• Nginx Tips: Php Uploading Progress Bar – 0000


    This article is a reminder to install Nginx+PHP under Linux and test the file upload progress module. Runtime Environment Operating system: Ubuntu 13.10 64bit (VMWare, hosted by Windows 7 Ultimate)CPU: 1 x 2 core(i5)Mem: 3048MHD: 100G Install Nginx Before installing Nginx, you need to know how to run Terminal in Unity. The following commands are […]

  • Nginx tips: PHP uploading progress bar – 0001


    The official progress support of PHP is not applicable to nginx + PHP via fastcgi. For related articles, please refer to using session to track the upload progress. The last warning of this article indicates that nginx will handle the upload by itself, while PHP can only get one final result and cannot track the […]

  • Nginx tips: PHP uploading progress bar – 0010


    Preparation Now nginx upload module has been added to nginx, but it can not be used directly. There are still some preparations to be done. Prepare JavaScript script First, download or link to jquery.js directly, because the module uses jQuery to control the display progress of HTML elements. <head> … <script type=”text/javascript”></script> … </head> or […]

  • What ABAP developers should learn in the future


    In January 2007, I graduated from university and entered SAP Chengdu to work in development, which has been 11 years. This picture has been widely circulated in ABAP development circle: What should we do to avoid this dilemma happening to ABAPer? At the beginning of 2017, I wrote an article in SAP community: what additional […]

  • Getting started with nginx


    About nginx “Nginx is a lightweight HTTP server, which adopts event driven asynchronous non blocking processing framework, which makes it have excellent IO performance, and is often used for reverse proxy and load balancing of the server. “—– official introduction Nginx is a free, open-source, high-performance HTTP server and reverse proxy server; it is also […]

  • Forward the old API interface to the new API through nginx rewrite


    Question: Project start, nginx is through matchingcontrolTo forward, you need to modify it every time as the business keeps increasing.nginxIt’s very troublesome, so it’s decided to be differentserviceTake a name——Service domain name, and then we solve the problem of different configuration modification by matching the service domain name pattern. Initial nginx configuration: location ~* /api/AppVersion […]

  • Detailed explanation of how nginx counts PV, UV and independent IP of websites


    Nginx: PV, UV, independent IP Website makers know that they often need to query the visit data of websites such as PV and UV. Of course, if the website has CDN, the local logs of nginx are meaningless. Next, we will make statistics on the visit data of the logs of nginx website. Concept: UV […]

  • Verify nginx’s keep alive configuration


    Written in front Recently, I have been studying and testing nginx server. I reviewed the knowledge of computer network a few days ago (on the one hand, I was interested in it, on the other hand, because these computer bases were forgotten in the learning process, there were many details that were very confusing). I […]

  • Analysis of display differences of the same customizing activity in different systems


    For example, SAP Hana live reporting, a customization activity, is not visible in system Ag3, but can be used in another system QHD. Compare the differences between the following two pictures. One possible reason is that the customizing activity is bound to a business switch. If the business switch is turned off on a system, […]

  • Very comprehensive cross domain implementation scheme


    Because of the limitation of the same source policy, only the same source script can obtain resources. Although this helps to ensure network security, on the other hand, it also limits the use of resources.So how to realize cross domain? Here are some methods to realize cross domain. I. cross domain jsonp Principle: the introduction […]

  • [kubernetes series] Chapter 6 Introduction to ingress controller – nginx components


    1. overview In the previous article, we introduced how to install and deploy the tracefik components through helm. Besides tracefik, the paper also mentioned that the common ingress controllers include nginx, haproxy, Kong, etc. in this article, we introduced how to install and deploy nginx ingress. Only after accumulating the experience of different components, can […]

  • Nginx: [emerg] bind() to failed solution


    Step 1: Check if nginx has startedps -e | grep nginxStep 2: If not, follow the instructions and see who is occupying port 0.0.0:80.netstat -ltunpStep 3: Kill the port process Kill 2030 // kill PID shows the number according to the PID and replaces it with 2030.