning web page authorization login2. Authorized login of wechat open platform oauth2.0 Wechat authentication is indispensable for the above two methods, and they all need to pay 300 yuan for authentication before they can obtain development ability. […]

  • Wechat applet getuserprofile adaptation scheme


    The day before the Qingming Festival holiday, the group suddenly fried the pot, saying that all the nicknames used by the small program have becomeWechat nickname At that time, I was Don’t you agree to the 13th??? Scared me to get up and look through the document (need code to turn back directly) wx.getUserProfile(Object object) […]

  • Learning notes of C + +


    Quotation: it is a kind of rhetorical device, which refers to the words of famous people, or the things, things, poems, allusions, fables, idioms, proverbs, proverbs, etc. of famous people to support the author’s position, so as to prove and strengthen his theory and enrich the content of the article [1].–Wikipedia In C + +, […]

  • PHP + spool + MySQL imitate webqq chat in time


    1、 Renderings 2、 Directory structure Images: store picturesJS: JS fileswoole |—-Action.php database operation class |—-Config.php database configuration file |—-Websocket.php spool create websocket protocol file Index.php: chat home pageLogin.html: login pageWebqq.sql: SQL database file 3、 Database structure 4、 Code section4.1, config.php database configuration file <?php $database = array( ‘host’=>’’, ‘user’=>’root’, ‘password’=>’4f54dd’, ‘port’=>3306, ‘database’=>’webqq’, ‘charset’=>’utf8’ ); 4.2. […]

  • Intuitive login principle, draw inferences from one instance


    General login flow chart Simulate the communication between client and server GitHub download demo register Address: / reg? Uid = user name & pass = password, then enter //Registration process if (pathname === ‘/reg’) { const uid = String(params.uid) const pass = String(params.pass) //The server determines whether the user exists if (uid__pass__dic[uid] === undefined) […]

  • Uni app development experience sharing 20: wechat app authorization login to get details to get mobile number


    Authorization page Because the permission pop-up window provided by wechat applet can only be used by general users to confirm authorization, you can write an authorization page to let users click to obtain relevant information of users, and then cooperate with the background to complete login source material Page code exampleThis interface is called on […]

  • A hexo comment system (2)


    Then the last article “handwritten a hexo comment system (1)”, this article mainly describes some specific design and technical details of the comment system implementation, convenient for later modification or reconstruction. There are also the deployment problems of the project, including domain name resolution, nginx configuration agent, and some problems in the purchase of cloud […]

  • Vue component — search box


    Basic code of component Vue.component(‘ym-search’, { template: ` <div class=”ym-search-area-wrap” ref=”searchWrap” :class=”{‘show-result’: showResult}”> <div class=”ym-search-area” :style=”{‘height’: searchHeight}” v-if=”!showResult”> <slot></slot> <div class=”ym-high-btn-area”> < El button type = “primary” size = “small” @ Click = “tosearch (1)” > search < / El button > < El button type = Default “size = small” @ Click = cleanall […]

  • Extending users table in Django app


    Write a new user in app models 1 # _*_ coding:utf-8 _*_ 2 from __future__ import unicode_literals 3 4 from django.db import models 5 from django.contrib.auth . models import abstractuser ා inherits user 6 7 # Create your models here. 8 9 10 class UserProfile(AbstractUser): 11 nick_ name = models.CharField (max_ length=50, verbose_ Name = […]

  • Visualization of sister riding the wind and waves with Python


    To say that this year’s most popular variety show, making waves Oh, no; the adventures of Xiao Ming It’s not right, eh! Forget it. Let’s see 1、 Data Using the crawler to capture Baidu Encyclopedia and Wikipedia sister public data information. The two websites are static pages, only need to parse the corresponding HTML tags […]

  • My blog development (024)


    Simulation (copy a replica first and operate the replica) In blog / user/ models.py Create the user (abstractuser) class, create the attribute nickname, and then create its metaclass in itThen add the fields in MySite / settings:AUTH_USER_MODEL = ‘user.User’Since we have changed the user, we need to modify the user used in itblog/ models.py Chinese:Comment […]

  • Dynamic web project crud function (MVC (five tier architecture) + jdbc + servlet + tomcat7.0 + JDK1.8), the front end uses JSP + JSTL + El combination


    Code sharing link https://pan.baidu.com/s/1UM0grvpttHW9idisiqa6rA Extraction code: hx7c Illustration             Project structure   1.SelectAllUser.jsp Insert title here Query all users   2.AddUser.jsp Pageencoding = “UTF-8″% > insert title here add user ID, user name, user password, user nickname, user gender, user age and user profile${ xyz.userid } ${ xyz.username } ${ xyz.password } […]