• . net core simple use of built-in IOC of MVC (Continued)


    This article is based on. Net core 2.0.In the previous chapter, [. Net core] simple use of built-in IOC of MVC has explained the simple use of IOC in daily MVC, and there are also some contents to be supplemented. Next, we will answer these questions: what is the combination of filter and IOC in […]

  • . net MVC uses iprincipal for form login, namely authority verification (3)


    . net MVC uses iprincipal to perform form login, i.e. authority verification, for your reference. The details are as follows 1. Add user class in MVC project, and add necessary attributes according to actual project requirements public class UserData { /// <summary> /// ID /// </summary> public int UserId { get; set; } /// <summary> […]

  • Exception handling in asp.net MVC


    1、 Application scenario For B / s applications, in the process of deployment to the formal environment for operation, there are likely to be some exceptions or errors not found in the early test process, or some exceptions only occur when certain conditions are met. For application sites developed with asp.net MVC, after deployment to […]

  • The method of spring MVC + Ajax for information verification


    This article is an introduction to using Ajax with spring MVC. First, let’s learn what AJAX is AJAX is not a new programming language, but a new way to use existing standards. The biggest advantage of AJAX is that it can exchange data with the server and update part of the web content without reloading […]

  • Razor syntax for asp.net MVC tutorial


    Preface Asp.net MVC 3 comes with a new view engine option called “razor” (in addition to the existing. ASPX view engine). Razor minimizes the number of characters needed to type in to write a view template, and realizes a fast and smooth programming workflow. Unlike most templates, you don’t have to interrupt programming in HTML […]

  • Net core learning tutorial simple use of log component in MVC


    Preface This article is based on. Net core 2.0, just skimming the water, not in simple terms. Introduced to you about. Net core’s use of log component in MVC, and shared it for your reference and learning. I won’t say much next, let’s take a look at the detailed introduction Catalog Using the built-in logging […]

  • Complete steps of deploying asp.net MVC project to local IIS


    Preface By default, developing a web site in visual studio will run in iisexpress. What if you want to deploy the web site to a local IIS server? Several key points to configure IIS: 1. URL rewriting module, which used to be the function of ISAPI filter, seems to be revised later, and all of […]

  • Application method of partial view in asp.net MVC


    Summary:  In the development experience of asp.net web form, user control is frequently used, which can reduce repetitive code and facilitate page modularization. This concept has also been introduced into asp.net MVC, “partial view“. What is segment view and when should we use it? As a developer familiar with asp.net MVC model, they naturally want […]

  • Setting up cross domain access in asp.net MVC


    1. What is cross domain request JS forbids sending an Ajax request to a website that is not the current domain name. Even if the data is successfully responded, your JS will still report an error. This is the same origin policy limitation of JS. It is not the programming problem of our website that […]

  • JWT + asp.net MVC timestamp to prevent replay attack


    Time stamp function The client is requesting from the server interface. If the request information is encrypted and intercepted by the third party, the request package can be used for repeated request operations. If the server does not carry out anti replay attack, the server pressure will increase, and the use of timestamp can solve […]

  • Deep understanding of exception interception in asp.net MVC


    I. Preface Because the client environment is inconsistent, it may cause unexpected exception errors, so in the project, friendly exception information prompt is very important. In asp.net MVC, it is also very simple to implement exception property interception. You only need to inherit another class (system. Web. MVC. Filterattribute) and an interface (system. Web. MVC. […]