• C# WinForm recommends the waveform chart control scottplot


    Hello, I’m Xiao Wang. Since I recommended the scottplot control, many friends have left messages. I hope I have any recommended controls. Sunnyui, an open source free interface library that can be used in c# WinForm development program, is recommended to you today. I believe that many young partners who have just come into contact […]

  • Yolov5 uses ml.net onnx for c# deployment


    Yolov5 uses ml.net onnx for c# deployment preface 1、 Generate DLL call library 1. Installation NET core SDK 2. Nuget installation ml onnx running time 3. Generate DLL library file 2、 WinForm program call DLL 1. Create a WinForm program 2. Install nuget package 3. Download the onnx model file on the official website 4. […]

  • Installation and configuration of shorewall firewall under Linux


    Environment Description: This machine has only one network card and uses static IP to surf the Internet   Command: apt get install shorewall Ubuntu will automatically give youinstallOK, but shorewall is not configured or started   【1】 First, CP / usr / share / Doc / shorewall / examples / one interface / * / […]

  • Sqlserver2019 installation (Windows)


    catalogue 1、 Sqlserver2019 Download 1. Official website download address 2. Download installation package 2.1. Select the developer version and download it immediately. 2.2. Select the download location 3. Installation 3.1. Open sqlserver2019-x64-chs-dev.iso and double-click to run setup exe 3.2 click Install, and then click the first one 3.3. Select the developer type without entering the […]

  • Detailed explanation of the latest c# introductory course in 2022


    C# introduction C # is an object-oriented programming language developed by Microsoft and approved by ECMA and ISO. C # is designed for the common language infrastructure (CLI). The CLI consists of executable code and runtime environment, which allows the use of various high-level languages on different computer platforms and architectures. C # features: object-oriented. […]

  • Several ways of c# operating JSON


    The importance of Jason data in development is self-evident; In c# this article, we use two common methods to realize the serialization and deserialization of JSON data. In order to meet most requirements, we use a slightly more complex data model. First, we have the following JSON data { “Name”: “Zhang San”, “age”: 20, “idCard”: […]

  • Use c# to rub an earth


    previously on WPF 3D preliminary Use the keyboard to control the camera angle of view Control the camera angle with the mouse Make a 3D gallery for your second dimensional wives Source address:Use c# to rub an earth There seems to be no difficulty in mapping the image of a square to a square, so […]

  • Win10 offline installation Net Framework 3.5 method summary


    Many office environments do not have an Internet, and win10 does not come with it Net 3.5, resulting in many running in Net 2.0 \ 3.0 \ 3.5 can not run normally, so it is installed offline on win10 Net 3.5. Method 1: When encountering this problem, the first thought is to enable it in […]

  • Some problems encountered in cpan installing net:: SSH:: Perl


    Installing net:: SSH:: Perl using cpan: cpan>install Net::SSH::Perl Some problems have been encountered during the period, which are recorded here for future reference. Because cpan depends on other software, the software version should not be too low, so upgrade these two modules first:   Copy codeThe code is as follows: cpan>upgrade Module::Build cpan>upgrade ExtUtils::Install Math:: […]

  • [experience sharing] troubleshooting of a series of problems encountered in installing windows system


    catalogue 1. Reinstall win7 system 1.1 download 360 driver master or driver wizard of network card driver version before installing win7 1.2 the problem that vs2017 cannot be downloaded was encountered during installation 2. Install win10 system 2.1 set the USB device to the first place in the startup sequence, or can’t you perceive the […]

  • C# access SMTP mail service


    My personal bloghttps://blog.ideaopen.cn/ Import SMTP service package //Import mail service package These two references are used to c# access the SMTP service of mail Control page timer In order to give users a better experience, we use a timer to show users the specific remaining time Start creating a function class Create a new classMailVeriCodeClass, […]