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  • Common naming rules for class and ID of CSS


    Page public name: #Wrapper — the width of the overall layout is controlled by the periphery of the page #Container or # content — container, used for outermost layer #Layout — Layout #Head, header — header section #Foot, footer — footer section #NAV — main navigation #Subnav — secondary navigation #Menu — menu #Submenu — […]

  • Naming rules for variables, functions and classes


    1, naming is worthy of the name.When naming, we must consider its display meaning and context, and do not think that it is a waste of time to spend on variable naming. Of course, if your program is very short, you don’t need to think so much about it. Just bury your head in writing […]

  • Detailed Naming Rules for CentOS Disks and Partitions


    In Linux, there is no concept of disc character. The device name is used to access the device. The device name is stored in the / dev directory. The SD, SAS and SATA hard disks mentioned above all belong to SCSI interface type. They are identified by SD in Linux, while IDE hard disks belong […]

  • Collectible CSS Naming Specifications (Rules) Common CSS Naming Rules


    CSS Naming Specification (Rules) Common CSS Naming Rules HeaderContent: content/containerTail: footerNavigation: navSide bar: sidebarColumn:columnPage periphery controls overall layout width: wrapperLeft right centerLogin barLogoAdvertising: bannerPage body: mainHot spots:News:Download: DownloadSubnavigation: subnavMenu: menuSubmenu: submenuSearch: searchFriendship link: FriendLinkFooter: footerCopyright: copyrightScroll: scrollContent:Label: TagsList of articles:Prompt message: MSGTipsColumn heading: titleAccession: joinusGuide:Services:Registration: regsiterStatus:Voting:Partners: partners The wording of the notes:  /* Header */Content […]

  • Detailed understanding of the naming rules of DIV+CSS is conducive to the implementation of SEO optimization.


    I. Naming Specification for CSS Files Suggestion: Use letters, workers, numbers, numbers, must start with letters, not pure numbers. In order to facilitate the management of style names after development, please use meaningful words or abbreviation combinations to name, so that colleagues can see at a glance which part of the style is probably, which […]