• High performance network communication framework netty basic concepts


    Abstract:Netty is a NiO framework that can easily and quickly develop protocol server and client network applications. It greatly simplifies the network programming of TCP or UDP server, but you can still access and use the underlying API. Netty just abstracts it at a high level. I. Preface Netty is a NiO framework that can […]

  • Websocket is so simple


    Preface Today, I saw a new course of Java on mooc.com (the first experience of netsocket for getting started with netty): https://www.imooc.com/learn/941 Websocket is a technology I’ve heard a lot about that I haven’t really used. I’ve known what websocket is before, but I haven’t practiced it. When I write a listener blog, I use […]

  • Learning summary of “Introduction to netty: websocket experience” by mooc.com


    Time: Wednesday, April 11, 2018Note: part of this article is from mooc.com. @Mooc.com: https://www.imooc.comTeaching source code: https://github.com/zccodere/sLearning source: https://github.com/zccodere/s Chapter 1: Course Introduction 1-1 Course Introduction What is netty High performance, event driven, asynchronous and non blocking IO Java open source framework NiO based client and server programming framework Very reliable stability and scalability Netty […]

  • [open source] netty’s wechat like chat web application, project update


    Preface Due to the recent rush, the update of the original plan is a little behind. This time, it brings the full wechat like style of Sui mobile, which has not been modified too much in function, but more in front-end style. Don’t say too much, just add the picture above. Update content 1. The […]

  • Netty builds SSL websocket server and communicates with protobuf


    I can’t make it by apple_sa’s Chestnut pit, so I decided to write a tutorial for my reference in the future certificate The following documents are obtained from Alibaba cloud’s certificate application We need to use it first.openssltake.pfxTurn into.key openssl pkcs12 -in server.pfx -nocerts -nodes -out server.key You will be prompted to enter a password. […]

  • Developing a chat room based on websocket with spring boot integrated netty


    Preface Based on spring boot, with the help of netty to control long links, we use websocket protocol to make a real-time chat room. Project effectiveness Unified login path of the project: http: / / localhost: 8080 / chat / nettyUser name randomly generated, asynchronous method called offline, data write operation, log in and display […]

  • Build your own distributed message push system from scratch


    Preface Are you still envious of other people’s mature push system?Do you want to customize your own push system?Do you have the problem that you can’t use Internet push products because of the need of Intranet push? This article will introduce you to the process and experience of researching distributed push (I’ve worked hard to […]

  • Application of netty to decrypt the technology of pleasant credit beehive API gateway


    Yiren credit beehive team, founded by Michael in 2013, helps the harmonious and healthy development of financial ecology through the use of Internet technology. Since its establishment, it has been committed to the construction of multi-dimensional data closed-loop platform. At present, the team size is more than 100 people, covering credit investigation, e-commerce, finance, social […]

  • General file service component (netty implementation version)


    The file service component described in this paper has been described in the previous article of the author (file upload and download component based on netty), but this paper will upgrade and transform again based on the previous implementation, and use the annotation based method for automatic assembly. 1. introduction 1.1 introduction to netty Netty […]

  • [netty] learn nioeventloop


    Welcome to the public account:【Love programming】If you need background reply2019Give1t learning materialsOh brief introduction The main thread of netty framework is I / O thread. The design of thread model determines the architecture quality attributes such as throughput, concurrency and security of the system. So take a look at nioeventloop. Reactor thread model Basically, all […]

  • Netty + ZooKeeper for Simple Service Registration and Discovery


    I. background A recent project: Our system receives a single task from the upstream system, and then pushes it to the relevant equipment of the designated stores and carries out corresponding business processing. II. Use of Netty After receiving the single task, the device is pushed to the designated store through Netty. Netty implements message […]

  • Netty builds web chat room (2) group chat


    Last lesson completed the netty back-end construction, completed a simple HTTP request response, today to complete the group chat function combined with the front-end websocket. Let’s not talk too much. First, the picture above. Front-end construction Go straight to static pages without using complex build tools It uses the Zui style library http://zui.sexy/?#/, which is […]