• The server implements elegant Internet access


    Identity authentication is required to go online in school, and this identity authentication mechanism is troublesome for people who often use the Internet. In order to solve this problem, here are a few feasible methods to avoid manual authentication to solve the pain point of needing to authenticate the identity to go online. personal host […]

  • How to configure IP for ubuntu 18 and above, have you got it?


    This article talks about the method of configuring IP for Ubuntu 18 and above, why it is worth mentioning, because the configuration method of the version headed by Ubuntu 16 is no longer applicable, if you don’t know it, then this article just gets a new skill. Configuration method of Ubuntu 18 and later versions […]

  • Understand APP speed test from zero to one


    Author | Long Batian I. Introduction In order to know “why thunder and rain”, we picked up our mobile phone and searched using Baidu APP: A small search request needs to go through a long interactive process. Just like going to a bank to do business, I just want to change the bank’s reserved mobile […]

  • Cloud Lesson | How much do you know about “VPC connection”


    Summary:HUAWEI CLOUD provides a wealth of network services to meet various network interconnection scenarios. How to connect two VPCs in the same Region? “ “How can two VPCs across regions be connected?” “The ECS in the VPC builds an application and needs to access the Internet. How can I do it?” “A client’s business is […]

  • kubernetes install cilium


    kubernetes install cilium About Cilium Cilium is an open-source software for transparently providing and securing network and API connections between application services deployed using Linux container management platforms such as Kubernetes, Docker, and Mesos. Cilium is based on a new Linux kernel technology called BPF, which dynamically inserts powerful security, visibility and network control logic […]

  • “Forensic Adventures Series” – Love is the grave of WebSocket


    Hello everyone, I am a forensic doctor, not an autopsy forensic doctor, but a code-writing forensic doctor, haha, a few minutes before writing this article, a friend asked me why I was called a forensic doctor? Did you transfer over? As for why it was named, see this:My year-end summary: Do not forget the original […]

  • Wireshark network card cannot be found or not displayed


    problem background Recently, I was dealing with the problem of domain name resolution in the company’s intranet. I found that a new domain name can be properly resolved to an intranet IP in the intranet environment, but it cannot be resolved using Sangfor VPN, and other domain names can be resolved normally using Sangfor VPN.“Intranet […]

  • The solution to the problem of network boot from intel e1000


    Before writing this blog, I admitted that I was also a “victim” of this problem. The environment in which this problem occurs is described as follows:(Virtual machine version v16, ready to pre-install the system version win7)For this problem, the solution on the Internet is usually1. Close the running environment in the virtual machine2. Find the […]