• Workflow of logagent


    Project architecture design The workflow of logagent is as follows: Read log–tailfThird party Library func main() { fileName := “./my.log” config := tail.Config{ Reopen: true, // reopen Follow: true, // follow Location: & tail.SeekInfo {offset: 0, when: 2}, // where to start reading the file Mustexist: false, // no error will be reported if the […]

  • Thief easy to use, glacier open source this precise timing task and delay queue framework!!


    Write on the front In practical work, many small partners in the development of timing tasks, will take the way of timing scan data table. However, this method has major defects: if the amount of data is large, frequent scanning of data tables will cause great pressure on the database; it is difficult to support […]

  • Django 1.8 official document translation: 14-6 system checking framework


    System inspection framework New in Django 1.7\. The system inspection framework is designed to verify a series of static inspections of the Django project. It can detect common problems and provide tips on how to fix them. The framework can be extended so you can easily add your own checks. The inspection can be carried […]

  • Redis real combat 09. Implement task queue, message pull and file distribution


    Task queueP133 By putting the relevant information of the task to be executed into the queue, and then processing the queue, you can delay the execution of those time-consuming operations. This method of handing the work to the task processor for execution is called task queue.P133 FIFO queueP133 sureRedisTo store the information about the task, […]

  • Websocket IM chat tutorial – teach you to use goeasy to quickly realize IM chat


    Some friends often ask about how to realize im with goeasy. Today, I will take you hand in hand to realize a complete IM chat with goeasy from beginning to end. The full set of code has been put in gitee. Today’s front-end technology development can be described as a hundred flowers of contention. In […]

  • How does real time data synchronization service (Canal + Kafka) ensure the order of messages?


      LastThis paper introduces the whole architecture of real-time data synchronization of data migration platform; This paper mainly introduces how to ensure the sequence of messages in real-time data synchronization of data migration platform. AccesshereSee more original articles about big data platform construction. 1、 What is the sequence of messages? The message producer sends the message […]

  • Practice of database synchronization with Canal + Kafka


    In the architecture of microservice splitting, each service has its own database, so the problem of data communication between services is often encountered. For example, the data of B service database comes from the database of a service; when the data of a service changes, it needs to be synchronized to B service. The first […]

  • Study and use of Kafka


    Study and use of Kafka brief introduction A distributed, multi partitioned, multi replica, zookeeper based distributed messaging system developed by LinkedIn using Scala language has been donated to Apache foundation. It is a high throughput distributed publish subscribe message system, which is widely used for its scalability and high throughput. At present, more and more […]

  • Online chat application of lumen im based on vue2.0


    Lumen im online chat 1. Project introduction Lumen IM is a web version of online instant chat project. The front end uses element UI + Vue, the back end uses hyperf framework based on spool for interface development, and uses websocket service for real-time message push. At present, the back-end websocket supports distributed cluster deployment. […]

  • Several problems must be considered in building websocket message push service


    In recent years, whether it is the fast-growing live broadcast, distance education and IM chat scene, or the system reminder used in the conventional enterprise level system, the demand for websocket is increasing, and the demand for websocket is also increasing. From the early application of websocket was limited to a small number of functions […]

  • Flink Ecology: analysis of pulsar connector mechanism


    Apache pulsar is the next generation distributed messaging system of Yahoo open source. In September 2018, it graduated from Apache Software Foundation and became a top-level project. Pulsar’s unique layered and fragmented architecture not only ensures the performance and throughput of the big data message flow system, but also provides high availability, high scalability and […]

  • C + + overload editbox default ContextMenu


    Background of the problem In the development of C + + client program under windows, we often encounter the development of function point of user-defined right-click menu.At this time, we generally only need to deal with WM in the window event process_ ContextMenu message. When processing, you can create a pop-up menu by using create […]