• [go] go language actual combat – realize Title flicker


    In the process of implementing the customer service system, the title bar will flash when there is a new message Because the chat box is the page that is entered by the iframe box, after receiving the websocket message in the chat box, the message should be sent to the parent page, and the title […]

  • Using goeasy to realize real-time communication of websocket in uniapp


    Series articles: Wechat small program uses goeasy to realize websocket real-time communication Using goeasy to realize real-time communication of websocket in uniapp As the most popular mobile terminal development technology recently, a set of code can be packaged into Android / IOS app and small programs of various platforms, which is not the most convenient, […]

  • Kafka learning materials


    Kafka 1、 Benefits of message middleware 1. Decoupling It allows you to extend or modify processes on both sides independently, as long as you make sure they comply with the same interface constraints. It would be a great waste to put resources on standby to handle such peak visits. The use of message queue can […]

  • Push or pull message queue, how do rocketmq and Kafka do?


    In every era, people who can learn will not be treated badly Hello, I’m yes. Today, let’s talk about the push-pull mode of message queuing, which is also a hot topic in the interview. For example, if you write rocketmq in your resume, you will basically ask whether rocketmq is in push mode or pull […]

  • Kafka (1) – meet Kafka


    Background of Message Oriented Middleware Problems that message middleware can solve asynchronous In many business scenarios, we need to turn synchronous tasks into asynchronous tasks. Take the registration function of an e-commerce platform for a simple analysis. Users’ registration of this service is not only completed by inserting a piece of data into the database, […]

  • Spring cloud 2. X version spring cloud stream message driven components basic tutorial (kafaka)


    Spring cloud is used in this paper. This paper is 2.1.8 release, version= Greenwich.SR3 This paper is based on the implementation of Eureka server, Eureka client, Eureka ribbon and spring gateway.reference resources eureka-server eureka-client eureka-ribbon spring-cloud-stream summary Spring cloud stream is a framework for building message driven microservices. It uses spring integration to connect message […]

  • Interviewer: how to deal with the flow of ten million and one hundred million?


    This is the last article in the “I want to enter the big factory” series. It may be a bit of a headline party, but I want to express the same meaning and purpose. This is a very common interview question, but most people don’t know how to answer it. In fact, this kind of […]

  • Interview | Kafka summary of common interview questions


    Nowadays, Kafka is no longer a simple message queuing system. Kafka is a distributed stream processing platform, which is used by more and more companies. Kafka can be used in high-performance data pipeline, flow processing analysis, data integration and other scenarios. This article summarizes several common interview questions of Kafka, hoping to help you. It […]

  • From zero single row, using netty to build IM chat room~


    1. Overview In the article “Introduction to taro spring boot websocket”, we use websocket to realize a simple im function, which supports identity authentication, private chat and group chat. Then there’s a fat friend who wants to use pure netty to implement a similar function. The grandmother of conscience, of course, will not give her […]

  • Is Kafka producer blocking when sending messages asynchronously?


    Kafka has always been known for its high throughput. Just last week, in a performance monitoring project, Kafka was required to transmit massive messages. In this process, Kafka producer encountered a problem that asynchronous sending messages by Kafka producer would be blocked, leading to the production side sending time-consuming. Yes, you heard me correctly. Kafka […]

  • Apache pulsar: the next generation cloud native distributed message flow platform


    Open source project name: Apache pulsarIntroduction to open source project: next generation cloud native distributed message flow platformOpen source project type: top project of Apache Software FoundationProject creation time: officially graduated from Apache Software Foundation on September 25, 2018 and became a top project GitHub data: 6.6k star, 1.6K forkGitHub address:https://github.com/apache/pulsar Project introduction Apache pulsar […]

  • Hyperf im open source! A chat system based on hyperf microservice framework + layim!


    Thanks to the demo provided by SL im author, I just want to write a set of IM and rewrite it with hyperf sl-im hyperf-im brief introduction hyperf-imIs based onHyperfMicroservice collaboration framework andLayimChat room developed by web chat system. Experience address hyperf-im im.jayjay.cn function 1.0 Login registration (HTTP) Single sign on (websocket) Private chat (websocket) […]