• Open the Lua test project of cocos2d-x in cocos code ide


    Cocos code ide creates a new cocos Lua project named luatests Copy all files in cocos2d-x / tests / Lua tests / SRC to luatests / SRC Take luatests/ config.json Medium init_ Change the entry value under CFG to “SRC”/ controller.lua “ Copy all files in cocos2d-x / tests / Lua tests / res and […]

  • Using docker swarm to build WordPress


    cause I used to build WordPress inVultrBut for well-known reasons, the visit to this place is getting slower and slower. Later, I chose Sina cloud. Sina cloud is really cheap and very good, but it needs to be put on record. There is also a comment function. It is estimated that it needs to be […]

  • Spring boot + hikaricp + beetlql high performance combination, elegant implementation of multiple data sources and paging


    We are all using JPA and mybatis as database links. Here we share a more excellent high-performance combination. We usehttps://start.spring.io/Generate the basic project, select the necessary components to download. HikariCP Choosing a good database connection pool is very important for database access. Spring boot comes with hikaricp database connection pool, and it is recommended to […]

  • . net options options


    Dotnet configuration source code:https://github.com/dotnet/runtime/tree/master/src/libraries/In which Microsoft.Extensions.Options Opening itemOptions official document: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/aspnet/core/fundamentals/configuration/options?view=aspnetcore-5.0 https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/core/extensions/options Nuget package:Microsoft.Extensions.Options It is suggested to master the following: Dependency injection: Configuration: introduce OptionsProvides strongly typed access to configuration data OptionsProvides a mechanism for validating options Configure First declare an option class public class MyOption { public string A { get; set; } […]

  • How to write simple and beautiful Python code


    By aniruddha BhandariCompile | VKSource | analytics vidhya summary Python style tutorial will enable you to write neat and beautiful Python code Learn about the different Python conventions and other nuances of Python Programming in this style tutorial introduce Have you ever encountered a poorly written Python code? I know a lot of you will […]

  • Exploration of multi tenant in jnpf cloud platform


    ​ In the field of cloud, we often hear a word:multi-tenancy 。 This word has different meanings in different contexts. This paper will introduce the concept of multi tenant in cloud platform and the idea of multi tenant support. What is a tenant When you first get to know this concept, you must feel that […]

  • Introduction to go Classics (2)


    Configure text editor Through the use of go plug-in, improve work efficiency Naming conventions Identifiers named in uppercase letters are exported. Identifiers named in lowercase letters are not exported Using hump method Use short variable type names, such as I, s, B An interface verb with ER indicates an operation, such as reader Using golint […]

  • Docker package Maven project and push it to alicloud image warehouse


    Since the last timeDerrick creates nodejs project containerAfter that, we use this as a brick to draw the jade of learning dockerfile Use Maven plugin docker to create images and push them to alicloud image warehouse Use the Alibaba cloud toolkit to create images and push them to the alicloud image warehouse preparation: applyAlicloud image […]

  • Use nuget server API to search and install nuget package


    Use nuget server API to search and install nuget package Intro Nuget is now almost an indispensable part of dotnet development. Those who have not used nuget are a bit backward, and they are not fast to use Nuget is a package management mechanism in dotnet, similar to NPM in front end, composer in PHP, […]

  • About PLSQL import and export Oracle table structure


    Export table structure 1. Click tool to export user object 2. Select the table to export 3. Select the path to export SQL Import table structure 1. Before importing, check whether the name of the table is the name of the previous exported table, and delete BAMS before the table 2. Select tool import table […]

  • The Alibaba cloud toolkit creates an image and pushes it to the alicloud image warehouse


    Book connectionDocker package Maven project and push it to alicloud image warehouse Today, record the steps of creating an image with the Alibaba cloud toolkit and pushing it to the alicloud image warehouse maven setting.xml Write Alibaba cloud image warehouse information Create the namespace and image repository ahead of time IntelliJ idea settings – set […]

  • “The first angular2 application” in angular2 from development to deployment series


    preface Sorry, it took a long time to update… Before learning, I would like to recommend some learning materials Angular2 official websiteThe document on the official website is actually very detailed, andChinese documentsIf you want to learn angular2 well, you must read more documents. This time, the angular2 team has made great efforts to write […]