• How to realize momentum trading strategy with database


    Momentum strategy is one of the most popular quantitative strategies. Most CTA strategies of commodity futures are based on momentum strategy. In the stock market, momentum strategy is also one of the commonly used quantitative factors. Generally speaking, momentum strategy is “chasing up and killing down”. Next, we will introduce how to test the momentum […]

  • AI for Ag: agricultural production machine learning


    By Chris padwickCompile FlinSource: Media How does agriculture affect your life today? If you live in a city, you may feel disconnected from the farms and fields that produce your food. Agriculture is a core part of our life, but we often take it for granted. Today’s farmers face a huge challenge – to feed […]

  • How to use time series database to process tushare financial data


    Dolphin DB is a new generation of time series database. It can not only be used as a distributed data warehouse or memory database, but also has rich computing tools. It can be used as a research tool or research platform. It is very suitable for quantitative finance, Internet of things and other fields of […]

  • Neural network optimizer


    The purpose of neural network is to find suitable parameters to make the value of loss function as small as possible. The process of solving this problem is called optimization. The algorithm used to solve this problem is called the optimizer. 1、 BGD、SGD、MSGD Bgd: the most primitive gradient descent algorithm, which calculates the loss of […]