• The application of machine learning in Mafeng Hotel aggregation


    When traveling, booking a hotel is an essential part. Living in a clean and comfortable place is very important for everyone who goes out. Booking hotels online makes it easier. When the user opens a selected hotel in Ma cell, the reservation information provided by different suppliers will form an aggregation list to accurately display […]

  • Create and publish vs2019 WebService and deploy it to Windows Server 2012r


    Preface After the last database disaster recovery and performance optimization, database experts suggest that the client can no longer scan the database frequently without capacity expansion! A sentence awakens the dreamer, because I also found that the database is getting more and more stuck, which has happened since the last project went online. Later, it […]

  • The landing and practice summary of SVN


    Nowadays, the most popular Git is to manage several mature branch management strategies. Svn does have some, but it has made some adjustments and changes in combination with the actual situation of the company. 1、 Branch naming rules All branches are named with lowercase letters + numbers + special symbols The project branch name is […]

  • The future of CSS has come


    Author: Chen Da fish head github: KRISACHAN Preface Recently, I heard that typescript 3.7 added support for optional chaining, and then I wanted to upgrade TS version of Ying template, a fish head scaffold. Then I found this message on the command line: ‘postcss cssnext’ has been replaced by ‘postcss preset env’. For details, please […]

  • Election mechanism of pulsar functions worker


    abstract In pulsar, function, source and sink are all run on function worker. For function content, please refer to an article to understand pulsar functions. For use of source and sink, please refer to Pular source beginner level chapter A guide to getting started with pular sink. This paper introduces the election mechanism of functions […]

  • Socket.io namespaces and rooms


    Preface Looking up the official document of socket.io on the Internet, it seems that no latest Chinese document has been found. For example, this (socket.io Chinese document) is 2017. The example on the official website is almost the same as most of the entry-level examples on the Internet. It’s too simple to use a group […]

  • Database creation delete attribute modification statement


    Create database database name Create database database name on primary( Name = ‘database name’, Filename =’d: \ first name. MDF ‘, size=10mb, maxsize=unlimited, filegrowth=10%) log on( name=’test_log’, Filename =’d: \ first name. LDF ‘, size=1mb, maxsize=5mb, filegrowth=1mb) go alter database test Add filegroup filegroup name alter database test add file (name=’test_data2’, Filename =’d: \ 170508010430 […]

  • Use of oradebug (practical part) (in continuous update)


    Trace a session For example, if I want to track a session, I need to obtain the SID, serial ID, and SPID of the session first SELECT a.username, a.sid , a.serial#, b.spid FROM v$session a, v$process b WHERE a.paddr=b.addr and a.sid = 285 ; USERNAME SID SERIAL# SPID —————————— ———- ———- ———————— APPS 285 44645 […]

  • HTML data XX and data() precautions


    1. Data XX naming: XX can contain “-” and “”, butNo capital letters; 2. When using $ele. Data() to get the value, the prefix of “data -” is not required: $ele. Data (‘xx ‘); 3. The difference between $ele. Data() and $ele. Attr(): 1) The value of data () is saved in jQuery heap memory, […]

  • Parameter types in Python functions


    1. Preface PythonThe parameter types of functions in are quite rich. For example, we often see*argsand**kwargsAs a parameter. Beginners are a little confused when they encounter this. Today, let’s putPythonThe function parameters in are analyzed and summarized. 2. Function parameters in Python There are five types of function parameters defined in Python. Let’s demonstrate them […]

  • Uniforminterfaceexception when sending files to Tomcat during upload


    1. Error information description HTTP Status 500 – Internal Server Error MESSAGE :Request processing failed; nested exception is com.sun.jersey.api.client.UniformInterfaceException: PUT http://localhost:9090/uploads/91e5118e60924b21bd48a9ed19ab91ff_girl8.jpg returned a response status of 405 Method Not Allowed Description :The server encountered an unexpected condition that prevented it from fulfilling the request. Exception : org.springframework.web.util.NestedServletException: Request processing failed; nested exception is com.sun.jersey.api.client.UniformInterfaceException: PUT […]

  • Spring boot scheduling uses only one thread?!


    To prevent face fighting, write down the version first: spring boot 2.2.2.release One Spring boot comes with a lightweight task scheduling framework, which is also very simple to use. adding [email protected], of course, it needs to be placed on a class that can be scanned, such as startup class and [email protected] class for. Of course […]