• How to cache queries in MySQL and how to solve the failure


    We all know that before using the function, we need to find out the properties of the parameters, so that we can have a better understanding of the use of the function. After learning the query cache, some small partners directly carry out the next practical operation. Here, I want to remind you that you […]

  • Four ways for MySQL to avoid repeatedly inserting data


    The most common way is to set the primary key or unique index for the field. When inserting duplicate data, an error will be thrown and the program will terminate, but this will bring trouble to the subsequent processing. Therefore, special processing needs to be done for the insertion statement to avoid or ignore exceptions […]

  • Sqlyog resource and activation method of MySQL desktop tool command line


    If you don’t say much, go to resources first Developeppaer Download SQLyog Ultimate V13. 1.1 64bit Chinese registered installed version Open help after installation – change registration details Then the user fills in the registration key casually 60c1b896-7c22-4405-9f46-a6bce776ab36 Then you can use it. Fill in the server address you need to connect here, which is […]

  • MySQL addition, deletion, modification and query (Basic + detailed explanation)


    catalogue 💖1. CRUD 💖2. Create 2.1 single row data + full column insertion 2.2 multi row data + specified column insertion 💖3. Retrieve 3.1 full column query 3.2. Specify column query 3.3 the query field is an expression 3.4 alias 3.5 weight removal: distinct 3.6 sorting: order by 3.7 query criteria: where 3.8 paging query: […]

  • MySQL small exercise (only suitable for beginners, non beginners are not allowed to enter)


     Personal homepage:Personal home pageSeries column:Mysql database Ha ha, this is our teacher’s assignment. I wonder if I need to blog? Finally, I thought about it and sent it out. Although it’s very simple, it can be practiced for those friends who have just learned database.Because there is no answer, I don’t know whether it’s right […]

  • Summary of MySQL log related knowledge


    The file used to store data in the database is called data file, and the log file is called log file. In addition, if you directly access the disk every time you read or write, the performance is very poor, so the database has cache, data buffer and log buffer. SQL execution order When we […]

  • mysql8. 0.28 download and install detailed tutorials for win11


    mysql8. 0.28 installation tutorial If you want to download the latest version, go to MySQL’s official website: download address:mysql Online disk download link version: 8.0.28 Baidu online diskExtraction code: xala Alibaba network disk 1. Enter the official website and click domnloads 2. Here we find the community version to download 3. Find MySQL community server […]

  • Centos7 quickly build LNMP (nginx + MySQL + PHP)


    Centos7 quickly build LNMP (nginx + MySQL + PHP) 1. Briefly introduce Yum before installation 2. Nginx installation 3. MySQL installation (install MySQL 8 directly here) 3.1. Clean up the old version of MySQL before installation 3.2. Install MySQL 3.3. Configuration after MySQL installation 4. PHP compilation and installation 1. Briefly introduce Yum before installation […]

  • MySQL advanced statement (I)


    catalogue 1、 SQL advanced statement 1. Import file to database 2. select 3. distinct  4.where   5.and;or 6.in  7.between  8. Like wildcard 9. order by   10.group by 11.having  12. Alias 13. Connection query 14. Sub query 15.EXISTS 1、 SQL advanced statement 1. Import file to database #Import script into source plus file path mysql> source /backup/test.sql; […]

  • Teach you how to build amazing blogs


    Catalogue of series articles The first chapter teaches you how to build your own blog Article catalogue Catalogue of series articles preface 1、 Selection of website software 2、 Choice of website space 1. It is recommended to choose famous and large factories 2. Easy to use, rich and detailed documents 3. Be stable and have […]

  • MySQL – Advanced CRUD


    Advanced addition, deletion, query and modification I Database Constraints 1. Constraint type 2. NULL constraint 3. Unique: unique constraint 4. Default: default value constraint 5. Primary key: primary key constraint 6. Foreign key: foreign key constraint 7. Check constraints II Table design 1. One to one 2. One to many 3. Many to many III […]

  • Buuctf – I have a database


    Buutf – I have a database 1. Information collection (use Royal sword to scan the background) (scan to database background phpMyAdmin) 2. Analyze database vulnerabilities 3. Information collection (phpMyAdmin version 4.8.1 vulnerability found) – Myphweb is an open source [myphweb] Based( https://so.csdn.net/so/search?q=MySQL&spm=1001.2101.3001.7020 )Database management tools. Its index There is a file in PHP that contains […]