• Xxl-mq v1.2.0, distributed message queuing


    Release Notes 1. The long chain initialization optimization between the client side and the broker prevents the connection from being created repeatedly. 2. POM multi dependency upgrade; 3. UI component upgrade; 4. Standardize the project directory structure; 6. Overtime control; 5. Communication migration to XXL RPC; 6. In addition to the springboot type example, add […]

  • Xxl-mq V1.2.1 publishing, distributed message queuing


    Release Notes 1. Single TPS over 10000: new function test cases, performance test cases, and convenient data analysis of message production, consumption, success rate, etc. in the example project; refer to the example project performance test cases (Chapter 2.6 function test & performance test), single TPS over 10000; 2. Fix the problem of illegal duplicate […]

  • Open source Kafka enhancement: okmq-1.0.0


    The core idea of this tool is: gambling. Only when two basic components die at the same time will they receiveserious influence。 Oh, except for power failure. MQ is a good thing, we are all using it. This also determines that MQ should be highly available. Because of this component, a group has had several […]

  • What did we learn from RocketMQ: Name Server


    Wechat Public Number:IT quarter hourLarge-scale realistic non-seriousness sceneShare with you in a quarter of an hour the high-quality technical architecture and experience, and be a programmer with plot.Pay attention to more exciting content. For questions or suggestions, please leave a message with the public number. order Long, long ago, the way people communicated with each […]

  • NATS–NATS Streaming Persistence


    Preface Recently, a message queue is needed in the project, which is mainly used to asynchronize some of the original operations. NATS Streaming is selected according to its usage scenario and familiarity. The reason is that NATS Streaming was chosen. First, because I choose some middleware, I will give priority to some familiar languages to […]