• How to select an area quickly in Excel


    1、 Questions How to select an area quickly in Excel 2、 Solution As shown in the figure: to select the a1-d12 area, you can choose to use the mouse. It is troublesome when there is a large amount of singular data. You can use the following method.

  • Methods of forcibly deleting files (clips)


    Force to delete the file (folder) method, regardless of the principle, simple and crude! Right click on the desktop to create a new. TXT file. You may as well name it del. TXT, copy the following two lines of code, save and close it. DEL /F /A /Q \\?\%1 RD /S /Q \\?\%1 Save del.txt […]

  • JavaScript serialization 32 – common mouse events


    1、 Common mouse events window.onload = function (ev) { var logo = document.getElementsByTagName(“img”)[0]; //1. New events logo.onmouseover = function (e1) { console.log(“—–“);// Mouse into the picture will trigger, also hover over the picture this.setAttribute(“src”,”https://www.cnblogs.com/ruigege0000/p/img/img_02.png”); } logo.onmouseleave = function (e2) { this.setAttribute(“src”,” https://www.cnblogs.com/ruigege0000/p/img/img_ 05.png”);// When the mouse leaves the picture, it will trigger } }

  • Win10 control panel can’t set mouse appearance how to do


    How to solve the problem that win10 control panel can’t change mouse appearance?Win10 control panel can not modify the appearance of the mouse is generally a registry setting on some of the problems, as long as the simple settings can be repaired, the following is a detailed setup tutorial, there will not be friends to […]

  • Tree component in Vue + iView covers the background color of clicking and moving mouse in


    Tree component in Vue + iView covers the background color of clicking and moving mouse in 1. Development environment Vue + iView2. Computer system Windows 10 professional edition3. In the process of using Vue + iView development, we will use the tree component according to the requirements. Let me share it with you, hoping to […]

  • Delete IP record in Windows 10 remote desktop


    Registry location: 1.Click start in the lower left corner of the computer and select run. 2.Enter “regedit” in the runtime and click OK. 3.Click HKEY in turn_ CURRENT_ USER→Software→Microsoft→Terminal Server Client→Default Select unnecessary remote connection records, right-click and click delete. 4. Click HKEY in turn_ CURRENT_ USER→Software→Microsoft→Terminal Server   Client→Servers Delete unnecessary IP addresses.

  • JQuery event


    Conclusion: Mouse events 1. Click and dbclick events$ele.click()$ele.click(handler(eventObject))$ele.click([eventData],handler(eventObject))2.mousedown,mouseover3.mouseover,mouseout4.mouseenter,mouseleave5.hover6.focusin,focusout Form Events 1.blur,focus2.change3.select4.submit Keyboard events 1.keydown(),keyup()2.keypress() Multi event 1.on()2.off()3.event4.event.type5.event.pageX,event.pageY6.event.preventDefault()7.event.stopPropagation()8.event.which9.this,event.target Custom events 1.trigger2.triggerHandler Click and dbclick events of jQuery mouse events In interactive operation, the most simple and direct operation is click operation. JQuery provides two methods: one is the click method, which is used to listen to […]

  • Zoom and pan of react picture (implemented by canvas)


    React image zooming and panning (position and transform implementation)The last part talked about usingposition、transformTo achieve the panning and zooming of the picture. This article will usecanvasLet’s see. canvas HTML5 <canvas> Tags are used to draw images (through scripts, usuallyJavaScript)。 however,<canvas> The element itself has no drawing ability (it’s just a container for graphics) – you […]

  • Vue to achieve studio management background (1): mouse drag and drop to change the window size


    A series of articles: Vue to achieve studio management background (1): mouse drag and drop to change the window size Vue to achieve studio management background (2): slot to achieve tab tab switching effect, free to fill content Realizing studio management background with Vue (3): supporting multilingual internationalization (vue-i18n) Recent revision of rxeditor, the revision […]

  • Learn “layer combination animation” from the autumn theme of station B


    Hello everyone, we are the front-end team of Mingyuan cloud. as everyone knows,Station BIs a good site for learning, our team’s small partners are often onStation Bstudy. One day inStation BWhen we study, we find thatStation BThe theme of autumn has been opened, and there is a universe in the interaction of the head picture. […]

  • Create menu image hover animation effects


    Original address: creating a menu image animation on hover Original author: Mary Lou View demo Download source code stayCodropsWe like to try interesting hover effects. As early as2018We explored a set of interesting hover animations to get links. We call it “image display hover effect”, which shows how to make the image appear as beautiful […]

  • Bootstrap column offset


    Sometimes, we don’t want two adjacent columns to be close to each other, but we don’t want to use margin or other technical means. At this time, you can use the column offset function to achieve. Using column offset is also very simple. Just add the class name “col MD offset – *” to the […]