• Manipulating extended properties of files in PHP


    In the files of the operating system, there is also a file attribute that we can define ourselves. These attributes are not stored in the file content, nor can they be seen directly through LS – al. They can permanently associate a key value pair information to a file. Generally, current Linux systems support this […]

  • Daily learning java series – learning notes on zero basics of Java (V) Java identifier | keyword | variable


    1、 Identifier 1. What can an identifier identify? What is an identifier? How to understand this concept! 2. Naming rules for identifiers 3. Naming conventions for identifiers The final requirement of this summary is to give a word at will and judge whether it is a legal identifier. What is an identifier? In short, any […]

  • JMeter JDBC request learning for performance tools


    background“A peak forms on the side of a mountain, and the distance is different. You don’t know the true face of Lushan Mountain, but you only live in this mountain.” you can reach “thousands of mountains in the same month, all households in spring. Thousands of rivers have water, thousands of rivers have moon, and […]

  • Online underline to hump, hump to underline tool


    Online underline to hump, hump to underline tool Online underline to hump, hump to underline tool This tool can convert string underscores to humps or humps to underscores for pure client calculation. Camel case, also known as hump naming, is a set of naming rules (conventions) in computer programming. As its name camelCase indicates, it […]

  • Comparison of several methods of CSharp calling Win32 API


    The dllimport tag is the most commonly used DLL in CSharp.I initially called the methods in user32 and shell32 of the system in the same way, but this requires various definition structures of the imported functions by handwriting. The more reliable method is to directly copy and paste the ready-made ones written by others on […]

  • Restrict or restrict the resources of the emergency medical device


    Summary completion criteria/ p> To confirm the collection group х After painting ю Excuse me, the device resource on the emergency switch is disconnected:/ p> It is possible to keep your job, and then add another job/ p> (the operation procedure of this article is in accordance with the contract level of a specific editing […]

  • The difference between name and value in the input tag


    Type browser controls for access (for example, type = “text”, which is a text box; type = “button”, which is a button)The optional values of type are as follows:Button buttonCheckbox check button componentFile upload componentHidden hidden domainImage picture areaPassword password input text boxRadio button componentReset reset form buttonSubmit submit form buttonTexttext input box*********************************************************************** ID is […]

  • Spring boot + mybatis configure multiple data sources


    Spring boot + mybatis configure multiple data sources In development, sometimes our database is read-write sub database. Then, when developing and using, we need to read databases from different sources. We need to configure spring boot mybatis for multi-source processing. Four classes required Databasecontextholder: used in Dao layer or service layer to select which data […]

  • What is the difference between ECMAScript and JavaScript?


    ECMAScript function does not care about the number of parameters passed in, nor does it care about the data type of parameters When defining a function, it receives n parameters and can call any parameter Function keyword defines a functionInside the function created by the function keyword, you can access the arguments object The arguments […]

  • Octobercms-8-component


    Components Components here we call them components. Components are configurable building elements. Can be attached to pages, layouts, partials. Component is the core feature of October. Each component can extend the functions of the website. The component can output HTML code on the page, but this is not the main function. An important function of […]

  • 5 Vue tips to greatly improve our build experience


    Author: nwose lotanna VictorTranslator: front end XiaozhiSource: medium Dream, dry goods, wechat search[move to the world]Pay attention to this dish washing wisdom who is still washing dishes in the early morning. This article GitHubhttps://github.com/qq449245884/xiaozhiIt has been included. There are complete test sites, materials and my series of articles for the interview of front-line large factories. […]

  • MySQL Basics


    MySQL table query statement DQL: query statement Sort query Syntax: order by clause Sort by: ASC: ascending, default Desc: descending order. be careful: If there are multiple sorting conditions, the second condition will be judged only when the condition values of the current edge are the same SELECT * from userinfo ORDER BY age ASC,id […]