• Asp.net MVC how to use unity to implement IOC


    Why is this article Recently, I used IOC in asp.net MVC project, and chose unity as container component of dependency injection. I found related articles on the Internet and simply implemented dependency injection. However, I wanted to register container injection in the way of file configuration, and found that the implementation method of related articles […]

  • Detailed explanation of background verification before asp.net full stack development tutorial


    Preface In the development of web system, there are often a large number of interactive operations. Interaction must verify the accuracy of data, not to mention that a field may have multiple verifications. If a form is submitted with 10 fields, do we need to write code to verify these 10 fields separately? If so, […]

  • Asp.net full stack development tutorial: using server verification method in MVC


    Preface In the previous chapter, we basically learned how fluent validation is simple and elegant in the console. Today, we will apply it in the actual project. First, we create an asp.net MVC project. My environment is vs2017. After the creation is successful, install fluent validation by using install package Fluent validation – version 7.6.104 […]

  • Spring boot series: static resource configuration


    This article is reprinted by authorization of the author: yidianyu, JiangnanOriginal link: http://www.imooc.com/article/… Preface When we use the spring MVC framework, static resources will be blocked and additional configuration needs to be added. Before, a small partner asked song Ge about the static resource loading in spring boot on wechat: “Song Ge, my HTML page […]

  • How to encapsulate a suitable VUE framework


    My personal advice on Vue + UI frameworks (e.g. elementary). How to encapsulate a framework that suits you? 1. Solve the routing problem, how to define the hierarchy of routing (sub-directory, sub-file)2. To solve the request problem, the real request can not appear in the actual business code, it should be function call.3. Encapsulate the […]

  • Implementing MVC framework from scratch


    Build a Wheel – From Socket to MVC Framework 1. origin Why build this wheel? Now the MVC frameworks in Java domain emerge in an endless stream, springmvc, Struts2, jfinal, and containers have tomcat, jetty, undertow. Why do we need to build this immature thing? I think I was in java web when I was […]

  • Iijs – a simple lightweight MVC framework based on nodejs + koa2


    iijs A simple and lightweight MVC framework built on nodejs+koa2 Project introduction A simple lightweight MVC framework based on nodejs + koa2, with minimum dependence on only koa and koa-router Official website: js.i-i.me source code: GitHub code cloud QQ:331406669 Use installnpm i iijs Application structure – app // application directory (not required, changeable) Controller // […]

  • Music-website


    Describe The development of this music website mainly uses the front-end framework VUE to develop user and administrator interfaces. The back-end interface is implemented by Spring Boot. MyBatis is used for data persistence and MySQL is used for data storage. Specific implementation can be referred to here. Project address https://github.com/Yin-Hongwe… Screenshots User side Management end […]

  • Spring MVC implements Restful to return XML format data examples in detail


    Spring MVC implements Restful to return data in XML format Recently, I want to build a Restful-style service interface API in my small project. The project uses spring MVC 3. I heard that spring MVC itself can support the implementation of restful very conveniently. So I inquired the following information, which is very powerful indeed. […]

  • How to use Rotativa to create PDF details in ASP.NET Core MVC


    Preface In this article, we will learn how to use the Rotativa. AspNetCore tool to create PDF from views in ASP. NET Core. If you use ASP.NET MVC, the Rot ativa tool is already available, and we can use it to generate pdf. Create an MVC project, whether you are core or not, you can […]

  • Asp.net MVC creates elements dynamically in view with C# code


    1. Elements can be dynamically created in view with c# code foreach 2. Without @{}, the c# code in the figure below becomes white and cannot be recognized. summary Above is the whole content of this article. I hope that the content of this article has a certain reference value for everyone’s study or work. […]

  • Using pure JavaScript to create an MVC program


    Author: Tania Translator: Crazy Technology House Original: https://www.taniarascia.com/j… Reproduction is strictly prohibited without permission I wanted to write a simple program in pure JavaScript using the Model-View-Controller architecture pattern, so I did. Hopefully it can help you understand MVC, because when you first come into contact with it, it is a difficult concept to understand. […]