• Solution to monitor going to sleep black screen


    At some time, when we turn on our computer, our monitor will pop up to show the error of “monitor going to sleep”, and the screen will be black, so we can’t enter the boot interface. Let’s talk about how to deal with the black screen of monitor going to sleep. Method / step After […]

  • monitor.exe What process has what function monitor process query


    Process file: monitor or monitor.exeProcess name: Microsoft monitorProcess category: processes with security risksEnglish Description: monitor.exe is a service which is a part of the Microsoft Server operating system, and is specifically related to monitoring hardware components for performance bottlenecks. Chinese reference:monitor.exe Microsoft server operating system hardware monitoring service related programs.Produced by: Microsoft CorpOf: Microsoft Windows […]

  • Android easy music player


    Function: play, pause, previous song, next song Partial Demo: MainActivity: public class MainActivity extends Activity implements OnClickListener { //Get the title and author text box of song in the interface TextView title, author; //Play / pause, stop button ImageButton play, stop; //Last song, next song ImageButton pre, next; ImageView cover; ActivityReceiver activityReceiver; public static final […]

  • Vue part of front end interview (2) — how Vue realizes two-way binding


    Two way binding of data When the data changes, ViewModel can listen to the change of data, and then notify the corresponding view to update automatically. When the user operates the view, ViewModel can also listen to the view change, and then notify the data to make changes. This actually realizes the two-way binding of […]

  • Vue programmed event listener


    Some third-party plug-ins must clear the instance after the current component is unloaded (for example, if Baidu’s rich text box ueditor is not cleared, there will be a bug when using the next component again, similar to the voice instance of a small program, the current voice instance must be destroyed when leaving the page, […]

  • Translate – react native tutorial 13 – react hook state management – no Redux and context required


    Previous 12 tutorials Today, we’ll explore it and develop a custom hook to manage global state — an easier way to use than Redux and more powerful than the context API. Basic knowledge of hook If you are already familiar with react hooks, you can skip this section. useState() Before hooks, functional components had no […]

  • Oracle listener password setting method (listener)


    Is the monitor safe? Sure! By default, any user does not need to use any password to operate or close the Oracle listener through the lsnrctl tool. As a result, any new session will not be able to establish a connection. In Oracle 9i, Oracle listener allows anyone to use lsnrctl to remotely initiate the […]

  • [Linux] (Ubuntu) has no monitor access, uses virtual display and remote control


    Host configuration System: Ubuntu 18.04 Graphics card: Intel integrated graphics card <br/> Enable remote control First of all, make sure that the remote control can be started automatically when the machine is turned on.Ubuntu 18 comes with remote desktop control service software; there is no specific writing steps here, and you can search the Internet […]

  • Springboot permission framework


    Simple and fast permission verification in the project 1、 Import dependency <dependency> <groupId>cn.gjing</groupId> <artifactId>tools-auth</artifactId> <version>1.0.1</version> </dependency> 2、 Permission comment This annotation is used on the API to authenticate users when they request methods 1、@RequiredPermissions Permission authentication: the requested user needs to have the permission set in the annotation, otherwise, it is thrownPermissionAuthorizationException parameter describe value […]

  • Is the iPhone going to be foldable? Apple orders folding screens from Samsung


    If you’re not surprised, iPhone 12 will come out on September 16. 5g iPhone is a fact of the day, so people have come up with the idea of folding iPhone. According to a blogger, apple is asking Samsung to provide a large number of samples of folding mobile phone screens, and the next iPhone […]

  • Spring 5 Chinese parsing core part – testcontext of integration testing (Part 1)


    Spring TestContextFrame (located atorg.springframework.test.contextGeneral, annotation driven unit and integration testing support is provided regardless of the test framework used.TestContextThe framework also places a lot of emphasis on convention over configuration, where you can override reasonable default values with annotation based configuration. In addition to the common test infrastructure,TestContextThe framework also provides explicit support for JUnit […]

  • Configuration of webstrom ES6 development environment


    abstractAt present, nodejs only support part of the syntax of ES6. Some ES6 syntax is not supported yet. The import syntax is one of them. The same is true for web browser. If nodejs supports all the syntax of ES6, you may need to use nodejs in a new version in the futurebabelcompile. installbabelnpm install […]