• About MSSQL 2005 installation and patch


    Later, it was verified that MS SQL version was the problem.So how can we view the current database server information?1 database server properties can be viewed2 execute T-SQL Copy codeThe code is as follows: select Convert (sysname, serverproperty (‘servername ‘)) n’ database instance name ‘,Serverproperty (‘productversion ‘) n’ database version ‘,Serverproperty (‘edition ‘) n’ database […]

  • Installing SqlServer 2017 with URLOS under Linux


    Can SqlServer be installed on Linux? The answer is yes! There are also many articles about installing SqlServer on Linux system. Maybe after some troubles, you can also successfully install sqlserver on linux, but there may be many pits. Today we introduce a more efficient way to install SqlServer by urlos. What is urlos? URLOS […]

  • MSSQL 2005 Security Settings Picture and Text Tutorial


    1. Use mixed mode when installing MSSQL. Of course, SA password should not be empty. In SQL 2005, SA can be modified or deleted as a super user name.use masterALTER LOGIN [sa] WITH NAME= [zxs]/* Modify SA Account*/Sp_password’111111111′,’123456′,’sa’/* Modify SA password*/SA account can be modified or graphically modified by using the above commandsUse a secure […]

  • MS SQL Server Database Separation-SQL Statement


    Preface I’m cleaning up the database today. Yes.MS SQL ServerSeparated database files are used. In this process, there is a small problem: the database log file was deleted by mistake, and then the data can not be opened, except offline, other operations are wrong. Database Separation conventional method This method is a conventional and multi-step […]

  • MSSQL Practice – Database Backup Encryption


    abstract In the sharing of the monthly reports of the special topics of SQL Server Security Series, we have shared: how to use symmetric keys to realize SQL Server column encryption technology, how to use asymmetric keys to realize SQL Server column encryption, how to use mixed keys to realize SQL Server column encryption technology, […]

  • Various database command line tools mycli litecli mssql-cli pgcli


    If you normally operate a database on the command line, it is highly recommended that you use the following command line tools. mycli Mycli is a MySQL-based command-line tool that can be used directly pip install mycliInstallation,See https://github.com/dbcli/mycli for details. $ mycli –help Usage: mycli [OPTIONS] [DATABASE] A MySQL terminal client with auto-completion and syntax […]

  • MSSQL – Best Practices – Always Encrypted


    abstract In the sharing of the special monthly reports of the SQL Server security series, we have shared in succession in the past: how to use symmetric keys to realize SQL Server column encryption technology, how to use asymmetric keys to realize SQL Server column encryption, how to use mixed keys to realize SQL Server […]

  • MSSQL 2000 Use Help (sql server concise tutorial)


    SQL SERVER 2000 Installation Tutorial: //www.jb51.net/article/37380.htm 1. If your SQL space is open, please open your local SQL server enterprise manager, as follows: 2. Click on the right button of the SQL server group and select the new SQL server registration as follows: 3. Pop up the SQL server registration wizard and click on the […]

  • Setting Method of MSSQL 2008 Automatic Backup Database


    First, open MSSQL2008, and then double-click on the Maintenance Plan subclass in the “Management” category. At this time, if you have previously set up a task plan, you will display a task list; if not, nothing will be displayed. Right-click on Maintenance Plan, select New Maintenance Plan, and enter a name. Here we enter the […]

  • Noejs + Express + MSSQL encapsulates data operations


    There are some related tutorials on connection of node JS to SQL Server on the internet, but very few, and many of them have errors, especially the statement of operation database. Here I have done some sorting, built a complete nodejs background, and encapsulated the operation of SQL server. The installation of nodejs and the […]

  • MSSQL batch insertion data optimization details


    demand Now there is a need to insert 10W data into the MSSQL database. The table structure is as follows. What would you do? How long do you feel it will take to insert 10W data into the table below MSSQL? Or how is your batch data inserted? I will discuss this issue today. The […]

  • Install MSSQL (SQL Server) on Docker


    After moving to the Mac OS X camp, there are three ways to install Microsoft’s mssql-server database on your computer: The first is to install it on the machine.MSSQL for LinuxEdition. The second is to install the Windows Virtual Machine and thenvirtual machineInstallation is done using ISO files. The third way I want to talk […]