• Set up agent for windows 10 uwp app


    Uwp is a new concept introduced by Microsoft in Windows 10. Since all uwp applications run in a virtual sandbox environment called app container, its security and purity are much better than traditional exe applications. However, the app container mechanism also prevents network traffic from being sent to the local machine (i.e. loopback), making most […]

  • IPFs builds distributed Web3.0, and the value of the only certified fil will rise


    Since this year, fil has attracted the attention of coin circle players and also set off an offline boom of mining machines. The crazy rise of fil has attracted the crazy investment of a number of investors outside the circle. Filecoin is the only token (token) of IPFs (interstellar file system), which encourages miners to […]

  • Front end JS monitors browser network changes


    First of all, why let the front end judge the user‘s network status – for a better user experience. Secondly, can the front end judge the network state? What are the methods? 1. Progressive judgment can be achieved, but absolute accuracy cannot be achieved.2. Navigator.online or navigator.connection.rtt is used According to my actual test results, […]

  • Libp2p RS version 0.3.0 introduction


    V0.3.0 released on 4.23, usingAsyncRead & AsyncWriteTo replace ourReadEx & WriteEx & SplitEx; SimplifiedKad/DHTImplementation logic. modify ReadEx & WriteEx & SplitEx: At first we tried to useasync-traitTo define their own IO operationsTraitFor more pure useasync/awaitTo write code. withReadExFor example, it is roughly as follows: #[async_trait] pub trait ReadEx { async fn read(&mut self, buf: &mut […]

  • Mpaas wkwebview network interception FAQ


    Introduction:Mpaas wkwebview network interception FAQ 1. Background The native wkwebview executes the network request in a process independent of the app process, and the request data does not pass through the main process. Therefore, the request cannot be intercepted by directly using nsurlprotocol on wkwebview. However, since the offline packet mechanism of mpaas strongly depends […]

  • Deep understanding of modern web browsers (II) — navigation


    What happened to the navigation bar? This is the second part of a blog series about Chrome’s internal work. In the last blog, we learned that different processes and threads deal with different parts of the browser. In this article, we go deep into how each process and thread communicate in order to show a […]

  • Sudden positive: swarm announced that the test nodes can be directly incorporated into the main network without pledge!


    Sudden positive: swarm announced that the test node can be directly incorporated into the main network! Even during a period of time when the main network is started, the test network may coexist with the main network. On June 13, we defined “soft start” as an unusual main network start, which is a gradual start, […]

  • Design and implementation of a hybrid SDK


    With the rise of the mobile wave, various apps emerge in endlessly. The rapid development of business expansion has improved the team’s requirements for development efficiency. At this time, the cost of purely using native development technology will inevitably be higher. The low-cost, high-efficiency and cross platform features of H5 were immediately utilized to form […]

  • Squeezenet / squeezenext | lightweight network


    Squeezenet series is an early and classic lightweight network. Squeezenet uses fire module for parameter compression, and squeezenext adds separation convolution to improve it. Although the squeezenet series is not as widely used as mobinet, its architecture idea and experimental conclusions can be used for reference.  Source: Xiaofei’s algorithm Engineering Notes official account SqueezeNet Paper: […]

  • Learn a Linux command every day (62): Ping


    Yesterday’s recommendation:Learn a Linux command every day (61): WGet Command introduction The ping command is used to test the network connectivity between hosts. Ping is a simple way to send network data to and receive network data from another computer on the network. It is usually used to test whether it can be accessed through […]

  • Massive concurrency is not so terrible. Operation and maintenance work on time depends on it!


    Summary:Now most Internet platforms use containers. Why can’t the expansion speed keep up with the growth of traffic sometimes? Everyone should have seen the news that some stars lead to the downtime of social media platforms? The sudden traffic caused by star events triggered business expansion. In the past, it was a virtual machine for […]

  • Will filecoin’s market value surpass Ethereum in the future?


    More and more voices in the encryption industry believe that the possibility of Ethereum’s market value surpassing bitcoin is increasing. Ethereum is valuable because Ethereum network is the most commonly used smart contract protocol. It has the largest number of developers, dapps, and the largest total value lock-in. data storage In 2018, Ethereum experienced a […]