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  • CentOS 8.3 cannot log in to the management database after MySQL 8.0.21 is installed


    The solution steps are summarized as follows: 1) Edit the MySQL configuration file to allow login without password:  vim /etc/my.cnf  Add the following to the configuration file: [mysqld] bind-address= skip-grant-tables   2) Restart mysqld to make the configuration effective: systemctl restart mysqld    3) Enter the MySQL command line interactive mode, reset the permission and […]

  • Centos7 offline installation of MySQL 8


    Download the MySQL 8 installation package from the official website(https://dev.mysql.com/downloa…) Upload the downloaded installation package to the server Delete the original MySQL and MariaDB rpm -qa|grep mysql rpm -qa|grep mariadb rpm -e –nodeps mysql-community-libs rpm -e –nodeps mysql-community-server rpm -e –nodeps mysql-community-client rpm -e –nodeps mysql-community-common rpm -e –nodeps mysql-community-client-plugins rpm -e –nodeps mariadb Unzip […]

  • Ubuntu common commands


    Ubuntu common commands effect command remarks Get root privileges su root move file MV file name destination address Use the command in the directory of the file you want to move create folder MKDIR folder name Restart the network service network-manager restart Configure IP subnet mask gateway vim /etc/network/interfaces Log in to Ubuntu in VMware […]

  • Change password for Ubuntu


    Method 1 With the original password [email protected]:~$ passwd hudu Change hudu’s password. (current) UNIX password: < enter current password > Enter a new UNIX password: < enter a new password > Reenter new UNIX password: < reenter new password > Passwd: the password was successfully updated Method 2 In case of forgetting the password 1. […]

  • Centos8 installation MySQL 8.0 (RPM)


    Environment: Linux centos8 4.18.0-80.el8.x86_ 64、Mysql8.0.18 1. Download RPM package from MySQL official website 2. Check whether it is installed rpm -qa | grep -i mysql 3. Uninstall previous installation RPM – E — nodeps software name. // strong deletion is performed. The dependent files are also deleted 4. Install client (MySQL client) RPM – IVH […]

  • How to modify the password of root user in MySQL


    Method 1: use the set password commandLog in to MySQL first.Format: MySQL > set password for username @ localhost = password (‘New password ‘);Example: MySQL > set password for [email protected] = password(‘123’); Method 2: use mysqladminFormat: mysqladmin – U user name – P old password password new passwordExample: mysqladmin – uroot – p123456 password 123 […]

  • Mysql57 modifying user password


    Enter MySQL: mysql -u root -pSelect database: use mysql;Change Password:Update user set password = password (‘New password ‘) where user =’user name’;Refresh permission table: flush privileges; User password modification completed. Why use flush privileges?After setting a new user or changing the password in mysql, flush privileges is needed to refresh the system permission table of […]

  • React + TS encapsulates password strength components


    Encapsulation based on the progress of antdPwdStrength.tsx import { Col, Progress, Row } from ‘antd’; import { FC } from ‘react’; import styles from ‘./index.less’; interface IPwdStrengthProps { pwdStrength: 0 | 1 | 2 | 3; } const PwdStrength: FC<IPwdStrengthProps> = ({ pwdStrength }) => { return ( <div className={styles.passwordStrongBox}> <Row gutter={12}> < span classname […]

  • Education system app (4)


    My moduleMaster the development of password modification function, and realize the modification of user passwordMaster the development of setting security function, and through security can retrieve the user password Challenge taskThe first time you open a page is fragment_ 1. Please modify the relevant code to make the initial page fragment_ 3. Don’t forget to […]

  • Solutions to prompt “insufficient privileges” in Oracle login


    After installing Oracle, open SQL plus   After logging in and entering the user password(even if you confirm that there is no error in Oracle installation, or you reload several times, and the user name and password are completely correct, you can’t do it!) ① Solution 1: Modify the local user group information to solve […]

  • Forget password modification in MySQL under Ubuntu 16


    1. Modify configuration information: vim /etc/mysql/mysql.conf.d/mysqld.conf Amend the following information: [mysqld] skip-grant-tables preservation 2. Login to MySQL client: MySQL – uroot – P carriage return 3. Change Password: update mysql.user set authentication_ String = password (“new password”) where user = root; 4. Add users and permissions: GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON *.* TO [email protected]”%” IDENTIFIED BY […]

  • “Failed to start MySQL server”


    No matter how many times you have installed mysql, there are still all kinds of errors. Now that they appear, try to solve them: OK! Next, I will teach you how to check the error log to solve the code errors. Error:   After some column restart operations and checking the error details, we can’t […]