• React hook handwritten modal box component


    Preface Modal (modal box) is a very common component in web development, that is, the dialog box that pops up from the page.Today, let’s use react hook to write modal box components. The final effect is as follows: Environmental preparation This code runs in the project generated by create react app scaffold, react version: “react”: […]

  • Sdmask (IOS mask pop-up boot)


    SDMask introduction address For IOS projects, most pop-up views take pop-up content as a part of the project, which has great limitations. The project decouples this and designs around when I need to use masking. Separate the pop-up content, animation and events completely and let coder control them, so that the designer’s design can be […]

  • Mobile page event penetration / click penetration problem


    Background One of the projects the blogger is in charge of is web page. There is an event penetration problem on the mobile end. After introducing the cause of the problem, it is found that it is a knowledge point of mobile web, which is worth recording. 2、 Click and 300ms delay Mobile browser provides […]

  • Wechat applet and user interaction


    Wechat applet and user interaction I. display message prompt box Wx. Showtoast ({property name: property value}) Customize a prompt box, which will be automatically closed when the time is up wx.showToast({ Title: “success”, // required Icon: ‘success’, // icon only supports’ success’ and’ loading ‘ Image: ‘/ images / tan. PNG’, // the local path […]