• Use of WordPress plug-ins


    Keyword Description: use WordPress plug-in to file users who need website directory The theme of WordPress can make your WordPress website more beautiful, and the plug-in of WordPress can make your WordPress website more powerful. In this course, we will talk about the use of WordPress plug-ins. Many users in the WordPress community have not […]

  • SSH command description


    Comparing OpenSSH with the new version of FreeBSD, we can’t record the password directly when connecting with SecureCRT as before. Instead, we need to verify it with key pairs. It’s more troublesome to input the password manually every time. Here’s a brief introduction to how to use SecureCRT to generate OpenSSH-approved keys. 1. Select Create […]

  • Openbsd4.1 + Apache + MySQL + PHP environment configuration


    Environmental Science: WINXP+VM5 openbsd4.1 apache2.0.55 mysql4.1.21 php4.4.4 discuz6.0_utf8 1. Install OPENBSD4.1 and confirm that the APACHE stopped service (modifying the parameters in / etc/rc.conf).2. Set up FTP of OPENBSD and put relevant software on it.3. Install MYSQL  #tar zxvf mysql-4.1.21.tar.gz  #cd mysql-4.1.21  #./configure –prefix=/usr/local/mysql –with-charset=gb2312  #make  #make isntall  #./scripts/mysql_install_db  #adduser mysql  #chown -R root /usr/local/mysql […]

  • Solutions for switching from FreeBSD to root su: Sorry


    Under FreeBSD, connect to FreeBSD through SSH client, log in with ordinary user, and execute the following commands to report errors: $ su root su: Sorry $ su su: Sorry $ In order to use Su command to become root user on FreeBSD, you need to know the password of root, but also need special […]

  • XML schema: SOAP


    Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) is actually a Web service technology, but the data exchange format between client and server in Web service is realized by flexible XML schema.The main advantage of Web services is the level of interoperability of information and data exchange between clients and servers through the network. The SOAP standard uses […]