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  • Naming rules for go language learning skills


    Preface This article mainly talks about the naming standard of go language. Good code must have good readability, and the key to readability is naming style. The functions, variables, constants, custom types and packages of go are named according to the following rules: 1) the first character can be any Unicode character or underscore 2) […]

  • Introduction to CSS BEM Naming Specification (Recommendation)


    1 What is the BEM naming specification Bem is the abbreviation of block, element and modifier, a front-end CSS naming methodology proposed by Yandex team. BEM is a simple and very useful naming convention. Make your front-end code easier to read and understand, easier to collaborate, easier to control, more robust and clear, and more […]

  • Detailed Naming Specifications Recommended by Golang


    Naming Specifications Recommended by Golang Few people summarize some naming conventions, or the author is probably uninformed. As a two-year golang developer, I summarized some common naming conventions based on many well-known projects, such as moby, kubernetess, etc. Naming specifications make code easier to read and less error prone. If you have different opinions, please […]

  • Collectible CSS Naming Specifications (Rules) Common CSS Naming Rules


    CSS Naming Specification (Rules) Common CSS Naming Rules HeaderContent: content/containerTail: footerNavigation: navSide bar: sidebarColumn:columnPage periphery controls overall layout width: wrapperLeft right centerLogin barLogoAdvertising: bannerPage body: mainHot spots:News:Download: DownloadSubnavigation: subnavMenu: menuSubmenu: submenuSearch: searchFriendship link: FriendLinkFooter: footerCopyright: copyrightScroll: scrollContent:Label: TagsList of articles:Prompt message: MSGTipsColumn heading: titleAccession: joinusGuide:Services:Registration: regsiterStatus:Voting:Partners: partners The wording of the notes:  /* Header */Content […]