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  • Use of myapplication


    Class myapplication — global object can store system information and execute automatically when app is opened Right click package name to create a new class myapplication Inheriting from application and implementing oncreate method 3. To make it effective, add the configuration Android: name = “. Myapplication” in androidmanifest.xml

  • Eclipse User Guide


    1、 MyEclipse User Guide 1. It is recommended to open the web with package Explorer instead of Project Explorer; Opening method: search package Explorer open in Windows — show view — other, which is displayed at the bottom by default, and drag it to the upper left corner 2. Eclipse uses the built-in browser to […]

  • Go and mongodb


    Go does not have the concept of class, and the binding of variables is implemented by structs in the form of key value pairs.This is very friendly to mongodb and JSON, which are also stored as key value pairs. Therefore, in go, the ORM based on mongodb is not very dependent. It can be operated […]

  • The file server built by nginx under windows comes with basic verification function


    The file server built by nginx under windows comes with basic verification function Configure nginx Add the following configuration file to the configuration file of nginx server { listen 7777 default_server; listen [::]:7777 default_server; location / { #File directory alias D:/share; #Basic verification auth_basic “nginx basic auth”; auth_basic_user_file C:/nginx/conf/htpasswd; #File display function autoindex on; # […]

  • Vscode set Vue code snippet


    1、 How to set? Open user clip Select or createvue.jsoncode snippet Just paste the following code snippet { “Print to console”: { “prefix”: “vue”, “body”: [ “<template>”, ” <div>\n”, ” </div>”, “</template>\n”, “<script>”, “export default {“, ” props: {\n”, ” },”, ” data() {“, ” return {\n”, ” };”, ” },”, ” computed: {\n”, ” […]

  • Modern programming — developing the application of laravel framework on swoole


    Laravel LaravelIt is a very modern set of PHP framework. It is built based on composer. Many of its core dependencies are not completely maintained by laravel, but rely on symfony / HTTP-, eloquent/And other mature libraries, so as to realize the characteristics that the collection of people is better than one (standing on the […]

  • This paper introduces a small tool contextmenumanager for windows 10 to clean up right click menu and new menu


    After using Windows 10 for a period of time, with the increase of software installed on the machine, the contents of right-click menu and new menu become more and more complex. There are many tools on the Internet to clean up these two menus. After a search, I found a green software named contextmenumanager, which […]

  • Laravel admin background management user extends a field


    We hope to be able to do a function, this function is for admin_ User adds a viewself field. When accessing the article management function, if this field is enabled, only the admin user‘s own articles will be displayed. First of all, we give admin in the database_ User adds a field Create a new […]

  • Programmer’s daily happiness, take you to climb a wave of expression package~


    Python version:3.6.4 Related modules: Sketch module; Requests module; fake_ User agent module; And some modules that come with Python. Environment construction Install Python and add it to the environment variable. PIP can install the required modules. Related documents WeChat official account:Python project, re:“emoticon” Brief introduction of principle In fact, the principle is quite simple, because […]

  • Several different IOS packages


    Several different IOS packages introduction After the reconstruction of the company’s project, there is a relatively perfect development system. Firstly, GIT branch is divided into three main branches: daily branch, advance branch and production branch. In the development stage, feature branches of corresponding functions are opened under daily branch, and then merged after development. My […]

  • Implement promise


    Using promise is excellent. It’s so useful that I think I should study promise well and even implement a simple version. Before implementation, let’s look at the purpose of promise Using promise callback hell The first use of promise is to solve the problem wellCallback black holeSuppose you want to implement a user presentation task, […]