• Fresh and refined web server caddy


    The fresh and refined web server caddy is subordinate to the server application development and system architecture of the author. Our company has been using nginx before, but its configuration includes some features which are slightly more complex than caddy. Please refer to the author’s basic configuration notes of nginx. Fresh and refined web server […]

  • CentOS 7.2 environment building record (Chapter 4: Python environment configuration)


    Chapter 4: Python environment configuration Using environment tools Python environment tools Python 2.7.5 ා python2 version, built in the system PIP 9.0.1 (python2 version), python toolset, compilation and installation Virtualenv 15.1.0 – python2 version virtual environment dependency, PIP installation Virtualenvwrapper 4.8.2 – used with virtualenvwrapper, PIP installation Setuptools 38.5.1 – Python toolset, compile and install […]

  • Read and understand load balancing in distributed architecture


    Read and understand load balancing in distributed architecture WeChat public address:IT quarter hourLarge scale reality non serious sceneIn a quarter of an hour, I will share with you the high-quality technical framework and knowledge, and become a storytellerYou can learn more about the wonderful content in the first time if you pay attention to it. […]

  • Websocket real time message push


    1、 The principle and method of message push 1.1 real time scenes chat online Monitoring alarm Video barrage 1.2 real time message scheme based on HTTP Ajax polling / / clients constantly send requests to the server Long polling / / General30s timeout Asynchronous streaming Iframe data volume full duplex:Data sending and receiving canSimultaneously。 HTTPThe […]

  • PHP design pattern adapter pattern


    Sort out your study Aaron Saray wrotePHP design patternsomedemoAnd your own understanding. After reading it, if you find that I understand it wrong, please point out immediately, thank you for clapping the bricks, kneel down and beg for whipping /** *Adapter adapter mode * ————————————- ** from description** * *Through the adapter pattern, new code […]

  • [some websites are being updated…]


    laradock.io :Laradock strives to make the PHP development experience easier and faster.windows-php-redis:windows-php-rediswindows-php-redis-igbinary:windows-php-redis-igbinary

  • Using websocket on Alibaba SLB of Keng series


    Websocket is a new thing after HTML5. It can easily realize the long session from the client to the server, especially for the scenarios where the client needs to receive the push from the server. For example, online customer service chat, reminder push and so on. It changes the limitation that the client can only […]

  • PHP design pattern builder pattern


    Sort out some demos and their own understanding of the PHP design pattern that Aaron Saray wrote. After reading it, if you find that I understand it wrong, please point out immediately, thank you for clapping the bricks, kneel down and beg for whipping /** *Builder mode * ————————————- ** from description** * *The mother […]

  • In practice, I met the problems and summary of stoppjs, websocket and nginx


    Read the original: https://wdd.js.org/stomp-over 1. Websocket is not supported in AWS EC2 Direct Solutions English To put it simply: the bottom layer of websocket is based on TCP protocol. If your server exposes port 80 based on HTTP protocol, websocket will not be able to connect.You just need to change HTTP protocol to TCP protocol. […]

  • Ubuntu: fastdfs + nginx + fastdfs nginx module install and test the upload file and set it to power on and start automatically


    1: Install Gitapt-get install git1: Download and install libfastcommon via Gitgit clone https://github.com/happyfish1… 3: Enter the folder and install libfastcommon dependencycd libfastcommon./make.sh ./make.sh install4: Download and install fastdfswget https://github.com/happyfish1…5: Extract the file and entertar -zxvf V5.11.tar.gz cd fastdfs-5.116: Compile and install./make.sh./make.sh install7: Create soft linkLn – S / usr / lib64 / libfastcommon.so / usr […]

  • Manji studies docker


    What is Docker? Docker is a container for things. What is it? It can be redis, nginx, and mysql. All you can install on the system can be installed in dokcer. Maggie: why do you do that? Centralized management, convenient use and installationYou don’t need to find configuration files or startup files in each directory. […]

  • CGI, fastcgi and PHP


    CGI What is CGI?CGI (Common Gateway Interface) is a standardAgreementIt provides a standard protocol for the web server, so that the server can run the third-party programs like the command-line interface programs, which can generate web pages dynamically. These third-party programs are called CGI scripts (programs that meet the definition of CGI), or CGIs for […]