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  • HTML5 responsive navigation menu tutorial using jquery


    Through jquery+html5, when the browser window is narrowed or accessed by the mobile phone, the navigation menu becomes a button pull-down menu. design sketch: HTML code: The copy code code is as follows: <nav> <ul> <li><a href= “\” >button</a></li> <li><a href= “\” >button</a></li> </ul></nav> JQuery Code: Through the following jQuery code, <div id= “menu icon” […]

  • How to use element navmenu navigation menu


    Components – navigation menu Top bar <el-menu :default-active=”activeIndex” mode=”horizontal” @select=”handleSelect”> < El menu item index = “1” > processing center < / El menu item > <el-submenu index=”2″> < template slot = “title” > My workbench < / template > < El menu item index = “2-1” > option 1 < / El menu item […]

  • CSS Setting List Style and Creating Navigation Menu Implementation Code


    I. Setting Symbols for Lists List-style-type: attribute; // set list style List-style-type: none; // clear style There are many attributes you can try on your own: circle, disc, decimal… 2. Setting Picture Symbols for Lists Set up picture symbols for ul, ol ul,ol{ list-style-image: url(“li.png”) } Code:   <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <meta charset=”UTF-8″> <title> […]

  • WordPress navigation menu function wp_nav_menu() in detail


    1. Introduction of wp_nav_menu() function:After Worpdress developed to 3.0, a custom menu function wp_nav_menu() was added to enable WordPress to easily make its own navigation menu.2. How to call navigation menu (custom menu):Insert <? PHP wp_nav_menu ($args) where you need to call the navigation menu (or custom menu); > to call the navigation menu, where […]