• How did Litu people get their high EQ?


    If someone asked you, “Which is more important, EQ or IQ, before success?” How would you answer? Let us reveal the secret together today! The editor read a book “Emotional Quotient: Why EQ is More Important than IQ” by Daniel Goleman, PhD in Psychology from Harvard University two days ago. With the above questions in […]

  • What protocol does the server and agent of the WGCLOUD monitoring system communicate with?


    It is http, simple, reliable and safe, as shown in the figure below

  • What are the new tricks of the robots that have participated in the Double Innovation Week?


    The 2019 National Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation Week” kicked off in Beijing Yichuang International Convention and Exhibition Center on June 19. With the theme of “focusing on Yizhuang, linking three cities, and integrating development”, the exhibition attracted many high-tech enterprises and universities. Participate in. This exhibition has built a perfect platform for the exchange and […]

  • Remember a core MongoDB cluster index optimization practice


    Tencent Cloud Database MongoDB naturally supports functions such as high availability, distributed, high performance, high compression, schema free, and perfect client access balancing strategy. Based on the advantages of MongoDB, a key user on the cloud chooses MongoDB as the primary storage service. The business scenario of this user is as follows: · Store core […]

  • Explain execution plan for MongoDB learning


    mongodb 3.0and previous versions ofexplainThere is a huge gap in the execution plan, here we only learn to introduce the usage after 3.0 Support to view the execution plan of the following operations Basic usage db.collection.find().explain(verbose) verboseYesexplainThere are three output modes of the execution plan: queryPlanner This isexplainThe default output method of Contains the basic […]

  • MongoDB FAQ: Time and Time Zones


    This issue mainly talks about the time zone issue in MongoDB. Although this question is simple, some students will always ask it, so let’s focus on answering it. This question is usually raised because after using Mongo Shell, it is found that the displayed time is 8 hours behind China time. For example: the insertion […]

  • MongDB Study Notes (1) First Encounter


    I went to meet my high school classmates this week, and it was quite a pleasure. I originally planned to write a series of articles on the implementation of MySQL database transactions or MySQL optimization, but I haven’t thought about how to assemble this knowledge. Simply change the direction this week and write about NOSQL. […]

  • MongoDB case sharing: how to use oplog to restore data


    Recently, I have been on the fence with data recovery, and this is not another example. I actually wrote about backup and recovery more than 6 years ago, and most of the discussion is still relevant today. Case introduction A user uses MongoDB 4.0, and a table in the database loses all data due to […]

  • .NET Core (.NET 6) Console Application and MongoDB Atlas Introductory Practical Example Tutorial Detailed Explanation


    Note: This article was first published on Codeyou.com – “.NET Core (.NET 6) Console Application and MongoDB Atlas Introductory Practical Example Tutorial Detailed Explanation” Detailed explanation of .NET Core (.NET 6) console application and MongoDB Atlas getting started sample tutorial overview MongoDB is a database based on distributed file storage, written in C++ language, designed […]

  • Read the MongoDB driver API in one article


    Callback API and Core API Callback API: Start a transaction, perform the specified operations, and commit (or abort on error). Automatically includes error handling logic for “TransientTransactionError” and “UnknownTransactionCommitResult”. Core APIs: Explicit calls are required to start a transaction and to commit a transaction. Does not include error handling logic for “TransientTransactionError” and “UnknownTransactionCommitResult”, but […]

  • Want to master the correct communication posture? I will teach you all the way


    I believe everyone has heard the story of wolf children. Human children are raised and raised by female wolves due to various chances. The children in the story have the living habits of wolves after being discovered by humans: howling like a wolf will not Talk, eat raw and carrion like a wolf, fingernails and […]

  • [Webinar] MongoDB Vs Followers: Reasons to choose MongoDB


    MongoDB has been voted the most popular database among developers for 4 years in a row, which has led other database companies to emulate MongoDB API to please their users. DocumentDB and DynamoDB are common examples, although they don’t offer the same ease of use, performance, or functionality as MongoDB. Register now for the MongoDB […]