• Nail robot automatically associated GitHub to send approval PRS


    Abstract: using technology to solve the boring approval PR work of PM, this paper describes how to automatically obtain the pull requests of each repo to merge under GitHub organization and notify relevant personnel, saying goodbye to daily manual operation. In your daily work, do you encounter the following scenarios: GitHub has multiple repos. In […]

  • Implementation example of HTML5 embedded nail


    1. The official JS needs to be introduced into the project <script type=”text/javascript” src=”http://g.alicdn.com/dingding/dingtalk-jsapi/2.3.0/dingtalk.open.js” > </script> Or NPM 2. The API is self-contained. If there is writing, authentication is required, so you must authenticate before using it Get the authentication of nailing interface dd.config({ agentId:agentid , // required, micro app ID corpId:corpId , // required, […]

  • Using java to realize “nail micro application, no login to a H5 system home page” function “


    I. Preface Ha ha, this is my first blog. First, let’s talk about the specific scenario of this small function: The user logs in the pin app, clicks the micro application to obtain the current user’s information, and compares it with the user’s information in the database of H5 system. If there is such a […]

  • NET platform, nail microapplication development: access to userid


    Job requirements, the development of nail micro applications and small programs, has been exposed to the development of Alipay small program and life code, the process is not very different. Here I record the development of nail micro application with ASP.NET MVC, and achieve the userid access to users. My younger brother has limited skills. […]

  • What if the web page pin encryption message in the system under Linux can’t be viewed?


    In Linux system, the pins of web page cannot display encrypted messages. What should we do? Now let’s look at the solution to this problem. 1. The solution is to download the latest version of Windows from the nailed official website first, and then run the nails of Windows with crossover. 2. Click on the […]