• Reality is more complicated than theory


    Let’s think about a practical problem. When spring comes, we are going to buy clothes. At the same time, as a clothing manufacturer, we are going to release new clothes. If you are a technical consultant of a clothing manufacturer, please analyze what kind of clothes belong to this year’s fashion trend and what would […]

  • Complete Guide to activation function in deep learning: a modern journey on many curves of data science


    Original: gifts Data ScienceDeep hub translation group: zhangzc Since 2012, neural network research has gradually become the mainstream of artificial intelligence research, and depth model has rapidly replaced the previous various benchmarks. In these innovations, activation function plays an important role in the performance and stability of neural network. In this paper, we will give […]

  • Pre training model & Transfer Learning


    Pre training model & Transfer Learning Concept of pre training model The pre training model is a trained and saved network The network has been trained on a large data set before (for example, image related network has been trained on Imagenet data) effect Solutions that can be used out of the box Direct to […]

  • On the cyclic neural network


    In the previous article, we discussed the basic contents related to the cyclic neural network. Today, we will continue to explore the cyclic neural network and other more advanced uses that need attention. Reduce over fitting In the previous discussion, we often talked about the problem of fitting. We generally judge the condition of the […]

  • Hyper-V installation of Ubuntu 18.04 server on win10


    To install Ubuntu 18.04 for Hyper-V on win10:1. Open Hyper-V manager and select host (ms-mhxaknzklyab), as shown below: 2. Right click the menu item of the host name, select the “quick create” button, or select the “quick create” button in the right operation bar to open the create virtual machine interface, as shown in the […]

  • A glimpse of modern browser architecture (2)


    preface This paper is a translation of the series of inside look at modern web browser written by Mario Kosaka. The translation here does not refer to literal translation, but expresses the author’s intended meaning in combination with personal understanding, and will try to add some relevant content to help you better understand. What happened […]

  • On CentOS 8 and CentOS 7


    It has been several months since the release of CentOS 8.0 (now updated to 8.1). As a new comer who has just been exposed to CentOS for a few months, this article wants to compare the CentOS 8 and 7 generations through the actual operation experience First of all, the image of CentOS 8 DVD […]

  • Deep residual shrinkage network: a deep learning method for strong noise data


    This paper interprets a new algorithm of deep attention, which is deep residual shrinkage network. In terms of function, the deep residual shrinkage network is a feature learning method for strong noise or highly redundant data. This paper first reviews the relevant basic knowledge, then introduces the motivation and implementation of the deep residual shrinkage […]

  • admire! Can ping command play like this?


    Some friends have reported that whether we can talk about the use of ping command, in fact, we mentioned some of the use of command before, but we didn’t explain the ping command too much. Generally, we use its basic functions. Today, we will see the detailed use of ping command in detail. By phenet […]

  • Deep learning best practices


    This article starts with the official account number: RAIS, welcome your attention. Best practice, as the name suggests, is the best way to do something. Of course, the best here must be the vast majority of cases, but not the 100% case. We don’t need to get tangled up with this problem. What we need […]

  • Install CentOS from scratch and configure redis, the front end is OK!!!


    Install CentOS from scratch and configure redis 1. New virtual machine 2. Select the system image you want to install later 3. Choose CentOS 7 under Linux 4. Name the virtual machine you want to install and choose the installation location 5. Configure the size of the disk 6. Complete 7. Configure the image and […]

  • Knowledge accumulation of IP address, subnet mask, gateway, router, etc


    (1) Problem analysis Q: what’s the difference between IP address, subnet mask, default gateway and DNS server? I know that I can’t access the Internet without IP address, and I know that I can’t access the Internet without DNS, but what are their functions and differences? What’s more, it’s really strange that my computer doesn’t […]