• Robot operating system (ro2) and RT thread communication


    This article is published by RT thread official forum user @ wuhanstudio:https://club.rt-thread.org/as…, unauthorized forwarding is prohibited MicroROS on RT-Thread Recently, I just summarized the application of ros1 and ros2 on RT thread:https://doc.wuhanstudio.cc/mi… MicroROS on RT-Thread preface Introduction to ROS RT thread and ROS Rosserial and micro_ ROS difference RT thread control kobuki robot RT thread […]

  • Jsp + Servlet combat cool blog + chat system


    Project introduction This project uses JSP + servlet + MySQL architecture to build a cool blog system that can chat. The interface is very nice. In addition to logging in and registering in the personal Center for modification, the blog also adds background music. You can make friends and chat online, publish trends, comment on […]

  • Kafkar introduction


    Kafka introduction A distributed, partitioned, multi replica and multi subscriber distributed logging system based on zookeeper coordinationThe main application scenarios are: log collection system and message system Core concept Publish subscribe model The message is persisted into a topic. Consumers can subscribe to one or more topics. Consumers can consume all the data in the […]

  • Java9 Part 4 – reactive stream API responsive programming


    I plan to write a series of articles about Java 9 in the next period of time. Although Java 9 is not the core Java version like Java 8 or Java 11, there are still many features worth paying attention to. I look forward to your attention. I will write java 9 into a series […]

  • Hot and cold signals of RAC


    (this article)articleIt was originally published on CSDN, but now the blog is migrated and rearranged and modified with markdown) Racsignal signals can be divided into hot and cold signals. In short, the so-called cold signal can be understood as passive. Messages will be published only when there are subscribers, and messages will be sent again […]

  • Review the differences between HTTP 1.0, HTTP 1.1 and HTTP 2.0


    Some differences between HTTP 1.0 and HTTP 1.1 Cache processing In HTTP 1.0, the header is mainly usedIf-Modified-Since(compare whether the last update time of resources is consistent),Expires(the expiration time of the resource (depending on the local time of the client)) is used as the criterion for cache judgment. HTTP 1.1 introduces more cache control strategies: […]

  • Seven classic solutions for distributed transactions


    With the rapid development of business and the increasing complexity of business, almost every company’s system will move from single to distributed, especially to micro service architecture. This article summarizes the most classic solutions of distributed transactions and shares them with you. Basic theory Before explaining the specific scheme, let’s first understand the basic theoretical […]

  • ASP. Net core 3.1 getting started with real-time application signalr


    Reference article: Microsoft official document: https://docs.microsoft.com/zh-cn/aspnet/core/signalr/introduction?view=aspnetcore -3.1 and https://www.cnblogs.com/cgzl/p/9509207.html   series Introduction to asp.net core signalr What is signalr? Asp.net core signalr is an open source library that simplifies the ability to add real-time web functionality to applications.  Real time Web capabilities enable server-side code to immediately push content to the client. For signalr: Applications […]

  • Some definitions and implementation of Kafka


    Basic definitions of some professional terms Topic: subject, which is equivalent to generating message data for a certain type of business.Broker: equivalent to the server, receiving and processing client message requests. The same Linux machine can configure multiple brokers through server.properties or distribute multiple brokers on multiple machines to avoid service unavailability caused by single […]

  • Prompt box JavaScript plug-in based on jQuery, class bootstrap


    Prompt box JavaScript plug-in based on jQuery, class bootstrap Source code GitHub address: https://github.com/Ethan-Xie/message example Through this plug-in, you can add the function of auto / click disappear to the prompt bar usage Message.css and message.js need to be introduced <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”message.css”> <script></script> Add to elementOnclick = “$. FN. MSG (‘msg ‘, {text:’ warning […]

  • How do Kafka and rabbitmq choose which to use?


    preface We often use asynchronous messages in our work. We mainly use two message modes: Message queue Publish / subscribe Message queue: multiple producers can send messages to the same message queue, but a message can only be consumed by one consumer. Publish / subscribe: a message can be obtained and processed concurrently by multiple […]

  • Electron window communication and expansion screen


    This issue mainly introduces the opening of the expansion screen and the message communication between the two windows. Expansion screen In the window startup section, we encapsulate acreateWindow, use this to create a window. The expansion screen is also a window, but we put it on the corresponding external screen according to several screens. Rendering […]