• Usage Summary of laravel event system


    Laravel’s event provides a simple observer implementation, which can subscribe to and listen to various events in the application. The event classes are saved in the app / events directory, and the listeners of these events are saved in the app / listeners directory. These directories are automatically created only when you use the artisan […]

  • Summary of solutions to fake death in win10 1803 Google kernel browser


    1. Phenomenon Browsers using Google kernel will fake death from time to time. The phenomenon is that all pictures on the screen are stuck and only the mouse can move. The mouse can click, but the picture does not change due to fake death. In fact, there is operation. After the system hibernates or turns […]

  • Method of changing dock bar icon into real-time system monitor under mac


    There are many practical tools in the MAC system, which can help us use MAC more conveniently. Activity monitor is one of them. Using activity monitor, we can easily view CPU, system memory, hard disk activity, hard disk utilization, network, management process, etc. What Xiaobian wants to teach you today is how to turn the […]

  • Task scheduling web management platform based on ASP. Net core 5.0 and relying on quartz. Net framework


    Source address:  https://github.com/246850/Calamus.TaskScheduler Demo address:     1. Quartz.net framework core classes Ischeduler: dispatcher Ijobdetail: task Itrigger: trigger Jobkey: task / trigger ID Jobdatamap: packet 2. Email notification (fluent email Class Library) _fluentEmail.To(to).Subject(subject).Body(body, true).SendAsync(); 3. Quartz.net is hosted by ihostedservice background service internal class QuartzHostedService : IHostedService { private readonly ISchedulerFactory schedulerFactory; private readonly IOptions […]

  • Ali product expert: how do technicians with high EQ communicate?


    Author Lei Zhi Unwilling to communicate is stubborn, unable to communicate is a fool, dare not communicate is a slave.——Drummond At work, do you often see others talking and laughing and maneuvering at meetings, but you are submissive and dare not express your views? Even if you have the courage to speak, you are ignored […]

  • Front end operation case – how to transfer values from JS to Vue


    Summary:In the process of project development, the component is rendered by render() function, and user-defined drag and drop instructions are defined inside the component. The user-defined drag and drop instruction specifies a series of logical processing actions such as element drag and zoom according to the user. This article is shared from Huawei cloud community《[Vue […]

  • Laravel 5.5 development learning notes


    This blog post is used to sort out the notes of new features of laravel encountered in development. 1、 Clear cache command php artisan optimize php artisan cache:clear PHP artisan config: clear // clear the configuration file cache php artisan route:clear php artisan view:clear 2、 Composer modifycomposer.jsonYou need to reload with the following command: composer […]

  • Event monitoring, task scheduling and queuing of laravel 5.5


    1、 Event listening technological process: 1.1 create event php artisan make:event UserLogin LoginController.php /** * The user has been authenticated. * * @param \Illuminate\Http\Request $request * @param mixed $user * @return mixed */ protected function authenticated(Request $request, $user) { event(new UserLogin($user)); } 1.2 create listener 1.2.1 method 1: manual creation php artisan make:listener EmailAdminUserLogin –event=UserLogin […]

  • In depth understanding of Redux (II)


    Note 1: This article is mainly based on the personal summary record of “readme | Redux Chinese documents”. It is also a project for faster and better learning and accepting the operation of Redux and better application. Original document address:http://www.redux.org.cn/Note 2: This article is long and may take some time to read and understand This […]

  • Please pay attention, shed friends, the smart greenhouse you want is coming!


    Crops planted in greenhouses are very popular in agricultural planting because they have good thermal insulation, so that people can eat out of season food at any time. However, greenhouse planting also has many constraints, such as: 1. Salt accumulation, soil geological change:The use of a large number of chemical fertilizers has led to changes […]

  • ZABBIX monitoring scheme – the latest official version 4.4 [recommended]


    Zabbix 2019/10/12 Chenxin reference resources https://www.zabbix.com/documentation/4.0/zh/manual https://baike.baidu.com/item/zabbix/6780368?fr=aladdin brief introduction ZABBIX is an enterprise class open source solution based on web interface to provide distributed system monitoring and network monitoring functions. ZABBIX can monitor various network parameters to ensure the safe operation of the server system; Flexible notification mechanism is provided to enable system administrators to […]