• Docker + Nacos + seata1.3.0 installation and use configuration tutorial


    I had a day before that. Although Seata is easy to use and super simple to use, the installation and configuration is really troublesome. I met various pits. Let’s get to the point. o(╥﹏╥)o 1、 Version Note: if the versions do not match, there will also be various errors. You can match the versions according […]

  • Read the configuration method of Nacos in the most native way in. Net core (recommended)


    background Lao Huang wrote an article before《 ASP.NET Core combines with Nacos to complete configuration management and service discovery “briefly introduces how to make the. Net core program access to Nacos. In the previous SDK, the open API of Nacos was encapsulated and the service registration and discovery were encapsulated. There was not too much […]

  • Nacos releases version 0.5.0 to play with dynamic DNS service easily


    Nacos, the Alibaba microservice open source project, recently released version v0.5.0, which mainly includes DNS based service discovery, support for Java 11, continuous optimization of Nacos product user experience, and deeper integration with spring cloud gateway. 1、 Publish dns-f In order to further reduce the implementation cost of service registration and discovery in multi language […]

  • Nacos series: Nacos based registry


    Preface So-calledRegistry CenterIn fact, it is a product of the evolution process of distributed architecture and acts as a coordinator in the system. But why is such a coordinator role needed? Let’s start with an example to understand why a registry is needed in a distributed architecture. case Xiaoming and Xiaoxin live near the same […]

  • Nacos series: using the Java SDK of Nacos


    Maven dependence Nacos provides a complete Java SDK for configuration management, service discovery and managementNacos-0.8.0Version as an example Add Maven dependency: <dependency> <groupId>com.alibaba.nacos</groupId> <artifactId>nacos-client</artifactId> <version>0.8.0</version> </dependency> Just introducenacos-clientIt is not enough, otherwise the following error will occur during startup: [email protected] JM.Log:WARN Init JM logger with NopLoggerFactory, pay attention. [email protected] java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.apache.logging.log4j.core.Logger at java.net.URLClassLoader.findClass(URLClassLoader.java:381) at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(ClassLoader.java:424) […]

  • Nacos series: three deployment modes of Nacos


    Three deployment modes Nacos supports three deployment modes 1. Stand alone mode: it can be used for testing and stand-alone use. The stand-alone mode must not be used in the production environment (it cannot meet the high availability) 2. Cluster mode: can be used in production environment to ensure high availability 3. Multi cluster mode: […]

  • Spring boot 2.1.9 + Dubbo 2.7.3 + Nacos 1.1.4 build your microservice system


    Simple steps to build your microservice system with the latest version of Dubbo Nacos registry Download the latest version of Nacos from GitHub Upload to server and unzip Stand-alone start upsh startup.sh -m standalone Nacos console access addresshttp://, log in and access with the account Nacos / Nacos Project framework This case contains three components […]

  • Introduction to Spring Cloud Alibaba Nacos


    overview Alibaba released Nacos in July 2018. Nacos is a dynamic service discovery, configuration management and service management platform that is easier to build cloud native applications. It also indicates that it will be completed in 6-8 months to produce the available version 0.8, and the current version is 0.9. Nacos provides four functions Service […]

  • Spring Cloud Alibaba Basic Tutorial: Multi-environment Management for Nacos Configuration


    Review of the past: Spring Cloud Alibaba Basic Tutorial: Registering and Discovering Services Using Nacos Spring Cloud Alibaba Basic Tutorial: Several Service Consumption Modes Supported Spring Cloud Alibaba Basic Tutorial: Using Nacos as a Configuration Center Spring Cloud Alibaba Basic Tutorial: Detailed Rules for Nacos Configuration Loading Through the previous two introductions to Nacos configuration […]