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  • A tag jump referer vulnerability


    A tag needs to be added when opening a new pagerel=”noopener noreferrer”  Otherwise, in the newly opened page( http://www.baidu.com )Can be passed through window.opener Obtain partial control of the source page, even if the newly opened page is cross domain (for example, location does not have cross domain problem). In chrome 49 +, opera 36 […]

  • How to debug in blade client side Preview


    First, we use the simplest template case. There is a counter in it. You can find it in the template creation. First, you need to set the running debugging mode to IIS express. This means that the MAC may not be able to use debugging.     Then turn on run without debugging (Ctrl + […]

  • Tao Qiang Kai


    Page Jump:          [routerlink] = “[‘/ stock details’]” / * jump to page*/ [queryparams] = “item” / * parameter passed * / >     Value of new page:            import { Component, OnInit } from ‘@angular/core’; Import {activated route} from “@ angular / router”; / * import […]

  • Why does a single page crash cause all pages of the browser to crash at the same time?


    Have you ever encountered a single page stuck or crashed in the browser, resulting in the final collapse of all pages in the browser? BrowserMulti process architecture designEach page will have its own independent process. According to this logic, a single page’s blocking or crashing should only cause the process where the page is located […]