• C # based library management system


    Article catalogue preface 1、 Development environment 2、 Title Requirements 3、 Function realization (detailed description) 1. User module (login / registration) 2. User function (administrator) 3. User functions (Readers) 4、 Page effect (partial) 5、 Precautions 6、 Resource connection preface C # based library management system 1、 Development environment 1. Database: Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 182. […]

  • How vue3 references global JS files


    Article catalogue preface 1、 How to reference a global JS file preface Vue3 has many changes compared with previous versions, such as referencing global JS files 1、 How to reference a global JS file 1. First create a JS file, put it in the common directory, and write some content at will. The file is […]

  • Build the evolution of back-end architecture from 0 to 1 (MVC, service splitting, microservice, domain driven)


    catalogue 1、 MVC 2、 Service splitting 3、 Microservice architecture 4、 Domain Driven Design The product is a SaaS online service for human resources. It is oriented to HR and has multiple clients of Web Android / IOS applet The backend uses restful style APIs to provide services. It mainly uses Python language to facilitate fast […]

  • ASP. Net MVC to generate static pages


    This paper mainly describes the application of ASP Net MVC, page static method. For the website, generating pure HTML static pages can not only help SEO, but also reduce the load capacity of the website and improve the performance of the website. 1. Enclose the original code for generating static pages in advance: public class […]

  • Explain ASP Net MVC – controller and action


    1、 Understanding controller 1.1. What is a controller The controller contains the necessary to process the request Net class, the role of the controller encapsulates the application logic. The controller is mainly responsible for processing the request, implementing the operation of the model, and selecting the view to present to the user. Simple understanding: the […]

  • Asp. ***


    1、 Filter introduction 1.1 understand what is a filter 1. Filters inject additional logic into the request processing pipeline. Provides a simple and elegant way to implement crosscutting concerns. 2. The so-called filters in MVC framework are completely different from ASP Net platform Filters and response Filter objects, which mainly realize the transmission of request […]

  • Asp. Net MVC using bundle to merge and compress JS and CSS files


    preface Before introducing the formal content of this article, first quote a paragraph from the decade of Taobao technology. Anyone with a little knowledge of the web front end should know that the browser will load CSS, JS (JavaScript), pictures and other styles, scripts and resource files used in the page in the next step. […]

  • ASP. Net MVC paging implementation method


    In this article, we will learn how to implement paging in MVC pages. Paging function is a very practical and commonly used function. When there is too much data, paging must be used. In today’s article, we learn how to use pagedlist in MVC pages MVC package to realize paging function. 1) Install pagedlist Mvc […]

  • Visual Studio ASP. Net core MVC introductory tutorial Chapter 1


    ASP. Net core MVC introductory tutorial, the first lesson, the specific contents are as follows 1. Start environment Visual studio 2017 Community Edition or other versions. During installation, check the item “asp.net and web page development” in the “web and cloud” group and the item “development of. Net core platform” in the “other tools” group. […]

  • Explain ASP Net core MVC source code learning: Routing


    preface I’m going to take time to look at ASP Net core MVC source code, I hereby record what I have learned, which can be regarded as a note. Routing is a basic part of MVC, so before learning other MVC source codes, you should first learn the routing system, ASP Net core’s routing system […]

  • MVC file upload supports batch upload, drag and drop and preview file content verification


    The upload in the website is not unfamiliar to everyone. It is also a small technical difficulty, especially in ASP Net, upload some size restrictions, upload progress control, and user experience. Today, I share one in ASP Net MVC mode is also applicable to other web types of bootstrap fileinput It comes from an open […]

  • Understand the design structure of Ruby on rails framework in the way of MVC


    In rails, the whole process of sending a request (/ users) is as follows:1) , browser send request (/ users)2) Rails routes will route requests to users_ Index method of controller3)、users_ The controller callback uses the user model to get all users4) User model will read all users from the database,5) User model encapsulates all […]