• Cross domain causes the browser not to save cookies


    Two background projects have been done recently. The technologies used at the front and back end have not changed. Only the front end of the first project is configured with agent forwarding, while the front end of the second project is not configured, but this difference makes the joint commissioning of the project problematic. Today, […]

  • Openresty + Lua + redis for ad caching


    Openresty + Lua + redis for ad caching 1、 Demand ngx_ Openresty is a Lua programmable module based on nginx, which has excellent performance in terms of performance. With redis as the secondary cache effect, nginx opens the primary local cache. Experiment database SQL /* Navicat Premium Data Transfer Source server: local MySQL Source Server […]

  • Record of Vue stepping on the pit: error report between Vue project and listen eaddrnotavail on mobile terminal


    Baidu is really omnipotent. It’s really essential for me, a little vegetable bird. The day before yesterday, when I wanted to check the Vue project on the mobile phone, I encountered a problem. They all told us to change the local host to the IP of the cost machine, and then keep the mobile phone […]

  • Code cloud SSH mode clone code (Linux version)


    Create sshkey Run at terminalssh-keygen -t rsa -C “[email protected]”Fill in the information according to the prompts, or leave it blankAfter three times of enter, the content shown in the figure below is generated, that is, the generation is successful View sshkey cat ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub use Copy the generated SSH key, and add the generated public key […]

  • Using SSH to transfer files


    It mainly uses the command SCP, and the – R parameter is the transfer directory Download files from server scp [email protected]:/path/filename /var/www/local_dir(local directory) for examplescp [email protected]:/var/www/test.txt /var/www/test.txt Download the file / var / www / test.txt on to / var / www / local_dir (local directory) Upload local file to server scp /path/filename [email protected]:/path […]

  • A small LAN


    Learning Python’s web framework recentlyFlaskBy the way, try something you’ve always wanted to try. The network study is not good, let everybody joke. What I want to try is to run a server on a computer and access it on a computer or mobile phone in another LAN. Here is the simplest flask application: # […]

  • Mobile app


    What is mobile app development [Focus] How the software on apple is developed: using IOS platform development tools and development language for design and development! Development languages on Apple: OC, swift How to develop the software on Android platform: with Java as a language and some Android controls, you can develop the mobile software on […]

  • Custom classifiable searchable dropdown components


    design sketch   Note: values are dynamically obtained and classified according to the values in the native select index.html index Custom select Please select Not selected Native select Babel Webpack Rollup Vue Angular React Nerv style.css .container{ width:100%; height:100vh; text-align: center; } #wrap{ height:170px; position: relative; top:50%; margin-top:-85px; text-align: center; } .div1{ text-align: center; } […]

  • Mobile native JS instead of JQ (zepto)


    In general, there are not many problems in mobile compatibility, which is basically compatible with WebKit. Let’s use native JS to complete some work of zepto. The following code is not necessarily compatible with all kinds of mobile phones, just a small test. DOM lookup 1、$(el).parent() 2、$(el).prev() 3、$(el).next() 4、$(el).last() 5、$(el).first() 6、$(el).siblings() 7、$(el).find(selector) 8、$(el).each(function(i, el){}); //js […]

  • Spring cloud microservices: Alibaba open source component Nacos, service and configuration management


    Source address: GitHub, click here, click here, gitee, click here 1、 Alibaba microservice profile 1. Basic description Alibaba cloud is committed to providing a one-stop solution for microservice development. This project contains the necessary components for developing distributed application microservices, which is convenient for developers to develop distributed application services through the spring cloud programming […]

  • Reverse x-sign algorithm of a treasure


    In the last post, I analyzed how to extract the product search interface from mobile Taobao. Many people have a question, how does x-sign come from? At present, many netizens say that they use the simulator as a way of server transfer through xposed hook. Next, we get the x-sign algorithm by reversing the so […]

  • Ubuntu 19.10 publishes cloud original ecology weekly Vol. 24


    Author: Mu Su, Jin Chao, Dong Dao, Yuan Yi, Xin Shui, Xin Yuan Industry news 1. Cloud native programming language pulumi 1.0 Pulumi, a neutral open-source cloud development platform, supports multilingual, hybrid cloud environment and is fully scalable. In the initial stage, it supports JavaScript, typescript, Python and go languages, AWS, azure and GCP cloud […]