• Is there a good learning route from PHP to Java


    The company’s existing mall project is developed with yii2.0 framework. The company plans to gradually migrate PHP business to Java. The Java project adopts spring boot + spring cloud. What I’ve been doing is that I haven’t been in contact with Java before PHP development. I want to ask where to start learning Java. I […]

  • Article collection


    Collect good articles for study and work. Thank you for sharing. Burying point Front end buried point data collection and reporting scheme Page related events eventPage life cycle: domcontentloaded, load, beforeunload, unload

  • Record the previous docking experience of the scanning gun


    Scanning gun function Plug the wireless receiver into the computer and turn it onNotepadorexcelScan gun scan code, will automatically fill. demand Because we have a backstage, the content of the scanning gun is required to appear on the web page, which is convenient for the staff to operate. Previous thinking Programs: user programsServer: server interface […]

  • [codes] factorial tail


    Topic linkThere are two parameters base, number and number! How many zeros are there at the end of a number in base. for examplebase:10,number:10Then: 10= 3628800 with 2 zeros at the endbase:16,number:16Then: 16! = > Convert to hexadecimal = > 0x1307758000 with three zeros at the end thinking Find all prime factors of base, and […]

  • Happy number


    Happy number I’ll copy the title here~ Write an algorithm to determine whether a number n is a happy number. “Happy number” is defined as: for a positive integer, replace the number with the sum of squares of the numbers in each position each time, and then repeat the process until the number becomes 1, […]

  • Why Spring ???


    This article is a translation record of why spring on the official website of spring (with serious colored eggs at the end), trying to cultivate the habit of reading official documents. I wonder if you are familiar with this scene? You lost a problem to XX technology exchange group: how to solve it? A big […]

  • Missing lesson in Computer Education – MIT – L3 – editor (VIM)


    https://missing.csail.mit.edu/https://missing-semester-cn.g…https://www.bilibili.com/vide… note Personal suggestions for getting started with VIM: Play firstVim Adventures And then do vimutor next step? There are too many big men on the Internet. Just look for blogs or videos, such as:Ancient artifact VIM: from evil words to love – the ultimate VIM tutorial 01 – take you to configure your own […]

  • Keep up with the big guys and start the journey of writing


    I always want to write something by myself. I always think about it.Start to get rid of procrastination today and change yourself.Flag: at least one article per week. There is no limit to the theme (it’s also a way out for yourself [I’m also learning go recently, so I hope to sum up my learning […]

  • ROS creation function package


    After entering the command to create a function package, the following situation occurs, and it cannot be created.If there is a boss who knows how to solve the problem, ask [face] monkey2:025. PNG / facemonkey2:025. PNG / facemonkey2:025. PNG [/ face][url]https://book.douban.com/douli…[/url][url]https://movie.douban.com/doul…[/url][url]https://www.douban.com/doulis…[/url][url]https://m.douban.com/doulist/…[/url][url]https://book.douban.com/douli…[/url][url]https://movie.douban.com/doul…[/url][url]https://www.douban.com/doulis…[/url][url]https://m.douban.com/doulist/…[/url][url]https://book.douban.com/douli…[/url][url]https://movie.douban.com/doul…[/url][url]https://www.douban.com/doulis…[/url][url]https://m.douban.com/doulist/…[/url][url]https://book.douban.com/douli…[/url][url]https://movie.douban.com/doul…[/url][url]https://www.douban.com/doulis…[/url][url]https://m.douban.com/doulist/…[/url][url]https://book.douban.com/douli…[/url][url]https://movie.douban.com/doul…[/url][url]https://www.douban.com/doulis…[/url][url]https://m.douban.com/doulist/…[/url][url]https://book.douban.com/douli…[/url][url]https://movie.douban.com/doul…[/url][url]https://www.douban.com/doulis…[/url][url]https://m.douban.com/doulist/…[/url][url]https://book.douban.com/douli…[/url][url]https://movie.douban.com/doul…[/url][url]https://www.douban.com/doulis…[/url][url]https://m.douban.com/doulist/…[/url][url]https://book.douban.com/douli…[/url][url]https://movie.douban.com/doul…[/url]

  • Liang Xu is so convinced by the arrangement of a million big V’s that he takes a picture with a beautiful lady


    Hello, I’m Liang Xu. A lot of people ask me, Liang Xu,What time did you spend so much time and energy on writing the official account from the media? In fact, the reason is very simple. I want to be a sideline. If I really lose my job at the age of 35, I will […]

  • Installing sqlsrv extension in php7.3 of centos7


    Originally, php7.4 was selected, but after configuration, it was always prompted that the dynamic extension could not be loaded, and then dropped to php7.3.After compiling and installing php7.3, do the following:Source of joining Microsoft curl https://packages.microsoft.com/config/rhel/7/prod.repo > /etc/yum.repos.d/mssqlrelease.repo Can be in( https://packages.microsoft.com/config/rhel )Find the corresponding version of the need underInstall the driver #If it has […]

  • Why is there no back end of wechat applet made by. Net


    Now there is almost no back end of wechat applet made by. Net on the Internet, only PHP and Java. Why? Can’t it be done? It is said on the Internet that we use the web API of asp.net MVC framework to do the back-end of wechat applet, but we hardly see any cases. Is […]