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  • [hyperf] deploy basic monitoring using Prometheus + grafana in the hyperf framework


    reference resources:Hyperf uses Prometheus access service monitoring and grafana to realize real-time monitoring and display of dataHyperf document This article records the pit I stepped on in my first deployment. I don’t have a deep understanding of Prometheus and grafana. If there is anything wrong, please correct it. Thank you! I Deploy using docker compose […]

  • Brother, a hundred programmers, actually met abusive job seekers


    preface Hello, everyone. I’m an it elder brother. Recently, I’ve met a lot of people. I’ve seen thousands of resumes and almost 100 programmers, but few have passed the interview. I’ll analyze the reasons for their interview failure from the perspective of an interviewer. resume From the resume to the interview, we talk about it […]

  • Docker_ 03 mirror – basic operation


    Docker image warehouse – hub.docker.com Get image from warehouse Search image:$ docker search image_name Search results filtering: Search only official images:$ docker search –filter “is-official=true” image_name Is it an automated build$ docker search –filter “is-automated=true” image_name More than how many stars$ docker search –filter stars=3 image_name Download Image:$ docker pull image_name Example: $ docker search […]

  • A memory leak analysis of a. Net his back end service


    1: Background 1. Tell a story The day before yesterday, that his elder brother came to see me again. Last time, because ofCPU burstI’ve solved the problem. It seems that I trust you very much. This time another program encountered a memory leak. I hope I can help diagnose it. In fact, this elder brother’s […]

  • Running browser 404 in Tomcat when idea creates Maven project


    When using idea to build Maven entry project for learning, I encountered a puzzling error. I hereby record the following The complete project structure should be as follows: However, when Tomcat runs the project, it encounters index.jsp Page 404, very confused, but the project creation steps are not right, Tomcat runs well. The reason is […]

  • Some pitfalls in transferring the version of XXL job Mysql to Oracle


    Here’s the old man’s tutorialhttps://blog.csdn.net/weixin_… This version of the transformation is mostly based on this blog tutorial transformation, there are a few holes need to pay attention to1. There is no date in Oracle_ Add() function, which needs to be changed to numdodinterval functionThe specific writing method is as follows:SELECT *FROM xxl_job_registry tWHERE t.update_time <![CDATA[ […]

  • 002 common notes of springboot


    Controller receives parameters @PathVariableGet path parameters @GetMapping(“/{depid}/{userid}”) func(@PathVariable(“depid”) int dep_id){} func(@PathVariable(“userid”) int user_id){} @RequestParamGet query parameters http://www.baidu.com?name= Zhang San & age = 18 func(@RequestParam(“name”) String name){} func(@RequestParam(“age”) int age){} func(@RequestParam(“head_img”) MultipartFile file){}Picture upload @RequestBody “{Name: ‘Zhang San’, age:20 } func(@RequestBody Map<String, String> person){} System.out.println(person.get(“name”)); @RequestHeaderGet request header @CookieValueGet cookie HttpServletRequest func(HttpServletRequest request){ String name = […]

  • (ES6) collection of common tools and methods for data processing (update status: on)


      1. Convert flat array into tree structure (source: from Indian elder brother of stackoverflow) // Data Set // One top level comment var comments = [{ id: 1, parent_id: null }, { id: 2, parent_id: 1 }, { id: 3, parent_id: 1 }, { id: 4, parent_id: 2 }, { id: 5, parent_id: 4 […]