• Asp.net MVC 4 using pagedlist.mvc paging implementation code


    There are many ways to paginate in asp.net MVC. Pagedlist and pagedlist.mvc are provided in nuget. When you install and reference pagedlist.mvc, you will also install and reference pagedlist. Copy codeThe code is as follows:  @Html.PagedListPager((PagedList.IPagedList<SampleInfo>)ViewBag.Models, page => Url.Action(“Index”, new { page, keyword = Request[“keyword”], datemin = Request[“datemin”], datemax = Request[“datemax”] })) Search trigger event: […]

  • ASP. Net mvc4’s idea of updating form content through ID


    User requirements: once a form is created, most of its fields can no longer be edited. Only some of the fields can be edited. Non editing is realized by setting the disabled attribute to the input box. At this time, an error will be reported to the content of the submit form in the database, […]