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  • Vue3 + vite + TS + element plus construction project (II)


    In the last phase, we installed vite, managed the code to git, and used eslint to verify. Next, we installed vuex, router, SCSS, alias settings, etc. in the project 1、 Vuerouter Official website:https://router.vuejs.org/guid… 1. Installation npm install [email protected] 2. After installation, we will create a router directory under SRC directory and an index under router […]

  • Xamarin forms labs RadioButton control


    Today, take RadioButton control as an example to introduce how xamarin forms labs is used in our project XLabs is a open source project that aims to provide a powerful andcross platform set of services and controls tailored to work withXamarin and Xamarin Forms. Xlabs is an open source project that provides cross platform services […]

  • Application of laravel model event


    When dealing with some user operation events, we sometimes need to record them for future reference or big data statistics. Laravel is easy to handle in model events:https://laravel-china.org/docs/laravel/5.5/eloquent#events There are two ways for laravel’s model events, set updispatchesEventsProperty mapping event class Use the observer to register events. Here is the second method New model php […]

  • Custom plugin + including build project practice


    01. Preface In the actual project, I have been thinking about how to solve build in an elegant way I think you and I must have the same feeling about the gradle configuration file. In component or modular development, I believe we will carry out the same operation and configure a build for each module […]

  • MySQL multi master and one slave configuration


    program specification MySQL is installed based on docker compose, using server (LAN) Master1: Master2: Slave: Heterogeneous data synchronization configuration description Install docker Install dosker compose For docker related operations, the installation part is managed separately, and relevant management directories are created on the server a) /usr/local/docker/mysql b) Create a new directory master (/ usr / […]

  • Weblogging configuration project root directory


    In the WEB-INF directory of the project, put a Weblogic XML file <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?> <!DOCTYPE weblogic-web-app PUBLIC “-//BEA Systems, Inc.//DTD Web Application 8.1//EN” “http://www.bea.com/servers/wls810/dtd/weblogic810-web-jar.dtd”> <weblogic-web-app> <context-root>/</context-root> </weblogic-web-app> Weblogic multi domain name configuration – configuration of virtual hostFirst point out that Weblogic publishes projects. If you don’t want a relative path (for example: ), on […]

  • Mongodb enable authority authentication


    MongoDB version: v3.4.4 Mongodb does not enable permission authentication by default, and I have always done so. Since the last mongodb outbreakRansom gate incident, we must pay attention to the authority authentication of mongodb. It is also very simple to enable authentication. Just add a line auth = true in the configuration file (the default […]

  • [fluent] wechat project actual combat [01] basic framework construction


    1. Write in front stayLast articleIntroduced inFlutterMediumButtonComponents, after learning so many basic components, it’s time to verify the learning results in practice. Today, let’s have a practical project to build the framework of wechat! 11flutter.jpeg [Collection of basic components] [fluent] basic component [01] text [fluent] basic component [02] container [fluent] basic component [03] scaffold [fluent] […]

  • Use laradock to quickly build a PHP development environment under docker


    Laradock is an integrated multi version PHP development environment under docker. It is easy to use and can quickly build a development environment Install docker Mode 1:brew install –cask docker Mode 2:Manually download docker desktop for Mac Download laradock //Development environment root directory (any definition, such as creating a new folder WWW) git clone https://github.com/Laradock/laradock.git […]

  • Spring cloud Alibaba series – permission of spring cloud gateway gateway (6)


    1、 Function description The authentication service is responsible for authentication, the gateway is responsible for verification, authentication and authentication, and other API services are responsible for processing their own business logic. Security related logic only exists in authentication services and gateway services. Other services only provide services without any security related logic. Specific services:[gateway service]: […]

  • Build typescript + react + DVA development environment with vscode


    [ As the front-end technology in 2018, we should learn the most ], TypescriptIt’s really hot. I’ve taught myself these two daystsBased on and configured a simpleDva+React+Typescript+TslintBecause other Baidu tutorials are 17 years or earlier, many of them are outdated, so think about sharing experience with self-taught friends! First step installtypescript(Global installation is recommended) npm […]

  • Getting started with PHP – using nginx + PHP to build an environment under window


    preface Recently, the company has a PHP project that needs to be developed and maintained. Before, it has been mixed with giant hardware. Now it wants to contact PHP projects. Before learning a new language, build the environment first. Since the company’s project is based on PHP 7.1.33, the following I use is based on […]