• Using docker compose to deploy Django and vue.js applications


    Preface The main content of this paper is to deploy the back-end Django rest framework and the front-end vue.js application by using the docker compose practice. Record some of the pits encountered and the solutions. Preparing the docker compose environment System: Ubuntu 16.04 (alicloud)User name in Code: Test Install Docker # install docker ## prepare […]

  • One click to build a docker based nodejs and PHP development environment (open source project)


    Recently, I wrote a new project, one click deployment of nodejs, PHP development environment (docker, nodejs, PHP, nginx, Mongo, mysql, redis) Recently, I started to write nodejs and PHP projects at the same time, and also deployed them to test, pre release and online environments. Other colleagues also need a set of the same environment. […]

  • A detailed explanation of various caches commonly used in Web Applications


    In this paper, nginx, rails, MySQL and redis are used as examples, and other web servers, languages, databases and caching services are similar.The following is the schematic diagram of the third floor for subsequent reference: 1. Client cache A client often accesses the same resource, such as using a browser to visit the homepage of […]

  • Hard to complete the detailed record of nginx + puma deployment rails 4


    It took two weeks for Google to deploy the methods. Many of the methods I found were useless. Finally, I used the control variable method to modify the configuration file one by one. First of all, / etc / nginx / vhosts / limlog.logger.info.conf and config / puma.rb # # /etc/nginx/vhosts/limlog.sloger.info.conf # upstream limlog { […]

  • Docker installation nginx


    Docker installation nginx Use dnnmmp to install nginx separately. Software address: https://github.com/wallace530 The installation steps are as follows: Local installationgit、dockeranddocker-compose(The latest version is recommended: 1.23)。 Docker installation Docker compose installation cloneItem: #If it is not the ‘root’ user, add the current user to the ‘docker’ user group $ sudo gpasswd -a ${USER} docker #Get project […]

  • Summary of wechat ticket grabbing project


    This summary will tell a story of Xiaobai’s frustrations from the beginning of the project to the submission Deploy to server, code synchronization For the first time, I took over a semi-finished product project of others from scratch, and also wrote a project hanging on the server for the first time. To be honest, I […]

  • Detailed explanation of nginx configuration parameters and construction of nginx and uwsgi under Django framework


    1、 About nginx Nginx (pronounced “engine X”) is a free and open source web server software developed by Igor sysoev, a Russian software engineer. Nginx was released in 2004, focusing on high performance, high concurrency and low memory consumption. And has a variety of web server features: load balancing, caching, access control, bandwidth control, as […]

  • Centos7 install jumpserver fortress


    Centos7 install jumpserver fortress 1. Firewall SELinux settings Echo – e “\ 033 [31m 1. Firewall SELinux settings \ 033 [0m”\ && if [ “$(systemctl status firewalld | grep running)” != “” ]; then firewall-cmd –zone=public –add-port=80/tcp –permanent; firewall-cmd –zone=public –add-port=2222/tcp –permanent; firewall-cmd –permanent –add-rich-rule=”rule family=”ipv4″ source address=”″ port protocol=”tcp” port=”8080″ accept”; firewall-cmd –reload; fi […]

  • Running EMQ in nginx + docker manual cluster mode


    In the process of supporting customers, EMQ x learned that some customers use nginx for load balancing, and the docker container manually joins the cluster to run EMQ cluster. Now the main process is recorded. Business needs Using nginx as the reverse proxy Nginx needs to assign the address of the proxy server in advance […]

  • Compiling sass and SCSS with nginx


    The front-end partners should be familiar with sass or SCSS (hereinafter referred to as SASS), which is a CSS preprocessing language. Using sass can greatly simplify the writing and maintenance of CSS code. Usually, we aredevelopment environmentUnder the environment of webpack dev server or gulp, sass is compiled in real time by listening for file […]

  • Overall design of high concurrency red packet


    Some time ago, according to the needs of the business side, the company did a red packet snatching activity and searched a lot of information on the Internet. Record the overall design ideas and various problems in the operation process. Product requirements: 1. Red packet supports configuration of start time, end time, type (random amount […]