• “Cross domain” uses node.js to practice various cross domain methods of the front end (I)


    Preface As the saying goes, “reading ten thousand books is better than walking ten thousand miles.”. The same is true for technology learning. Only practice can make the principle clearer and deepen the impression. Therefore, this paper will use node.js to practice various cross domain methods of the front end. It is strongly recommended to […]

  • Proficient in nginx (1)


    Blog reference http://www.cnblogs.com/wylhome/p/6057198.html http://tengine.taobao.org/book/chapter_02.html http://blog.csdn.net/justin_yaphet/article/details/47910439 Nginx: Nginx (engine x) is a high-performance HTTP and reverse proxy server, and also an IMAP / POP3 / SMTP server. Nginx was developed by Igor sysoev for rambler.ru, the second most visited site in Russia. The first public version, 0.1.0, was released on October 4, 2004. It publishes source […]

  • Nginx reverse proxy: take node project as an example to implement multi virtual host, which is applicable to Java spring project


    In the development of node projects, no matter the need of development and testing, or considering the operation cost, it is inevitable to run multiple node projects on the same server. Moreover, we want to visit different node programs through different domain names. In this case, we need to use reverse proxy to realize port […]

  • HTTPS is enabled in CDN. Must HTTPS be configured in the origin?


    Background: before CDN, the situation of the origin server is: SSL is installed, HTTPS is configured, and it has been running normally for some time. Because you want to improve the access speed, you decide to use CDN and turn on HTTPS.At this time, the question arises: do you still need to keep the HTTPS […]

  • Nginx practice (5) – nginx proxy service proxy buffer, proxy redefine request header, proxy connection timeout


    1. Proxy buffer The proxy server can cache some response data to reduce the I / O loss. The data is stored in memory by default. When the memory is not enough, it will be stored on the hard disk. proxy_buffering This parameter is used to control whether to open the buffer of back-end response […]

  • Nginx add SSL certificate upgrade to HTTPS (free certificate)


    I think I want to play with a small program, so according to the requirements of the small program interface, HTTPS is required, so I add SSLThe free certificate can be used by Baidu. I chose certbot, and alicloud also has the free certificate. The important thing is the implementation process. 1. Certificate acquisition notesAccording […]

  • Http / 2 server (nginx / Tomcat) configuration and test


    Http / 2 protocol introduction Http / 2 comes from spdy and its main goal is to solve the performance problem of HTTP 1. X Unlike http / 1.1’s plaintext request in a connection, http / 2, like spdy, divides a TCP connection intoSeveral streams(stream), each stream can transmit several messages, each message is composed […]

  • Proficient in nginx (2)


    Blog reference http://wiki.nginx.org/HttpUpstreamConsistentHash http://wiki.nginx.org/HttpUpstreamFairModule http://wiki.nginx.org/HttpUpstreamRequestHashModule http://www.web-polygraph.org/ Architecture model Core configuration Socket related configuration: 1、server { … }Configure a virtual host; Default:— Context:http Server {ා example of virtual host configuration listen address[:PORT]|PORT; server_name SERVER_NAME; root /PATH/TO/DOCUMENT_ROOT; } =========================================================================== 2. Listen port|address [: Port] | UNIX: / path / to / socket ﹐ file ා define the […]

  • Cache server varnish


    Blog reference http://www.178linux.com/76700 http://www.mamicode.com/info-detail-229142.html About varnish Varnish is a very lightweight and powerful application that provides caching services. It is a high-performance and open-source reverse proxy server and HTTP accelerator; The configuration of varnish is realized through VCL cache policy tool, which is a simple programming language, and users can customize variables There are several […]

  • Gitlab set up and access to self built nginx


    Preface My whole life’s articles will be put here, my blog, I hope every line of code, every paragraph of text can help you. https://github.com/CrazyCodes… Hello, I’m crazy codes. The title of this article is a little serious. It’s a very simple teaching article. I’d like to help people in need. GitLab Like GitHub and […]

  • Research on the principle of ThreadPoolExecutor in Java


    I. Introduction Thread pool mainly solves two problems: on the one hand, when executing a large number of asynchronous tasks, thread pool can provide better performance, because using thread pool can reduce the call cost of each task (because thread pool threads can be reused). On the other hand, thread pool provides a means of […]

  • Location of nginx configuration


    location Context location server location grammar location [ = | ~ | ~* | ^~ ] uri { … } location @name { … } Location = / demo exact match Location ^ ~ / demo prefix match Location ~ / demo regular matching Location ~ * / demo regular match, case insensitive Location / […]