• Python combined with multithreading crawling hero alliance skin (principle analysis)


    1. What is multithreading? Multithreading is to complete multiple tasks synchronously, not to improve operation efficiency, but to improve resource utilization efficiency to improve the efficiency of the system. Threads are implemented when multiple tasks need to be completed at the same time. Why use multithreadingThreads are independent and concurrent execution streams in programs. Compared […]

  • On Multithreading in chuck Lua


    Chuck Lua supports the actor mode thread model. You can create threads through cthread.new, and then send messages to threads through cthread.sendmail Unlike Skynet, chuck Lua does not provide multi-threaded task / message scheduling. Each thread maintains a simple thread mailbox to cache messages sent by other threads Here is a simple example of a […]

  • Summary of Python multithreading and multiprocessing related knowledge


    catalogue 1、 What is a process 2、 What is a thread 3、 Concurrent, parallel 3.1 concurrency 3.2 parallel 4、 Multithreading scenario 5、 Python Gil 6、 Python multithreaded, multiprocess instances: CPU intensive tasks 6.1 single thread 6.2 multithreading 6.3 multi process 7、 Python multithreaded, multiprocess instances: IO intensive tasks 7.1 single thread 7.2 multithreading 7.3 multi […]

  • Multithreading code in batch programs


    The following content will be a simple example to use batch processing for multi process concurrency under windows to achieve the effect of “multithreading”. For example, you need to Ping all IP addresses from to, and output the result of whether you can ping to log.txt The implementation is as follows: REM main […]

  • IOS development – multithreaded queue test code


    Paste the test code directly. Current considerations:1. How many consumers are there in the queue2. Whether the new task added to the queue runs synchronously (the current thread is blocked) or asynchronously (the current thread is not blocked)3. Scheduling among multiple queues (not covered in this article) // //Single threaded and multithreaded concurrent queue testing […]

  • Share an entry-level controllable multithreaded shell script code


    When it comes to shell controllable multithreading, most of the online sharing are pipeline control schemes. Zhang Ge’s blog has also practiced and shared this scheme once:《Shell + curl website health check script, catch the lost site of China Blog Alliance》, interested friends can have a look. Share an entry-level controllable multithreaded shell script scheme […]

  • Detailed explanation of c# multithreaded thread usage example


    This article shares the sample code used by c# multithreaded thread for your reference. The specific contents are as follows Multithreading: Thread lifecycle state diagram: C# thread priority (high or low probability): Basic usage examples: using System; using System.Threading; namespace month_9_10._1009 { class Run5 { /*Calling procedure of test thread *The main thread outputs world […]

  • Linux multithreaded programming example


    1、 Multithreading vs multiprocessing Threads have many advantages over processes. In Linux system, to start a new process, it must be allocated an independent address space and establish many data tables to maintain code segments and data. Multiple threads running in a process use the same address space. In this way, threads in the same […]

  • PHP uses pthreads V3 Multithread to achieve Sina News information capture operation example


    This article describes how PHP uses pthreads V3 multithreading to capture Sina News Information. The details are as follows: We use pthreads to write a multithreaded page grabbing applet and store the results in the database. The data table structure is as follows: CREATE TABLE `tb_sina` ( `id` int(11) unsigned NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT COMMENT ‘ID’, […]

  • How to use multithreading efficiently in IOS


    1、 Multithreading Thread is the smallest unit of program execution flow. A thread includes: unique ID, program counter, register set and stack. The same process can have multiple threads, which share global variables and heap data of the process. The PC (program counter) here refers to the current instruction address. To run our program through […]

  • Java simulates multithreading to send short messages to multiple users


    This article mainly introduces the java simulation multithreading to send text messages to multiple users, this article through the example code is very detailed, for everyone’s study or work has a certain reference learning value, need friends can refer to Code logic, assuming that 11 users need to send SMS, each thread to send SMS […]

  • Multithreading nsthiread GCD nsoperation runloop for IOS development


    Process and thread in IOS Generally speaking, an app is a processIn IOS development, XPC is seldom used, and threads are mostly used.In IOS development, in order to ensure fluency and thread safety, all UI related operations should be placed in the main thread, so sometimes the main thread is also called UI thread.Affect the […]