• Cooking without rice: small procedures to achieve a “@ function at function” input box


    What is at function The so-called at function is to allow users to input “@” character after inputting person’s name and other information in the chat box, and then call up a person selection control to facilitate users to input person’s name quickly. For example: microblog input box, QQ space input box. We can enter […]

  • SQL server stored procedure application 2: paging query data and dynamic splicing where conditions


    preface In the development, the query function runs through the full text. We use stored procedure paging query one by one, and support dynamic splicing where condition. Key points:Support dynamic splicing where condition Students who have questions about the use of stored procedures【Creation and use of SQL server stored procedure】Make up lessons. As for whether […]

  • C + + | how to distinguish declaration from definition in C + +?


    In the process of C + + coding, we often talk about “definition” and “Declaration”, which are the basic concepts in the process of programming. When we need to use a variable, type (class, struct, enumeration, commons) or function, we need to define and declare it in advance. The process of definition and declaration is […]

  • Win10 view the location of the screen saver


    route C:\Users\Hlzy\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.Windows.ContentDeliveryManager_cw5n1h2txyewy\LocalState\Assets They are all files without suffix Add a suffix to see the image Use Ren name to modify all suffixes Ren path \ * *. Png

  • [programming deer] learning vue.js is enough


    1540394364528 Routing Vue router Scene simulation Now let’s implement this function: A page, including login and registration, click different buttons to switch the login and registration pages. Write parent component In order to make the next function more clear, let’s create a new folder: Src Then create a new HTML file as the entry: index. […]

  • Installation and use of anaconda and CONDA commands


    Author: VladSource Vlad (official account: fulade_ me) Anaconda Anaconda is an open source tool with more than six million users. Anaconda is committed to providing the most convenient way to use Python for data science computing and machine learning. At present, Anaconda has more than 250 + data science toolkits. CONDA toolkits can be used […]

  • Basic configuration of nginx based on docker


    The directory structure is shown in the figure Docker-compose.yml configuration file version: ‘3.1’ services: nginx: image: daocloud.io/library/nginx:1.14 container_name: nginx restart: always privileged: true environment: – TZ=Asia/Shanghai ports: – 999:80 – 998:443 volumes: – /etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro – ./conf:/etc/nginx/conf.d – ./logs:/var/log/nginx – ./html:/opt/dist:ro networks: – nginx_bridge networks: nginx_bridge: driver: bridge Conf / nginx.conf configuration file server { listen […]

  • Using verdaccio to build private NPM registry


    preface verdaccioIs an open source for creating privateregistryIn short, you can use it to build your ownnpmWarehouse, can realize the vast majoritynpmThe capabilities provided verdacciobe based onnodeDevelopment for front-end developersverdaccioThis tool is as simple as drinking water Tools are born according to requirements. When you want to share your modules, you may have the following […]

  • Use jcanvascript plug-in to simplify canvas operation to draw interface


    Directly on the code, copy to the file, run directly can see the effect; Plug in address jcanvascript:http://jcscript.com <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang=”en”> <head> <meta charset=”UTF-8″> <title>jcanvas</title> </head> <script></script> <body> <canvas height=”568″ width=”320″ id=”canvas_1″ style=”border:1px solid #ccc;width:320px;height:568px”></canvas> </body> <script> var h = 1; var img=new Image(); img.src=”./head.png” jc.start(‘canvas_1′); jc.rect(0,0,320*h,130*h,’#ff5d5e’,true); JC. Text (“personal center”, 160 * h, […]

  • IView – dynamic forms and custom validation time periods overlap


    Add form items dynamically IView’s dynamic adding form is very simple. Just set the form item as an array and push a default value when adding a new item. The rest of iView will help you. <template lang=”html”> <div class=””> <Form ref=”formValidate” :model=”formValidate” :rules=”rulesValidate” :label-width=”100″ :label-colon=”true” > <FormItem v-for=”(item, index) in formValidate.showTimeDurations” :key=”index” :prop=”‘showTimeDurations[‘ + […]

  • Focus on knowledge points — review of servlets in Java Web (2)


    Continued from the previous part ServletConfig object The scope of servlet configuration object can only be used in one servlet class. Each servlet class maintains a ServletConfig object. Its common methods are as follows: a) Public string getinitparameter (string name): returns a string containing the value of the specified initialization parameter. If the parameter does […]

  • Hello wrold


    preface Reminder: in order to learn knowledge more thoroughly Remember more firmly, I will write down the knowledge through the way of teaching explanation, because in the process, people will change from students to teachers. This process will dig out new knowledge and ideas. It is a process of deep excavation and improvement of knowledge […]