• Using shell to simulate TCP protocol


    Background of the problem The company has a set of message push system (hereinafter referred to as GCM), which takes over the client part due to personnel changes. After looking at the document, there are only a few pages of simple instructions in the communication protocol part. The code is too many and messy to […]

  • Django 1.8 official document translation: 13-3 log


    journal Log quick start Django uses Python built-inloggingThe module prints the log. The use of this module is discussed in detail in Python’s own documentation. If you’ve never used Python’s logging framework (or even used it), see the quick introduction below. Composition of logging Python’s logging configuration consists of four parts Loggers Handlers Filters Formatters […]

  • Go operation Kafka


    Kafka is a high throughput distributed publish subscribe message system, which can process all the action flow data in the consumer scale website. It has the characteristics of high performance, persistence, multi copy backup, horizontal expansion and so on. This paper introduces how to use go language to send and receive Kafka messages. sarama In […]

  • Android’s comprehensive analysis of handler message mechanism


    preface Nice to meet you. Welcome to read my article. Blogs about handler can be found everywhere, and this is also a common topic. It can be seen that he is very basic and important. But a lot of blogs are rarely introduced from the beginning. When I started learning, I directly told me about […]

  • Analysis and solution of pulsar storage space not released


    This article is reproduced from the official account No. StreamCloudNative, author Xue Song, who has been granted permission by the author. About Apache pulsar Apache pulsar is the top project of Apache Software Foundation. It is the next generation of cloud native distributed message flow platform. It integrates message, storage and lightweight functional computing. It […]

  • Go operation NSQ


    NSQ is a popular distributed message queue. This paper mainly introduces NSQ and how go language operates NSQ. NSQ NSQ introduction NSQ is an open source real-time distributed memory message queue written in go language. NSQ has the following advantages: NSQ advocates distributed and decentralized topology, no single point of failure, supports fault tolerance and […]

  • The logback log is sent to Kafka to block the main application startup of spring boot


    Today, I encountered a problem. I added an appender on logback to send logs to springboot. If Kafka link fails or metadata update fails, the main application will be blocked from starting, as shown in the figure below Kafka producer will update metadata before sending messages. I think the update mechanism of metadata is more […]

  • The Kafka graphic tool eagle, which is used for hanging and exploding the sky, must be recommended to you!


    Kafka is a very popular message middleware. According to the official website, thousands of companies are using it. Recently, we have practiced a wave of Kafka, which is really good and powerful. Today, we will learn Kafka from three aspects: the installation of kafaka under Linux, the visualization tool of Kafka, and the combination of […]

  • Distributed things


    Distributed transaction solution In the case of a single database, data transaction operation has four characteristics of acid, but if multiple databases are operated in one transaction, database transaction cannot be used to ensure consistency. That is to say, when two databases operate data, one database operation may succeed while the other fails. We cannot […]

  • IOS bottom layer exploration – message search


    IOS bottom Exploration Series IOS bottom layer exploration – alloc & init Exploration of IOS bottom layer – calloc and ISA IOS bottom layer exploration – class IOS bottom layer exploration cache_ t IOS bottom layer exploration method IOS bottom layer exploration – message search 1objc_msgSendCompilation supplement We know that the reason why we use […]

  • Architecture design | based on message middleware, flexible transaction consistency is illustrated


    Source code:GitHub. Click here || Gitee. Click here 1、 Best effort notification TCC segmented submission is suitable for business scenarios with high consistency and real-time requirements in distributed architecture. In actual business, there are also services with low real-time performance, such as common SMS notification, client message, operation system update and other services. In order […]

  • One technology per day: wechat development – send template message


    summary Template messages are used only for official account sending important service notifications to users. They can only be used in service scenarios that meet their requirements, such as credit card notification, purchase success notice, etc. It does not support marketing messages such as advertisements and all other messages that may cause harassment to users. […]