• 21. Kubernetes (k8s) note authentication, authorization and access control (I) authentication serviceaccount


    summary: 1. Kubernetes API access control Official documents:https://kubernetes.io/zh/docs…Kubernetes API is divided into authentication, authorization and admission control Users access the API through kubectl, client libraries, or by sending rest requests. Both users (natural persons) and kubernetes service accounts can be authorized to access the API. After the request reaches the API server, it will go […]

  • Policy pattern in JS


    Strategy mode Definition of policy mode:Define a series of algorithms, encapsulate them one by one, and make them replace each other。 In short, I want to travel to a certain place. There are many processes to the destination: plane, high-speed rail, car… These methods are used as a package. When I want to start, I […]

  • Unified solution for converting code items by spring boot enumeration


    Define structure and interface public class CodeItem { private String _itemText; private Object _itemValue; public CodeItem(){ } public CodeItem(String itemText, Object itemValue){ _itemText = itemText; _itemValue = itemValue; } public String get_itemText() { return _itemText; } public void set_itemText(String _itemText) { this._itemText = _itemText; } public Object get_itemValue() { return _itemValue; } public void set_itemValue(Object […]

  • Swift (compatibility with Objective-C)


    Although the original intention of swift language is to get rid of the heavy historical burden and constraints of Objective-C, it is undeniable that after more than 20 years of baptism, cocoa framework has long been branded with the indelible mark of Objective-C. Countless third-party libraries are written in Objective-C. no one can underestimate these […]

  • Combination of quartz and topshelf to realize window timing service


    1、 New console application 2、 Select the item, right-click manage nuget package, and add four: Quartz Quartz.Plugins Topshelf log4net  3、 Create project file Three configuration files: must be placed in the project root directory. (1)log4net.config View Code (2)quartz.config  true SampleJob SampleGroup Sample job for Quartz Server QuartzTopshelf.Jobs.SampleJob, QuartzTopshelf true false key1 value1 key2 value2 SampleSimpleTrigger […]

  • Spring certified China Education Management Center – spring data tutorial 1 of Apache Geode


    Document structureThe following sections explain the core functions that spring data provides for Apache geode: Bootstrapping Apache geode with the spring container describes the configuration support provided for configuring, initializing, and accessing Apache geode caches, regions, and related distributed system components.The Apache geode API is used to explain the integration between the Apache geode API […]

  • Repo sync error under Windows: cannot initialize work tree


    1. Problem description This error occurs when downloading Android source code Traceback (most recent call last): File “E:\LocalProject\Oreo\.repo\repo/main.py”, line 538, in <module> _Main(sys.argv[1:]) File “E:\LocalProject\Oreo\.repo\repo/main.py”, line 512, in _Main result = repo._Run(argv) or 0 File “E:\LocalProject\Oreo\.repo\repo/main.py”, line 185, in _Run result = cmd.Execute(copts, cargs) File “E:\LocalProject\Oreo\.repo\repo\subcmds\sync.py”, line 823, in Execute project.Sync_LocalHalf(syncbuf, force_sync=opt.force_sync) File “E:\LocalProject\Oreo\.repo\repo\project.py”, line […]

  • Laradock PHP multi version container coexistence


    thinkPHP3. 2 projects use mongodb and mongoclientThe error message is shown in the figure. It can only be used in environments lower than php7. Therefore, another php56 needs to be deployed in laradock Enter the laradock directory, copy a copy of PHP FPM and name it php-fpm-56cp -r php-fpm php-fpm-562. Open docker compose YML file, […]

  • HTML form markup tutorial (4):


    Suppose you now want to add such a content to the form: browse the city. There are dozens of cities above the provincial capital, not cities across the country. It would be unimaginable to list all these cities on the web page in the form of radio buttons mentioned above. Menus and lists appear in […]

  • DQL query data language (MySQL)


    DQL query data language (key) Select (core)1. Query all fieldsSelect * from ` table name ‘;2. Query the specified fieldSelect ` field 1 `, ` field 2 ` from ` table name `;3. Give the result a nameSelect ` field 1 ` as name1, ` field 2 ` as Name2 from ` table name ‘;4. […]

  • HTML form markup tutorial (5): text field markup


    This tag is used to make a multi line text field in which you can enter more text. Basic grammar Grammatical interpretationThe meanings of these attributes are shown in the following table Attribute value of text field tag describe name Insert a text field into the page.01 <!– —————————— –>02 <!– Example of document: 11-17 […]

  • 【GO】casbin


    reference material[1] Examples[2] Model syntax[3] API 1. Introduction Permission is actually to control who can operate on what resources.casbinAbstract the access control model into a perm based(Policy,Effect,Request,Matchers)In the configuration file (model file) of the metamodel. Therefore, switching or updating the authorization mechanism only requires a simple modification of the configuration file. policyIt is the definition […]