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  • How to always allow flash content to run in edge chromium


    As we all know, Adobe Flash control has a long history and accumulated many vulnerabilities. As early as July 2017, Adobe announced that it would end its support for flash by the end of 2020. Microsoft says the deadline for its browser to remove flash plug-ins isDecember 2020front. However, because the mainstream websites in China […]

  • IIS logs lead to the continuous reduction of Disk C space. Handling measures [knock on the blackboard and highlight]


    1. Modify the storage location of log files: open IIS log   2. Of course, we can delete the log file manually. The more convenient way is to create a batch file (for example, deletelog. Bat), which contains the following contents: Create a new text document – copy the following code – save and modify […]

  • React source code analysis 9. Diff algorithm


    React source code analysis 9. Diff algorithm Video course (efficient learning): enter the course Course Directory: 1. Introduction and interview questions 2. Design concept of react 3. React source code architecture 4. Source directory structure and debugging 5. JSX & Core API 6. Legacy and concurrent mode entry functions 7. Fiber architecture 8. Render stage […]

  • Mybatis query paging – using the PageHelper plug-in


    Mybatis query paging – using the PageHelper plug-in Previously, in Spring + spring MVC, since the whole configuration is mostly XML, paging is required after using spring boot,I also hope to reduce the configuration of XML and create many paging related classes. I found itpageHelperThis plug-in,Paging is very convenient Page class Create a new page […]

  • Construction of windows10 Java spring boot development environment


    Environment version configuration Java running environment: JDK1.8; JDK1.16 Development tool: Idea Maven 1. Install multi version Java environment JDK installation Download address:www.oracle.com/java/technologies/j… JDK configuration environment variables clickstart -> set up -> system -> about -> Advanced system settings Click “environment variables” Set two subJAVA_HOME Set a totalJAVA_HOME Among themJAVA_HOME_8It corresponds to two childrenJAVA_HOMEVariable name in. […]

  • 8.3 automatic build of docker cloud


    https://cloud.docker.com/ Create a new organization on GitHub to avoid authorizing all projects and clear responsibilities Create an organization on docker cloud, associate the organization of GitHub, and then create a new repository In the buildings configuration column of repositories, select Configure automated builds, then select the corresponding Repositories on GitHub, and cancel on build rulesBuild […]

  • Upload and download code on the code cloud using git Bash


    <div id=”cnblogs_post_body” class=”blogpost-body “> <p>The premise is that an empty project has been created on the code cloud</p> <p>1. Create a new directory to store the downloaded items. I created a “gitspace” folder on disk d to store the downloaded items</p><p><imghttps://images2017.cnblogs.com/blog/611890/201708/611890-20170802161411146-11701551.png&quot” rel=”nofollow noreferrer”>https://images2017.cnblogs.co…;></p><p> </p><p>2. Enter the newly created folder, i.e. “gitspace”, right-click and select “git bash […]

  • 9.4 replicaset and replicationcontroller


    ReplicationController Create a new pod_ nginx.yml apiVersion: v1 kind: ReplicationController metadata: name: nginx spec: replicas: 3 selector: app: nginx template: metadata: name: nginx labels: app: nginx spec: containers: – name: nginx image: nginx ports: – containerPort: 80 Then run as follows kubectl create -f pod_nginx.yml kubectl get rc NAME DESIRED CURRENT READY AGE nginx 3 […]

  • 9.5 Deployment


    Deployment Create a new pod_ nginx.yml apiVersion: apps/v1 kind: Deployment metadata: name: nginx-deployment labels: app: nginx spec: replicas: 3 selector: matchLabels: app: nginx template: metadata: labels: app: nginx spec: containers: – name: nginx image: nginx:1.12.2 ports: – containerPort: 80 Then execute the following command to complete the creation kubectl create -f pod_nginx.yml see kubectl get […]

  • This paper introduces a small tool contextmenumanager for windows 10 to clean up the right-click menu and new menu


    After using Windows 10 for a period of time, with the increase of software installed on the machine, the contents of right-click menu and new menu become more and more complex. There are many tools for cleaning these two menus on the Internet. After looking around, I found a green software called contextmenumanager, which is […]

  • Vue project construction process


    Vue project construction process Want to build a website for yourself with vue3 + TSBecause I have never done project construction before, I want to record the construction process Build Vue running environment This is very simple. Install git, Download node, and change the NPM source View NPM source npm get registry Modify NPM source […]

  • Compile spring 5.2.0 source code


    Download spring-framework-5.2.0.release.zip https://github.com/spring-projects/spring-framework/releases Download gradle 5.6.3 and follow the instructions to configure the environment variables https://gradle.org/install/ Unzip the zip and view the files in the root directoryimport-into-idea.md Execute script (Windows system) .\gradlew.bat :spring-oxm:compileTestJava After success, open with idea After successfully opening the project, we will unload the spring aspects module Then we can create a […]