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  • Write the back-end interface using Python’s flash framework


    After all, it’s time for me, a newcomer to the front end, to write the interface by myself, roll up my sleeves and directly write the code import pymssql import time from flask import Flask, request, jsonify from flask_cors import CORS #Database connection DB = pymssql.connect (host = ‘own database address’, User = ‘user name’, […]

  • Use controlleras instead of $scope


    What did controllers do When we define a route .state(‘account.register’, { url: ‘/register’, templateUrl: ‘app/account/register.html’, controller: ‘RegisterCtrl’, controllrtAs: ‘vm’ }) In the angular source code: locals.$scope[state.controllerAs] = controllerInstance; It can be found that angular takes the instance of the controller as an object property named by the value of controlleras in $scope.We useBatarangCheck it out […]

  • Ruffian scale embedded: several suggestions on how to consult the master effectively in the workplace


    –The stone rockery of Suzhou Museum Hello, everyone. I’m a ruffian. I’m a real technical ruffian. Today, ruffian Heng doesn’t talk about technology. He talks with everyone casually. In recent years, with the deepening of his qualifications (accompanied by the decrease of his distribution), he has also brought many fresh students / interns. At the […]

  • Zepto source code learning (4)


    Recently, I started to learn zepto source code, share it and learn together. Front end newcomer, poor technology, forgive me a lotReference gitbook addressThank you for your contribution CSS selector of zeptozepto.qsa We all know, a lot of times, we use$To get the DOM objectzepto.qsaIt has a lot to do with it. Get selector [0]If […]