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  • Summary of Linux operating system learning methods


    If you are studyingLinuxoperationsystem, I don’t know where to start, you can refer to the 9 points given belowproposal, there is another point I added,LinuxprogramEngineers are very popular. They must be a hot career in the future. Anyway, as long as you study hard, the consequences are very good. 1. Master at least 50 commoncommand。 […]

  • Ubuntu configuring the network through netplan tutorial


    Ubuntu configuring the network through netplan tutorial Ubuntu through Netplan configuration network tutorial 1、 Netplan configuration process 1. Netplan configuration process 1. The netplan default configuration file is in the /etc/netplan directory. You can find it with the following command: 1. The default configuration file of Netplan is in the /etc/netplan directory. You can find it with the following command: ls /etc/netplan/ You can see the name of the configuration file. You can see the configuration file name. 2. View the contents of the netplan network configuration file […]

  • After restarting the network card in Linux system, the network fails (NetworkManager)


    1、 Fault phenomenon In rhel7.6 system, after using nmcli to bind dual network cards, and then using the following command to restart the network service, the host network is abnormal, resulting in the inability to log in to the system remotely through SSH.      # systemctl restart network 2、 Theoretical knowledge After the configuration information […]

  • Linux real-time traffic monitoring


    #!/bin/bash #Ens33 is the name of the local network card eth0=ens33 Echo -e “traffic in – traffic out” while true; do old_in=$(cat /proc/net/dev |grep $eth0 |awk ‘{print $2}’) old_out=$(cat /proc/net/dev |grep $eth0 |awk ‘{print $10}’) sleep 1 new_in=$(cat /proc/net/dev |grep $eth0 |awk ‘{print $2}’) new_out=$(cat /proc/net/dev |grep $eth0 |awk ‘{print $10}’) in=$(printf “%.1f%s” “$((($new_in-$old_in)/1024))” “KB/s”) […]

  • VMware esxi 7.0 u3c SLIC 2.6 & Unlocker integrated Intel NUC network card, USB network card and nvme driver


    Esxi 7 u3c Standard Version integrates NUC network card, USB network card and nvme driver (2022 version) Following November 20 (2021), the VMware vSphere team announced that the download of esxi 7 update 3 was removed from the official website due to product defects (see:Product defect: do not use esxi 7 update 3 in production […]

  • Tutorial on binding multiple network cards in CentOS


    Today, let’s learn about CentOS 7 How to bind network cards with nmcli (network manager command line interface) in X. Network card (Interface) binding is a method to logically connect multiple network cards together to allow failover or improve throughput. One way to improve server network availability is to use multiple network cards. Linux binding […]

  • Set ADSL under Linux to connect LAN to Internet


    systemPreparation: a working Linux (everyone has this)   HardwareRequirements: at least one network card and broadband equipment have been applied for and opened at the same time The ads (LAN) l of Guangzhou Telecom uses PPPoE dialing mode. Therefore, to use ADSL under Linux, you mustinstallPPPoE client software. The following describes how to proceedinstall: I take […]

  • Super detailed! Build a local big data R & D environment (16g memory +cdh)


    If you want to do good work, you must first sharpen your tools. After a lot of theoretical learning, you need a local R & D environment to practice. Those who have worked can practice at home without depending on the company’s environment. Students who study big data by themselves can also practice locally. Big […]

  • What are the differences between a PC and a server?


    Most customers do not understand the concept of server, or the business is not professional, resulting in the birth of a large number of PC servers. They believe that installing the corresponding application software on the highly configured PC can replace the real server. For example, 915g, 945G, 965G motherboards, Pentium D, core 2 processors, […]

  • Gitlab repair notes


    Gitlab suddenly can’t deploy One day about three months ago, the apprentice said to me with a sad face: Shifu, it’s bad. I recently used ourgitlabPackaging and publishing always fail. I said: wasn’t it good? He said: Yes, it used to be very easy to use. I don’t know what’s wrong with it. It’s not […]

  • Cracking WiFi passwords using Kali Linux


    It takes about 3.3 minutes to read this article Recently, due to busy work, there is no time to update the official account. I’ve kept you waiting! Today, we will use Kali Linux to crack the WiFi password. preparation One computer with Kali liux A wireless network card that supports listening mode (e.g. RT 3070) […]

  • Linux Installation KVM virtual machine


    Installing in archlinux sudo pacman -Sy qemu libvirt ebtables dnsmasq bridge-utils virt-manager KVM is responsible for CPU and memory virtualization QEMU simulates hardware to the guest OS (for example, CPU, network card, disk, etc.) Ovmf enables UEFI support for virtual machines Libvirt provides tools and APIs for managing virtual machines and other virtualization capabilities Virt […]