• Young AI maniacs who come out of colleges and universities without “education” in technology


    Introduction:The “fantastic journey” of young Zang Jiahe‘s life opened due to technology Being labeled is an unavoidable thing for everyone living in this era. Addicted to games, rural children, junior college students… These labels once stayed with an ordinary teenager. At that time, someone always defined his “future”. When they are labeled with many labels, […]

  • Happy mother’s Day!


    The beautiful may, ushered in a special festival – mother’s day. God can’t care for everyone, so God created the mother. Including the most familiar programmers of tcapsusdb, countless people in the industry, ordinary or great, have a powerful mother behind them. And mother was born with the fetters, the years can not be separated. […]

  • Stata: RA: Regression adjustment, IPW: inverse probability weighting, ipwra, aipw


    Link to the original text:http://tecdat.cn/?p=10148 Today’s topic is the therapeutic effect in Stata. The therapeutic effect estimator estimates the causal relationship between treatment and outcome based on the observed data. We will discuss four therapeutic effect estimators: RA: Regression adjustment IPW: inverse probability weighting Ipwra: inverse probability weighting with regression adjustment Aipw: enhanced inverse probability […]

  • Simple steps for GitHub pages to deploy react app


    In the past two days, I learned the basis of react and made a small project. process Now you have a react project created by create react app npm create-react-app You want to deploy to GitHub pages. modify package.json { “name”: “your\_proj\_name”, “version”: “0.1.0”, “private”: true, “homepage”: “./”, … }, “scripts”: { … + “predeploy”: […]