• Realm — the best solution to simplify the real write transaction in IOS


    Realm — the best solution to simplify the real write transaction in IOS(other platforms can also learn from this idea) Direct use Goto –> Github Start reading Solve the pain point Pain point 1, duplicate code, originally add, delete, modify check general two or three lines, submit accounted for 2 lines, basically a half more […]

  • Markdown + typora tutorial


    Introduction to markdown Introduction to markdown Markdown is a lightweight markup language that allows people to write documents in plain text format that is easy to read and write. The markdown language was created by John Gruber in 2004. The documents written by markdown can be exported to HTML, word, image, PDF, ePub and other […]

  • How deep is flutter nested? Expand the function to understand


    background The deep nesting problem bothers many students who have just come into contact with flutter. It not only seems uncomfortable, but also greatly affects the coding experience. The big guys will tell you that you shouldSplit your own nested code(Custom widget or extract build method)To reduce nesting levels. This is really an effective method. […]

  • Data analysis SQL advanced


    1 Introduction SQL advanced mainly introduces predicate, case expression, nested subquery, join (join the table by column) and union operation (table as unit). 2 SQL advanced 2.1 predicate LIKE Before introducing like, first introduce wildcard characters. MySQL only supports percent sign (%) and underline (_) , percent sign replaces 0 or more characters, and underline […]

  • Golang calls C / C + +, example tutorial


    Most people learn or use something, like to see the results of the operation intuitively, then they will have the interest to continue. preface: There are a lot of online tutorials about golang calling C / C + +. As far as I can see, my personal opinions are quite chaotic and there are many […]

  • Implementation of laravel 5 ~ nested comments


    Often we see that there are many forms of comment display, such as’ @ ‘so and so, or like Zhihu’s contractive comment, or nested comment. Then the most common form of comment is nested comment, because this is more eye-catching preparation1. Design three tables: users, posts and comments. The table structure is as follows: users […]

  • Detailed explanation of nested header of grid manager


    After several adjustments, the nested header function was finally released in v2.13.0. Effect display Let’s start with a nested header How to use it Configuration is quite simple. You only need thecolumnDataMedium increasechildrenProperty. childrenProperty is array type, andcolumnDataThey are used in the same way,childrenIt can be nested infinitely. <table id=’table-demo-nestedCode’></table> new GridManager(document.querySelector(‘table’), { gridManagerName: ‘demo-nestedCode’, […]

  • The ambiguity in angular custom instruction and the nesting of custom instruction


    original intention The original intention of this article is as follows: 1. Recently, we need to use the ng custom instruction in the project, and it also involves the nesting of the custom instruction.2. Baidu and Google find the answer is not satisfactory. So I want to write an article by myself. Prior statement In […]

  • Livewire blog (an open source blog built with laravel 8 + jetstream)


    background Laravel 8 has been released for nearly a month, and this change is more attractive to meJetstreamFamily bucket. I didn’t touch it before it was releasedLivewireAnd the front endTailwindcss,alpinejs。 But I’m a person who prefers to try new technologies. It is obviously not advisable to practice in commercial projects. So I plan to make […]

  • The listview and refreshindicator components are commonly used to implement pull-up loading and more drop-down refreshing of list pages


    The most common app is the list page, pull up to load more, drop-down to refresh, in theFlutterinListView Is one of the most commonly used scrollable components, which I mainly use hereListViewRealize list loading, and cooperate withRefreshIndicatorComponent to achieve drop-down refresh; will also use the nested use of listview. Creating stateful widgets import ‘dart:convert’; import […]

  • Angular2 NG2 router, nested routing


    Implement NG2 router routing and nested routing First of all, when configuring angular2, the router module has been downloaded, and you only need to import it import {RouterModule, Routes} from “@angular/router”; We want to create a nested route, so we need to create the following file index.html app.module.ts app.component.ts home.component.ts list.component.ts list-one.component.ts list-two.component.ts Implementation effect:Route, […]

  • Let’s learn to use CSS counters


    Author: Ahmad shadedTranslator: front end witSource: Sitepoint Like it and watch it again. Get used to it this paperGitHubhttps://github.com/qq44924588… On has included, more previous high praise article classification, also sorted out a lot of my documents, and tutorial materials. Welcome to star and perfect, you can refer to the examination site to review, I hope […]