• Mongodb — detailed operation manual of spring data mongodb (added, deleted, modified and checked)


    github:https://github.com/Ccww-lx/Sp… Module: spring boot base mongodb AtNoSQLIn the era of popularity, app is likely to involve the use of mongodb database, and you must learn toSpring bootUseSpring DataConnectMongoDBAdd, delete, modify and query the data. The following is the detailed operation manual. 1. Dependence Direct importspring-data-mongodbPackage or useSpring Boot starter <dependencies> <!– other dependency elements omitted […]

  • Mongodb for remote connection


    Mongodb remote connection configuration is divided into the following four steps.1. Add administrator account > use admin switched to db admin > db.addUser(‘tank’,’test’); 2. Configure mongodb.conf #Bind_ip = // comment this line Auth = true // remove the comment before this line   3. Restart mongodb /etc/init.d/mongod 4. Firewall opens 27017 port iptables -A […]