• Utools – efficiently solve size problems at work


    Hi, Sifu’s friends. After months of development and testing, utools 2.1 finally met with you. Let’s watch a promotional video of utools first. https://www.bilibili.com/vide… There are many requirements. You don’t have to download a bloated software. In the utools plug-in market, a plug-in of hundreds of KB may be able to solve your problem. It […]

  • Create a new virtual machine using virt manager in xshell


    Requirement: I want to create a new virtual machine on the Linux physical machine 1. First, install KVM and solve it by yourself~ systemctl status libvirtd virsh version First, check the existing virtual machines virsh list –all Of course, you can use virsh define and virsh start to create a new virtual machine through the […]

  • How to modify Kali Linux mouse light theme? Tips for modifying mouse cursor theme


    Kali Linux can set the mouse cursor theme. By default, there are only adwaita and windows 10. Let’s take a look at the detailed setting methods. Open the whistler menu. Point【set up】。 Point【Mouse and touchpad】。 Switch to【theme】。 Select the cursor theme. By default, there are only adwaita and windows 10。 These are the tips for […]

  • An insignificant but very practical function introduction


    There are many official examples in thingjs, which are very straightforward and easy to be viewed and used by users, but a very useful function in the development process is very easy to be ignored. Most people just browse these official examples quickly, and sometimes start trying to develop without browsing them completely. In fact, […]

  • Canvas animation at one point every week – user interaction


    User interaction may be the first part we need to master in learning canvas animation. After all, if there is no interaction or dynamic input to the animation, what is the difference between watching movies? User interaction is event based and generally includes:Mouse event,Touch eventandKeyboard events。 1. Events and event execution Before you understand an […]

  • Weekly point canvas animation – trigonometric function


    The main contents of this section include: Introduction to trigonometric function Analysis of common trigonometric functions The mouse rotates with the angle Seeing mathematical terms such as trigonometric function and Pythagorean theorem, do you have the feeling of shaking your legs! Well, even if you’ve been scared to pee, you can’t deny that the knowledge […]

  • Representation of various mouse shapes


    <a href=”http://” style=”cursor: auto;”>auto</a><br/> 02 <a href=”http://” style=”cursor: crosshair “>crosshair </a><br/> 03 <a href=”http://” style=”cursor: default “>default </a><br/> 04 <a href=”http://” style=”cursor: hand “>hand </a><br/> 05 <a href=”http://” style=”cursor: move “>move </a><br/> 06 <a href=”http://” style= “cursor: e-resize “>e-resize </a><br/> 07 <a href=”http://” style=”cursor: ne-resize “>ne-resize </a><br/> 08 <a href=”http://” style=”cursor: nw-resize”>nw-resize</a><br/> 09 <a href=”http://” […]

  • Vue item drag to modify the left and right width


    Requirements: drag to change the left and right widthEffect achieved: Implementation steps:1. Code <div class=”box” ref=”box”> < div class =’left ‘> left < / div > <div class=”resize”> ⋮ </div> < div class =’right ‘> right < / div > </div> 2. Style .left { width: 49.2%; height:100%; overflow-y:auto; overflow-x:hidden; float: left; } .resize { […]

  • [four highlights] Kirin mobile operating environment kmre, you deserve it!


    A high-performance mobile application compatible environment Cross platform ecological migration Originality, high compatibility, high stability, high fusion and high security Kirin mobile operating environment (kmre)RealizedIntegration of desktop PC and mobile device, greatly improve the user experience, solve the diversified application needs of users, and enrich the application ecology of Linux. The Linux operating system and […]

  • Smooth as silk! 4 lines of code can create a data flow tool!


    [introduction]: drawflow can be used to quickly create data flow, supporting node drag, multiple connections, data node synchronization, data module clearing, mobile device friendliness and other functions. brief introduction Drawflow is a simple data flow library, which can be used to create data flow easily and quickly. You only need to install a JS library […]

  • So many functions of the touch pad? Super detailed operation summary of touchpad!


    Original link:https://xiaoheidiannao.com/articles/Touch-Control-Board.html More computer tips can be accessedhttps://xiaoheidiannao.comCheck! catalogue introduce operation introduce Touch Pad(TouchPadorTrackPad), is a kind ofNotebook computerIt is controlled by sensing the movement of the user’s fingerscursorAction device. The part of the ellipse in the figure below is the touch pad. Generally, two buttons are set on it, one is equivalent tomouseLeft button, […]