• de1ctf_ 2019_ Weapon (blasting _io_2_1_stdout)


    (this is the first pile of topics that I really did by myself. Although it took nearly three hours, I would like to commemorate it with this article.) I won’t let go of the routine check of the problem and put the program into IDA   The logic of the program is very simple, and […]

  • Front end frame element UI custom style modification


    Element UI custom style modification 1. The applicable framework generation structure is nested in your own tag (similar to El input) `<style scoped lang=’less’> .box { /deep/ .title { … } } < / style > `;2. The structure generated by the applicable framework is in the body tag when it is at the same […]

  • About the embedding of two pictures, the included effect is displayed (there is a border of the outer picture)


    This is the code of our problem:<style> #bg1 { background: url(./bg_border.jpg); height: 1000px; } #bg2 { background: url(./bg_poem.jpg); height: 1000px; } </style> <body> <div id=”bg1″> <div id=”bg2″> </div> </div> </body> When two divs are embedded, I introduce pictures to both divsThere will be several situations first①:No attributes are added. Only the imported image will be […]

  • Python if statement nesting (required for getting started)


    Nest if else statements in the simplest if statements, as follows: If expression 1:If expression 2:Code block 1    else:Code block 2 For another example, if else statements are nested in if else statements. The form is as follows: If expression 1:If expression 2:Code block 1    else:Code block 2else:If expression 3:Code block 3    else:Code block 4 […]

  • Study hard go: 16 Errors and exceptions


    Series articles: Learn go: 1 Learning lead Study hard go: 2 Environment construction Study hard go: 3 Environment construction – gomod learning Study hard go: 4 Variables and data types Study hard go: 5 Constants and operators Study hard go: 6 Process control Study hard go: 7 Built in collection array Study hard go: 8 […]

  • Super dry! Experience sharing of large rust projects | databend makes progress with you


    Large rust project workspace Original text:https://matklad.github.io/2021/08/22/large-rust-workspaces.html In this article, I will share my experience in organizing large rust projects. But this is by no means authoritative, just some tips I found through trial and error. Cargo, as the build system of rust, follows the principle that convention is greater than configuration. It not only provides […]

  • Tutorial on using if statement nesting in Lua


    If else statements are embedded in Lua programming, which means that you can use one if or else if in another if or else if statement. grammar The nesting syntax of the if statement is as follows:   Copy codeThe code is as follows: if( boolean_expression 1) then    –[ Executes when the boolean expression […]

  • Conditional statement


    Conditional statement if For the basic case, there are fewer parentheses () If condition{ Once established, this code block executes }else{ Not true, this code block is executed } for example if true { } if 1 > 2 { } if flag { } if name == “alex” { } if number % 2 […]

  • Python + artificial intelligence employment class V5 0


    download:Python + artificial intelligence employment class V5 0 Two ways to convert Python lists into Dictionaries1. Now there are two lists, LIST1 = [‘key1 ‘,’ key2 ‘,’ Key3 ‘] and List2 = [‘1’, ‘2’, ‘3’]. Turn them into such dictionaries: {key1 ‘:’1’, ‘key2’:’2 ‘,’ Key3 ‘:’3’} list1 = [‘key1′,’key2′,’key3’] list2 = [‘1′,’2′,’3’] dict(zip(list1,list2)) {‘key1′:’1′,’key2′:’2′,’key3′:’3’} 2. […]

  • Two methods of converting Python lists into Dictionaries


    Two ways to convert Python lists into Dictionaries 1. Now there are two lists, LIST1 = [‘key1 ‘,’ key2 ‘,’ Key3 ‘] and List2 = [‘1’, ‘2’, ‘3’]. Turn them into such dictionaries: {key1 ‘:’1’, ‘key2’:’2 ‘,’ Key3 ‘:’3’} list1 = [‘key1′,’key2′,’key3’] list2 = [‘1′,’2′,’3’] dict(zip(list1,list2)) {‘key1′:’1′,’key2′:’2′,’key3′:’3’} 2. There are two ways to turn a […]

  • The value of a go map nested map can be of any type


    In daily programming, in addition to using built-in data types, some complex custom data types are also used, such as map, K for string and V for array. Let’s first understand the basic settings of go for map: The key of map can be any built-in data type (such as int), or other data types […]

  • C + + template – concept


    1. Introduction C + + 20 introduces concept to check whether the template arguments meet the specified constraints at compile time 2. concept constraintSpecifies the requirements that the template arguments need to meet, andconceptIs a named collection of constraints template <template-parameter-list> concept concept-name = constraint-expression; thereafterconcept-nameCan replacetypenameTo declare template parameters to add constraints You can […]