• Linux multi process programming and network programming related knowledge you really master???


    If you are very interested in the following questions and really lack the following questions, then I think you can look down. I also think you need to improve your core knowledge. If not, then this article is of little value to you. There’s no need to waste time reading. https://segmentfault.com/a/11… What is ELF fileWhat […]

  • The interaction between delayed ACK and Nagle algorithm leads to slow transaction


    The interaction between TCP delayed ACK and Nagle algorithm causes transaction processing delay, which is one of the most common typical network failures. Not long ago, after the operation and maintenance department of a financial institution upgraded the payment platform program, it experienced the problem of slow transaction caused by the interaction between delayed ACK […]

  • Local cache guava cache tutorial


    1. Background The main function of cache is to temporarily store the data processing results of business system in memory and wait for the next access. There are many occasions in daily development, some data are not very large, will not be changed frequently, and access is very frequent. However, limited by the performance of […]

  • S2dnas: Peking University puts forward dynamic reasoning network search, accelerates reasoning, and can convert any network | eccv2020 oral


    The core of s2dnas is to design a rich and concise search space, so that it can use the conventional NAS method to search the dynamic reasoning network, solve the design problem of the dynamic reasoning network, and can transform any target network  Source: Xiaofei’s algorithm Engineering Notes official account Paper: s2dnas: transforming static CNN […]

  • Future / promise in golang


    Nowadays, the most common bottleneck in application execution is network request. The network request takes only a few milliseconds, but it takes a hundred times longer to wait for the return. Therefore, if you execute multiple network requests in parallel, it is the best choice to reduce the delay.Future/PromiseIs one of the means to achieve […]

  • Docker creates a fixed IP CentOS container


    Pull image docker pull centos Create a custom network docker network create –subnet= mynetwork Start the CentOS container of fixed IP docker run -itd –privileged –name centos1 –net mynetwork –ip centos:latest /usr/sbin/init docker run -itd –privileged –name centos2 –net mynetwork –ip centos:latest /usr/sbin/init docker run -itd –privileged –name centos3 –net mynetwork –ip […]

  • Cloud lesson takes you to uncover the mysterious identity of IP address


    Abstract:This article takes you to understand the network cloud products and related knowledge content. Huawei cloud network service family provides a wealth of cloud products, which can meet various network interconnection needs of users. Accordingly, Huawei cloud help center also kindly presents all the knowledge you want to know about network cloud products. However, Xiaoke […]

  • One minute brings you to know the distillation of knowledge in deep learning


    Abstract:Knowledge distillation is a common method of model compression 1、 Introduction to knowledge distillation 1.1 concept introduction Knowledge distillation is a common method of model compression, which is different from pruning and quantization in model compression. Knowledge distillation is to build a small lightweight model and train the small model by using the supervision information […]

  • Picture of bitcoin Part 1


    Picture of bitcoin Part 1 1.1 INTRODUCTION This series usesgolangWrite one from scratchBitcoin lightweight node. Finally, it achieves the goal of trading and sharing with the actual bitcoin networkSPV(Simplified Payment Verification)。 Note: most of the code comes fromBTCDIt’s actually aBTCDSource code analysisarticle. Finally, the following functions are realized Network connected to bitcoin (including mainnet, testnet, […]

  • Analysis of nginx network events


    Nginx is an event driven framework. The so-called events mainly refer to network events. Each network connection in nginx corresponds to two network events, a read event and a write event. In order to deeply understand the principles of nginx and the handling of some error scenarios in extreme scenarios, we need to first understand […]

  • Network configuration of Linux CentOS 7.6 under Windows 10 (for NAT mode)


    [environment / version] windows 10 / CentOS 7.6 [question] what is the reason that the configuration failed for several days? [trial process] First of all, download and install the tutorial from the Internet, and follow the tutorial step by step. After installation, it is found that the virtual machine Ping is not connected to the […]