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  • Research on front-end picture merging scheme


    introduce Through the analysis of product line data, it is found that about 70% of the pictures are less than 300K and about 50% are less than 100k. Therefore, it is necessary to investigate whether the front-end picture merging scheme is conducive to improving the batch upload speed of pictures. I’ve done it beforeFront end […]

  • Interviewer: why merge HTTP requests?


    Source:https://www.jianshu.com/p/9a3f0e84c2b0 Thinking path: Why do you want to implement batch call? – > Reduce transmission loss in the network – > how to reduce? – > How to reduce network loss by merging HTTP requests – > merging HTTP requests? This paper will solve this problem. Let’s look at the impact of a single request […]

  • Git push commit error the remote end hung up unexpected


    Cause of error The connection with the remote service was interrupted, but the check found that the origin is still there. It may be that the file is too large and the cache is not enough. Increase the cache size Solution Project directory. Git config Add the following code at the end [http] postBuffer = […]