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  • Image vulnerability scanning tool trivy


    Features of trivy Trivy is a simple and comprehensive container vulnerability scanner for CI. Software vulnerability refers to the fault, defect or weakness existing in software or operating system. Trivy detects vulnerabilities in operating system packages (Alpine, RHEL, CentOS, etc.) and application dependencies (bundler, composer, NPM, yarn, etc.). Trivy is easy to use, as long […]

  • Chrome is modifying the CORS implementation to hide options requests


    Within a few weeks from January 6, 2020, Google will gradually replace the CORS implementation in chrome. The new implementation is called “oor CORS” (out of renderer CORS). As the name suggests, Google wants to hide the details of CORS into the browser. CORS releated detailed network transaction can not be observed via DevTools’ Network […]

  • Bpfilter — next generation Linux Firewall


    The Linux community has been working to enhance the GNU / Linux kernel. When we looked at network traffic filtering, we moved from ipchains to iptables. Recently, we saw the introduction of nftable. Next is bpfilter, which is part of the Linux 4.18 kernel development. What is bpfilter? Bpfilter is the abbreviation of BPF based […]