• See here for self-study MVC – the most complete ASP.NET MVC tutorial summary in the whole network


    The MVC architecture has won the hearts of the people, and Microsoft is not far behind, launching ASP.NET MVC. The editor deliberately sorts out the most valuable original articles on MVC technology in the blog garden and even the entire network, and provides an integrated learning entrance for learners who want to learn ASP.NET MVC […]

  • Implement a simple Java MVC framework from scratch (eight)–make Starter


    spring-boot Starter A project always has a place to start. When the project is deployed in tomcat, tomcat is often usedstartup.sh(startup.bat)The startup script to start the web project In the spring-boot web project, there will basically be startup code similar to this: @SpringBootApplication public class SpringBootDemoApplication { public static void main(String[] args) { SpringApplication.run(SpringBootDemoApplication.class, args); […]

  • Modularization, the use of closures and immediate execution functions, V and C in MVC


    Modularization, V and C in MVC, the use of closures and immediate execution functions This article records the knowledge I learned in the process of writing an online resumeComplete code (not yet completed)preview address The use of carousel Swiper components English official website Chinese website–How to use Swiper4.x Modular How to learn to code:CRMcopy, run, […]

  • Summary of M(model) and MVC in MVC


    Summary of M(model) and MVC in MVC MVC encapsulates message.js (focus on understanding the encapsulation of M) The source code of this blog is my online resume I am writing, and the blog is written after the previous oneComplete code (the project is not yet completed)preview address Used when previewing the project locallyhttp-servermake the code […]

  • Realize a Simple Java MVC Framework from Scratch (9)–Optimize MVC Code


    foreword existRealize a simple Java MVC framework from scratch (7)–Realize MVCimplemented indoodleThe MVC function of the framework, but finally pointed out that the logic of the code is not very good, and this part of the code will be optimized in this chapter. The goal of optimization is to 1. removeDispatcherServletRequest the http logic code […]

  • Custom MVC framework


    Custom MVC framework1. Implement the architecture diagram of custom MVC 1. When developing Web applications in Model I mode, there are two situations:*Pure JSP technology development*JSP+JavaBean way development2. Insufficient development of Model I mode:*A large amount of Java codes are embedded in JSP pages, and the readability is poor.*A large amount of code is difficult […]

  • Summary of JS topics: prototype chain/new/json/MVC/Promise


    Summary of JS topics: prototype chain/new/json/MVC/Promise 1 prototype chain related Interpretation:In the figure above, Object, Function, Array, and Boolean are all structuresfunction First box:object is an instance object, and its template object (prototype object) is in the Object() constructor.constructor.prototypepointing toprototype object, the template object.The instance object constructed by the constructor.__proto__also points toprototype object, the template […]

  • Modular programming, MVC, object-oriented programming


    modular programming the so-calledmodular programming, is to modularize the code, and each piece of code only performs one operation, which can be understood in this way. Conversion of global variables and local variables modular programmingThe important point is that in a module, all variables are local variables (for the entire project, of course it can […]

  • MVC / MVP / MVVM


    MVC The full name of MVC is Model View Controller, which is the abbreviation of model (model)-view (view)-controller (controller). The business logic is gathered into one component, while improving and customizing the interface and user interaction, there is no need to rewrite the business logic. MVC was uniquely developed to map traditional input, processing, and […]

  • From MVC to MVVM (why use vue)


    axios Function similar tojQuery.ajax。 axios.post() axios.get() axios.put() axios.patch() axios.delete() ComparejQuery.ajaxmore functions No functionality other than ajax functionality (more focused) Ajax operations use axios, dom operations use vue, and jquery is no longer required Mock useaxiosSimulating background requests and responses is Mock, and there are also special Moc libraries such as:http://mockjs.com/ Generate random data, intercept Ajax […]

  • Nest back-end development practice (2) – layering


    foreword Layering is a good way to solve software complexity, it can reduce coupling and increase reuse. Typical Java backend development is mostly divided into three layers, which has almost become a standard model, but there are few discussions on layering in the node community. Does the node backend need to be layered? How to […]

  • .NET control set ComponentOne 2018V3 released: new chart animation and sparklines


    “By using ComponentOne .NET control products, the customer experience with both BS architecture flexibility and CS architecture is realized. Rich controls meet various special needs in the project, so that the energy of development can be focused on business logic, saving the team time.” ——Agricultural Bank of China Report Resource Window A few days ago, […]